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    Because these scumbags know that the American people love our Military, and most will do what they can to help.

    The scams are becoming more and more complicated as time goes by. For a civilian that is not subjected to the military a lot, and do not understand how it operates, they take the word of these douches. Especially when they use pictures of Soldiers and their family members.

    Stories That Are Lies

    Remember a Soldier deployed to a combat zone does not need funds to go home, nor can anyone sign forms for that Soldier to go on leave. Here are a few tips to help you avoid scams, and some basic tips for protecting your identity as provided by one of our fans educated in this area: Never accept a check for more than your selling price, no matter how tempting the plea or convincing the story.

    Consider using an online payment service. They often offer more protection. Delete emails stating that you have won a foreign lottery or online sweepstakes. It is illegal to play a foreign lottery. Never meet anyone from the internet alone, especially if it includes traveling to deliver money, or visiting a person in a certain country who is requesting money via email.

    People who have responded to these emails have been beaten, subjected to threats and extortion, and in some cases, murdered. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have it helps avoid you being taken advantage of by these scam artists! There is no such thing as a dumb question, ask, ask, ask!!! Feel free to send us an email if you are not sure the person you are speaking with is a Military member. They are photo shopping them and sending them to victims as proof they are Military.

    Also these scam artists are beginning to use services to make it seem like they are where they say they are. Google Talk and Skype offer services where you can buy a number from anywhere in the United States and other countries. They are also beginning to elicit help from criminals here in the US, they will have the victims wire the money to a person here within the US, that person then wires the money to the scammer.

    They keep a percentage of the money in return for being the go-between. Help us stop these criminals from taking advantage of these unsuspecting victims. If you see something like this taking place, step in, shoot a message to the victim and explain why you think they are being scammed.

    These scams are increasing in occurrence, because they are working. Yes, I actually spoke to this woman, unfortunately she did not contact me until after the scam took place. Also do not send items like laptops, phones etc to someone you do not know! If you have doubts about someone you have met online, send us an email. We would rather see a hundred emails coming in, than one American dollar sent to a scammer! If you are a Military member, make sure your photos on Facebook are set so no one but your friends can see them.

    This can help to ensure your photos are not stolen.
    Spread the love This week I had the pleasure of getting out of my office and away from the writing desk to dispense my wisdom on television. Denver 9News reporter Melissa Blasius contacted me to help her develop a story about online dating scams. Here is the video if you want to check it out! These people are everywhere, infiltrating online dating sites and other social media sites such as Facebook. Online dating scammers will go after anyone, male or female.

    They also target people who are divorced, widowed, or single parents… people who may be lonely and vulnerable to the affections of an attractive stranger. Long distance relationships are hard enough when someone lives in the next state over… developing a romance with someone 10 time zones away is pretty unrealistic. Online scammers will flatter the shit out of you. They will try to make you feel valued. They may also appeal to your ego: The pics are usually fake, stolen off the internet see Resources below.

    Online scammers will start talking in romantic or sexual ways very quickly, even dropping the L word. Because so many scammers are from other countries Nigeria is a common onetheir grasp of our language is weak.

    And, last but never least, the telltale sign of a scammer is when they ask for money. The number can be big or small. Ever look through your messages on Facebook? On Facebook, I accept friend requests from strangers because of the nature of my business; but every now and again I get a request from a guy who has no friends and few to no posts.

    The photos are usually fake and stolen from someone else on Facebook. Melissa, the reporter who interviewed me, purposely developed a month-long online relationship from a guy who found her on Facebook.

    Sure enough, he was a nice looking man with a very Anglo-American name. His English was pitiful. He wrote her day and night, asked her what she did for a living, if she were married she is!

    Verify The Truth

    He told her nice things. He probed her for more information. She Google searched his photo and, sure enough, it belonged to some other guy on Facebook, a guy whose Middle Eastern name matched his Mediterranean look. And sure enough, he eventually asked her for money.

    Meet Single People Dating Sites Reviews

    In summary, if a stranger contacts you on an online dating site, on social media, or anywhere else, and displays the above signs — or any other sign you find odd — do your research. Run it by other people. Do some Google searches. And be sure to check out the resources below: Resources Good website for romance scams help and resources:
    This is a do-it-yourself procedure. When fajitas are cooked cut into small slices. Perfect compliments for this divine composition are frijoles and Spanish rice.

    But they don't call them skirt steaks in San Antonio--they call the fajitas. From what I was able to learn, it seems fajitas are something of a Southern Texas--or Tex-Mex-phenomenon. They have become popular only in the past few years, but they have become very popular. According to one meat buyer I talked to, "When I put fajitas in the ad, I'll go through betweenand a quarter of a million pounds in a week They even have fajita cooking contests in Southern Texas.

    I learned that the champion for the past five years was Red Gomez, a butcher from Brownsville, Texas. I called him to see if he would be willing to share his award-winning recipe with me. Ranchers, who usually butchered their own meat, kept the steaks and roasts for themselves and gave their hands what they considered the less desirable cuts, including the so-called skirt steak, which is a section of the diaphragm.

    The long, narrow, beltlike strip would be marinated overnight in lime juice to tenderize it. The next day it was grilled over mesquite, a cheap, plentiful wood that itself has become a cooking fad. The meat was then cut into thin strips, each diner filling a flour tortilla with it and with pico de gallo, a spicy relish of onions, green chilies, tomatoes and cilantro.

    Those familiar with Mexican dishes may notice the striking similarity between fajitas and tacos al carbon and carne asada. But tacos al carbon, a fad that preceded fajitas, are made with a better cut of meat that does not need to be marinated and they reach the table already rolled in tortillas. As for carne asada, it is grilled meat and vegetables. The view around here is that fajitas made their way north from the border to Austin about five years ago and began arriving in Dallas two years ago.

    For the uninitiated, fajitas If they don't come to the table sizzling from the grill, they are not fit to be called fajitas. In a trend sense, they are even hotter.


    The Houston Restaurant Assn. In Pasadena, a restaurant called Manana Mexican Food and Drink of Arroyo parkway has erected a large sign inquiring 'Have you had your fajitas today? They used to almost throw them away, like junk,' said Bud Smith, a Texan who grew up in Pharr, near the Mexican border In Los Angeles, the fajitas trend is so new that the name is virtually unknown outside of restaurants According to Texan sources, fajitas originated in San Antonio.

    However, others day the idea came directly from Mexico. Under a different name, arrechera, skirt steak has a venerable history in California.

    Meet Single People Dating Sites Reviews

    In the early version of fajitas, Zelayeta marinated the meat with vinegar, oil, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper, then added tomato sauce and broiled it. Bywhen 'Elena's Secrets of Mexican Cooking' was published she dropped the tomato sauce and cooked the meat over the coals instead of under the broiler Fajitas have crossed the ocean to Paris, where they are served in Tex-Mex restaurants along with flour tortillas shipped from Amsterdam.

    They are also popular in New York and San Francisco Beer is a popular accompaniment to fajitas Welche commented on the meteoric popularity of skirt steak. They ground it into hamburger.

    5 things you should know BEFORE dating someone in the Military

    K1 Gifted cook, inspirational leader, respected teacher, social motivator, mom. Elena was born to innkeeping parents living in a small Mexico mining town. Food played an important role in Elena's early life. When she was young, the family relocated to San Francisco. Details of these early years unfold like an interesting menu. Elena married and had children.

    Her eyesight was compromised early on; soon after her second son was born Elena was totally blind. She re-learned her kitchen and took life one day at a time.

    When Elena's husband passed away unexpectedly, she found strength in her culinary experience and used it to support her young sons. Elena opened a restaurant, taught cooking classes, wrote books, started her own business, partnered with major USA food companies, and hosted a TV cooking show. Characterized by contemporaries as charismatic and fun-loving, Elena's legacy touches every one of us on a deeper human level. Food is the fuel of physical sustenance. Zest for life enables us to savour the meal.

    Besides keeping house for her family of four, she teaches cooking, gives lectures and writes on cooking. Baking a cake requires precise knowledge of the exact location of everything in the kitchen. The recipe is memorized and special measuring cups are used, one for one third cup, another for one-fourth cup, another for one-half cup.

    Eggs are broken into her hand and then the white drains through her spread fingers into the bowl while the yolk remains in the palm of her hand. After ingredients are mixed, the cake is popped into the oven. After two minute radio programs the cakes is done.

    Meet Single People Dating Sites Reviews

    Her daily routine includes cleaning her own house, darning, cooking and washing. Her delicate sense of touch tells her where there is dirt or dust.

    Stockings are darned over a china egg, her spools of colored thread being marked in Braille.

    Military dating site reviews - Meet and Marry a U.S. Military Man

    She know foods by their odors, and spices by taste. That year, also, she made her own Christmas presents pounds of Mexican pressed quince paste, cut and wrapped in cellophane. Zelayeta believes that it is fear that prevents many accomplishmebnts, and that a handicapped person is slowed down by never defeated. C5 [] "Elena Zelayeta, expert in Mexican cuisine, author and teacher of the blind, returns for a 'comman performance' at the Times College of Wartime Cookery Since her first appearance here in October, Elena has obtained a guide dog, and Chulita will appear at The Times with her new mistress Elena, although blind for 10 years, conducts a cooking school in San Francisco in addition to caring for her home and family.

    She is a charming, vivacious woman who has become popular as a lecturer because of her vivid personality and gayety. Watching her grace and sureness as she goes about preparing delightful Mexican and Spanish food in The Times stage kitchen, it is difficult to believe that she is guided only by her amazing sense of touch She has a talent for teaching others how to duplicate her masterpieces, and at The Times class wil show how to mix and cook such favorites as tamales, chili rellenos, tacos de gallina, enchiladas and ante.

    Ante is a delectable custard, cake and fruit dessert concoction. B10 [] "Elena Zelayeta, well-known for her cookbooks on Mexican food, lrelated of few of her recipes for happy living during a recent luncheon in the Costa Mesa County Club.

    The year-old blind authoress and food consultant delighted about members of the Friends of the Costa Mesa Library by revealing an ability to be light-hearted about tragedies she has experienced. Zelayeta lost her sight when her youngest son was 1 year old.

    After experiencing a normal amount of self-pity she decided to start serving her family. She discharged a housekeeper and cooked her first meal since the loss of her sight. I won't tell you what I did next but we're all still alive. She makes sure tortillas don't burn by turning them until they 'smell' done. Zelayeta began tacing cooking to other blind adults at the San Francisco Center for the Blind.

    It was cooking so I wrote my first cookbook with the intention of buying a seeing eye dog with the profits. Zelayeta was born in Mexico of Spanish descent and all her cookbooks deal with the Mexican food with which she is so familiar Soon she was asked by the U.

    Government to teach a course in 'practical living' at a Lion's Club camp in Montana. I never had a course in psychology.

    Each of the ones I read disagreed with the others and I thought no one would be able to tell if what I taught was right wrong anyway. Zelayeta is consultant for a large food- seasoning concern and has served as food adviser for a New York restaurant. H5 [] "Elena Zelayeta was blind, but she opened many eyes to the delights for her native Mexican cookery.

    More than that, she inspired others to overcome a handicap which once had plunged her into months of despair. And she won the affection of countless admirers, to whom she is known simply as Elena. Zelayeta died in San Francisco March 31 at the age of Although Elena is gone, her recipes and happy philosophy will live on in her four cookbooks and other writings Born in in Mexicto City, Elena was raised in the mining town of El Mineral del Oro, where her parents were innkeepers.

    Her mother and the employes at the inn taught her to cook. The family moved to San Francisco when Elena was a young girl. The came marriage and economic troubles caused by the Depression. When her husband, Lawrence, lost his job as an assistant superintendent in the power department of Bethlehem Steel, Elena sought a way to help. She began by serving lunch in her apartment. And the response was so great, she opened a restaurant in the King George Hotel in downtown San Francisco.

    Called Elena's Famous Mexican Restaurant, it was a great success bu kept Elena working 16 to 18 hours a day. She had been operated on for a cateract and had suffered a detached retina.

    And inshortly before the birth of her second son, Bill, she went blind. Despair, depression and helplessness followed until Elena realized that no one was about to cook and care for her family as she could. Without the aid of Braille implements, she learned how to measure ingredients, how to separate eggs

    The best site to date military singles.

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