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Patching is FAR from ready. So basically only partially protected. Spare the product brochure for someone who doesn't know the product sucks. What I like as well is that patching works great. Scripting is limited, monitoring is limited. I do have a fair few open feature requests. If you're a small company or with Atera it's a great option. With a 50 minimum. It definitely has some room for improvement.

  • What’s your NinjaRMM endpoint price msp

  • with cloud remote monitoring and management (RMM) software by NinjaRMM. of techs with expectations set by intuitive, touch-controlled smartphone apps. Get NinjaRMM & explore + features for IT management from the Cloud. Buying IT applications as a suite has become a common business practice.
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    Maybe I was just unlucky with the staff I ended up with responding to my tickets.

    images app ninjarmm

    I also publish a weekly development summary every single week on what we worked on in the past week. I actually quite enjoy it.

    Our roadmap for this year is filled with features that matter to small and mid-size MSPs alike. That's the thing, it's really not hate. What I like as well is that patching works great.

    images app ninjarmm
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    I have no dog in this race, but your experience with Automate is literally the exact opposite of ours, and most the firms I know using it as well.

    I always thought of it as some kids pet project his dad would fund until the market died. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

    What’s your NinjaRMM endpoint price msp

    I'd like to to move more stuff into Ninja when we can, but we do have to work with on-site staff at many clients and worth with their tooling. Exchange Want to chat?

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    We support all popular scripting languages Powershell, vbscript, javascript, batch and CMD files.

    Explore a NinjaRMM comparison against similar IT Management products.

    Learn more about how NinjaRMM features stack up. The table above compares NinjaRMM and SolarWinds RMM. Check out NinjaRMM vs SolarWinds RMM Comparison Chart. App Info Windows Phone app. Web technologies is using on their website.
    Scripting is limited, monitoring is limited. I am really tempted myself, but am waiting until patching is ready.

    Prices discussed above are MSP prices. Looked through his post and almost every single one of them was in regards to a Titan product. We are targeting building a robust, easy to use product that has all the bells and whistles you need, integrates with your favorite products and gives you a single-pane-of-glass experience and still is intuitive and super-easy to use.

    Or is this locked in pretty solid?

    images app ninjarmm

    images app ninjarmm
    App ninjarmm
    Ninja's simplicity, responsive support, and stated Mac feature parity dev goals are probably the features that most drew us to them - and we'd be happy to pay for what we truly want in this area.

    It's more expensive than other offerings that do way more - why the fuck would someone use it? For everyone 1 positive, there's at least 8 or so posts clowning your late ass to the game product.

    Looked through his post and almost every single one of them was in regards to a Titan product. Log in or sign up in seconds.

    We often get asked how to add an application within NinjaRMM other than the integrated software packages.

    There is a way to perform this via.

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    Just want to see if anyone is currently using and what they think of it? How does it compare to other similar products?. all the tools in one App. My advice promote Ninja RMM to other companies You can register for a trial here:
    Prices discussed above are MSP prices. Do people really gary frank Ninja?

    I really loved the product. Oh, and let me know when they get some legitmate scripting and powershell integration. Patching does need work but I like the other features enough that it makes me feel okay with switching to them. Unlike Labtech it doesnt mis-report about Microsoft Update coverage -it's not as flexible as Labtech, but it does tell us if its' failed and clearly They know there are issues and have been upfront with us At no point have I been in a demo or with support and had them say "I've found that this doesnt often work, so you should do this way instead" - had this multiple times with Labtech, including during the onboarding process.

    I'm highly impressed with their new roll out.

    images app ninjarmm
    It was "end of this month", then "end of the quarter", then "yada yada yada". If it doesnt fucking work, fucking remove it. I know this is an older post but check out https: We're with Atera now.

    Slow rollout with a lot of other stuff to do before we are ready for RMM. Currently on Ninja - it's definitely a work in progress. A lot of these are supposed to be coming with improvements in Q2 and Q3.

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    1. I am definitely picking on Labtech here, but thats mostly because it was our previous RMM, and the only other offering we'd used before then for any extended period was too long ago to be accurate.

    2. Although we were able to negotiate a reasonable deal on endpoints, their initial pricing was quite a lot more than what we we're paying for LabTech. I'm going with SyncroMSP.