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    Black And White Dating 2018 -

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    Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3. The majority of preserved atlatls are decorated with representational images. What images does one put on such a tool? Here is a Palaeolithic sample of thirty-eight atlatls. Most of the images are of commonly hunted large mammals as we know from archaeological middens.

    Images of mammoths, fish, rhinos, and carnivores are rare, and it is quite possible that atlatls were not regularly used on those species. Speared humans or war scenes are unknown on atlatls.

    I surmise that this means something - that weapons were made only with hunting in mind and not hostility. Erotic images of women, vulvae, and penises are also absent. This tool was carried publicly, suggesting that flagrant erotica was discouraged. Such aesthetic constraints are not merely modern cultural products but persist because of deep tensions over paternal uncertainty and incest taboos.

    Guthrie These small, delicate harpoons note the size of the pen in the photo look hardly sufficient to bring down any animal, but perhaps they were made to shoot birds, or small fish. Of the same material, and contemporaneous with, the propulseur above. These drawings are useful to demonstrate the ubiquity and spread of the propulseur design above, at other places such as Bedeilhac and St Michel d'Arudy. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 21, Propulseur, or atlatl, carved in the form of a grouse or ptarmigan in the Magdalenian, and discovered by Piette at Mas d'Azil.

    This is a reconstruction of the original propulseur, whose head and legs were fractured when found. The hook at the level of the tail was also absent. The tail feathers are indicated by parallel lines, and the wings are folded on the body. The neck has a protrusion corresponding to a fleshy growth or a tuft of feathers such as the males of some bird species such as the grouse have.

    The body and the head were discovered by different excavators at different times, and the reconstruction was then performed.

    Translated and adapted from http: These were faked in large numbers soon after their discovery. Painted pebbles from Mas d'Azil. Note the fern-like patterns on some of the stones. Don Hitchcock Source: They show geometric red and black characters, dots, dashes, or dentate ornaments. Nowhere else is there such a quantity of these pebbles, evidently a regional custom of the Pyrenees. Were they magical stones?

    A shaman's tools of trade? Don Hitchcock Source and text: One of the ibex is sideways, and one is longitudinal on the tooth. The ibex are wrapped around the edge of the tooth, and a perforation was made in the tooth, presumably so that the sculpture could be worn as a pendant. A carved sperm whale tooth is very rare in prehistoric sites. Ibex sculpted in the tooth of a sperm whale. Some say that this may have been used as a button, the two sides are quite different.

    The withers and chest are marked with small incisions. Horns and ears are sketched. The eye and the nostril are shown as points. The other side of the disk shows a young bison, which, according to the size of the horn and the curvature of the hump might be about five months old. This young bison is half the size of the adult animal. Again, we find the same incisions along the shoulder and the chest.

    Aurochs females sometimes adopted baby bison. On one side is a female auroch, and on the other a young bison. Length 51 mm, width 49 mm, thickness 1 mm. MAN 77 Photo: To the casual observer, it might seem that not much care was taken in making the discs completely round at the roughing out stage.

    However I have made my own rondelles from a sheep scapula, and even with modern tools it is by no means easy to get a completely circular disc. Grotte du Mas d'Azil. Excavations of Edouard Piette, The hide was stretched on a wooden frame, and the hide was worked from both sides unless a fur was required, rather than leather, in which case only one side was workedstretching and working it to make it supple and useable for clothing and other purposes.

    Often the brains of the animal killed were worked into the hide to make it soft, and fat and ochre were rubbed into it using the lissoir, to colour it, preserve it, and make it water resistant - Don Two aurochs of unequal size are etched on this fragment of a smoother. The surface of the bone, damaged at the used part of the object, has removed the head of the first animal.

    The opposite end is broken transversely and the fracture starts at about the hindquarters of the second animal. The engraving is deep, carved in one continuous, sure line, and the contour lines express a flexible and precise knowledge of the anatomical details of the two animals.

    A small chip which affects the upper edge of the object has also removed one of the horns of the animal. This piece apart from the technical prowess of execution to which it bears witness, is particularly interesting because it is one of the notable examples of the use of the third dimension.

    The two animals are in fact placed on different planes, the smallest being the farthest from the observer in accordance with the laws of perspective. This scene, because of differences in size between the two animals and the lack of sex characteristics of the aurochs, was interpreted as the representation of a cow and her calf.

    However, there is nothing to support such a hypothesis. The first ox is seen as a calf only because it is smaller than the second, but we also know that the relative sizes of animals were not heeded in Paleolithic art. A hind could be drawn much larger than a bison, for example. The general proportions of the small bovine are in fact comparable to that of the other animal. The enlarged withers leading down to the saddle and the dewlap which is prominently marked show it to be, on the contrary, an adult animal.

    It is better to see in this example a composition showing perspective demonstrated by superposition. This image is in the public domain because its copyright has expired. The object may have had a distinct purpose, apart from decoration, judging by the holes in it, and the projections at one end. Facsimile, display, Grotte du Mas d'Azil Sculpture of a horse head. The object was originally a spear thrower, see below, which may account for the distorted look of the image.

    Facsimile, display, Grotte du Mas d'Azil Spear thrower. Sculpture of an animal head, possibly a horse, with the flesh removed.

    It would be very interesting to know what part horses played in this society, but it seems obvious they were at the least very important. Some have what appear to be halters on them, indicative of domestication. Note also the elongated horse heads, which have been carved from the hyoid bone of a horse, which places constraints on what shape the sculpture can take. All these images come from Le Mas d'Azil except Lortet at the top and the discovery at Espalungue, Arudy at the bottom.

    Horse heads, made from horse hyoid bones, which naturally form this shape, sometimes improved by careful shaping. Edouard Piette excavations, Photo and text adapted from: The carved fish head is a detached fragment of a more complete sculpture. The main interest of this small object is the presence of inlaid eyes.

    Two cupules hollowed at the site of the orbits are filled with a reddish substance, probably inserted in a malleable state, and described as a resin by the discoverer. Inlaid eyes appear on many sculptures of Mas d'Azil, they are a singular feature, but we do find this practice on other sites sometimes. The bison is carved from the palm of a reindeer antler whose thickness indicates that it was a male.

    This very important sculpture shows the four legs, with an empty space under the belly of the bison. This feature is reminiscent of the famous series of 'Fawn and Birds' propulseurs or atlatls, also found at Mas d'Azil, and elsewhere.

    The sculpture retains abundant traces of red ochre.

    Woody Woodpecker Show

    Bison sculpted in reindeer antler. This appears to be the obverse of the sculpture above. The cloven hoof and dew-claw are used to identify the leg as that of a bison, and there are several copies on the site. On the left side, the beginning of a perforation indicates that the object should be seen as an unfinished pendant.

    Both ends of the piece are broken. On the preserved surfaces, two bodies of fish are shown in right profile, identifiable as salmonids by many details: The adipose fin is a small fin, composed of fatty tissue, located between the dorsal main fin on the fish's back and caudal tail fins of some fish. Much like the appendix in humans, the purpose of the adipose fin is not clear.

    However, the distinction cannot be made here between trout and salmon. The subjects fill the field that is available and each has been graphically developed, as if the artist wanted to clearly distinguish one from the other.

    Note the strongly incised lateral sensory line on the two fish. Fish figures are slightly more common in moveable objects such as this than in parietal art, painted or engraved on walls. Many cannot be identified to species, but most are salmonids, salmon and trout.
    Hoopoe on Bamboo by Zhao Mengfu, c. The hoopoe is Israel's national bird.

    Hoopoe at Rajaji National ParkUttarakhandIndia Hoopoes are monogamousalthough the pair bond apparently only lasts for a single season. They are also territorial. The male calls frequently to advertise his ownership of the territory.

    Chases and fights between rival males and sometimes females are common and can be brutal.


    Clutch size varies with location: Northern Hemisphere birds lay more eggs than those in the Southern Hemisphere, and birds at higher latitudes have larger clutches than those closer to the equator. In central and northern Europe and Asia the clutch size is around 12, whereas it is around four in the tropics and seven in the subtropics. The eggs are round and milky blue when laid, but quickly discolour in the increasingly dirty nest. The uropygial gland of the incubating and brooding female is quickly modified to produce a foul-smelling liquid, and the glands of nestlings do so as well.

    These secretions are rubbed into the plumage. The secretion, which smells like rotting meat, is thought to help deter predators, as well as deter parasites and possibly act as an antibacterial agent. Incubation begins as soon as the first egg is laid, so the chicks are born asynchronously. The chicks hatch with a covering of downy feathers. By around day three to five, feather quills emerge which will become the adult feathers.

    The chicks are brooded by the female for between 9 and 14 days. They were considered sacred in Ancient Egyptand were "depicted on the walls of tombs and temples".

    Cheatbook Cheat Codes, Cheats, Games Trainer, Cheatsbook, Hints

    At the Old Kingdom, the hoopoe was used in the iconography as a symbolic code to indicate the child was the heir and successor of his father. They are also listed in Deuteronomy as not kosher.

    Cheatbook Cheat Codes, Cheats, Games Trainer, Cheatsbook, Hints

    How is it that I see not the hoopoe, or is he among the absent? I have found out a thing that thou apprehendest not, and I come unto thee from Sheba with sure tidings. A hoopoe was a leader of the birds in the Persian book of poems The Conference of the Birds "Mantiq al-Tayr" by Attar and when the birds seek a king, the hoopoe points out that the Simurgh was the king of the birds.

    The Munich Manual of Demonic Magica collection of magical spells compiled in Germany frequently requires the sacrifice of a hoopoe to summon demons and perform other magical intentions. In revenge, Procne kills their son Itys and serves him as a stew to his father.

    When Tereus sees the boy's head, which is served on a platter, he grabs a sword but just as he attempts to kill the sisters, they are turned into birds—Procne into a swallow and Philomela into a nightingale.

    Tereus himself is turned into an epops 6. English translators and poets probably had the northern lapwing in mind, considering its crest.

    The hoopoe was chosen as the national bird of Israel in May in conjunction with the country's 60th anniversary, following a national survey ofcitizens, outpolling the white-spectacled bulbul. The municipalities of Armstedt and BrechtenGermany, have a hoopoe in its coat of arms. In Morocco, hoopoes are traded live and as medicinal products in the markets, primarily in herbalist shops.

    This trade is unregulated and a potential threat to local populations.
    History[ edit ] Satellite image with shaded relief map of Black Hills in west South Dakota This article may be confusing or unclear to readers.

    Please help us clarify the article. There might be a discussion about this on the talk page. February Learn how and when to remove this template message Although written history of the region begins with the Sioux domination of the land over the native Arikara tribes, researchers have carbon-dating and stratigraphic records to analyze the early history of the area.

    Scientists have been able to utilize carbon-dating to evaluate the age of tools found in the area, which indicate a human presence that dates as far back as 11, BC with the Clovis culture. Stratigraphic records indicate environmental changes in the land, such as flood and drought patterns. For example, large-scale flooding of the Black Hill basins occurs at a probability rate of 0. A stratigraphic record of the area shows that during this year period, thirteen year floods occurred in four of the region's basins, while the same four basins from the previous years only experienced nine floods.

    The Lakota also known as Sioux arrived from Minnesota in the 18th century and drove out the other tribes, who moved west. The mountains commonly became known as the Black Hills. European Americans increasingly encroached on Lakota territory. In this treaty, they protected the Black Hills "forever" from European-American settlement. Both the Sioux and Cheyenne also claimed rights to the land, saying that in their cultures, it was considered the axis mundior sacred center of the world.

    An official announcement of gold was made by the newspaper reporters accompanying the expedition.


    The surveyor for the party, Dr. This highest point in the Black Hills is 7, feet above sea level. During the — gold rushthousands of miners went to the Black Hills; inthe area was the most densely populated part of the Dakota Territory. Three large towns developed in the Northern Hills: DeadwoodCentral Cityand Lead. Around these were groups of smaller gold camps, towns, and villages. Railroads were quickly constructed to the previously remote area.

    Background information

    Following the defeat of the Lakota and their Cheyenne and Arapaho allies inthe United States took control of the Black Hills and another strip of land, in violation of the Treaty of Fort Laramie. The Lakota never accepted the validity of the US appropriation in They have continued to try to reclaim the property [8] and filed a suit against the federal government.

    Breakup of Great Sioux Reservation[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. August Learn how and when to remove this template message Inthe United States dismantled the Great Sioux Reservationforcing the peoples on to five smaller reservations west of the Missouri River. It made available 9 million acres throughout this area for purchase for ranching or homesteading, in the same year that North Dakota and South Dakota were admitted to the Union.

    Many of the early farms established by homesteaders in the 20th century failed, as they were too small for farming in the arid regions. People made many mistakes and plowed the grasses holding the earth on the plains, causing the Dust Bowl of the s.

    The Lakota refused the settlement, as they wanted the Black Hills returned to them. They believe that accepting the settlement would allow the US government to justify taking ownership of the Black Hills. Anaya met with tribes in seven states on reservations and in urban areas as well as with members of the Obama administration and the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. Anaya tentatively recommended the return of lands to some tribes, including the Black Hills to the Lakota Sioux.

    His full official report with recommendations was due in September August Learn how and when to remove this template message Gold-quartz placer nugget, found near Lead. About 1 cm wide.

    The geology of the Black Hills is complex. A Tertiary mountain-building episode is responsible for the uplift and current topography of the Black Hills region. This uplift was marked by volcanic activity in the northern Black Hills.

    The southern Black Hills are characterized by Precambrian granitepegmatiteand metamorphic rocks that comprise the core of the entire Black Hills uplift. This core is rimmed by PaleozoicMesozoicand Cenozoic sedimentary rocks. The stratigraphy of the Black Hills is laid out like a target, as it is an oval domewith rings of different rock types dipping away from the center. The 'bulls eye' of this target is called the granite core.

    The granite of the Black Hills was emplaced by magma generated during the Trans-Hudson orogeny and contains abundant pegmatite. The core of the Black Hills has been dated to 1. There are other localized deposits that have been dated to around 2. One of these is located in the northern hills. It is called French Creek Granite although it has been metamorphosed into gneiss.

    The other is called the Bear Mountain complex, and it is located in the west central part of the hills. The angular unconformity between the Deadwood Formation and the underlying Precambrian rocks near Rapid City. The rocks in this ring are all very old, as much as 2 billion years and older.

    This zone is very complex, filled with many diverse rock types. The rocks were originally sedimentaryuntil there was a collision between the North American continent and a terrane. This collision, called the Trans-Hudson Orogeny, caused the original rocks to fold and twist into a vast mountain range.

    Over the millions of years, these tilted rocks, which in many areas are tilted to 90 degrees or more, eroded. Today we see the evidence of this erosion in the Black Hills, where the metamorphic rocks end in an angular unconformity below the younger sedimentary layers.

    Paleozoic[ edit ] The final layers of the Black Hills consist of sedimentary rocks. The oldest lie on top of the metamorphic layers at a much shallower angle. This rock called the Deadwood Formation is mostly sandstone and was the original source of gold found in the Deadwood area.

    The Minnelusa Formation is next and is composed of highly variable sandstones and limestones followed by the Opeche shale and the Minnekahta limestone. Mesozoic[ edit ] The next rock layer, the Spearfish Formationforms a valley around the hills called the Red Valley and is often referred to as the Race Track. These shale and gypsum beds as well as the nearby limestone beds of the Minnekahta are used in the manufacture of cement at a cement plant in Rapid City.

    Next is the shale and sandstone Sundance Formationwhich is topped by the Morrison Formation and the Unkpapa sandstone. The outermost feature of the dome stands out as a hogback ridge. The ridge is made out of the Lakota Formation and the Fallriver sandstone, which are collectively called the Inyan Kara Group.

    Above this, the layers of rocks are less distinct and are all mainly grey shale with three exceptions: These outer ridges are called cuestas. Cenozoic[ edit ] Fallingrock cliff in Dark Canyon. The rock is of Paleozoic age but is capped with a Cenozoic gravel terrace.

    The preceding layers were deposited in a horizontal manner. All of them can be seen in core samples and well logs from the flattest parts of the Great Plains. It took a period of uplift to bring them to their present topographical levels in the Black Hills.

    This uplift, called the Laramide orogenybegan around the beginning of the Cenozoic and left a line of igneous rocks through the northern hills superimposed on the rocks already discussed. This line extends from Bear Butte in the east to Devils Tower in the west. Evidence of Cenozoic volcanic eruptions, if this happened, has long since been eroded away.

    The Black Hills also have a 'skirt' of gravel covering them in areas, which are called pediments.

    News items for 2017

    Formed as the waterways cut down into the uplifting hills, they represent the former locations of today's rivers. These beds are generally around 10, years old or younger, judging by the artifacts and fossils found.

    A few places, mainly in the high elevations, are older, as old as 20 million years, according to camel and rodent fossils found. Some gravels have been found but for the most part, these older beds have been eroded away. Most of the Hills are a fire-climax ponderosa pine forest, with Black Hills spruce Picea glauca var. Oddly, this endemic variety of spruce does not occur in the moist Bear Lodge Mountainswhich make up most of the Wyoming portion of the Black Hills.

    Cheatbook Cheat Codes, Cheats, Games Trainer, Cheatsbook, Hints

    Large open parks mountain meadows with lush grassland rather than forest are scattered through the Hills especially the western portionand the southern edge of the Hills, due to the rainshadow of the higher elevations, are covered by a dry pine savannahwith stands of mountain mahogany and Rocky Mountain juniper. Wildlife is both diverse and plentiful.

    Black Hills creeks are known for their trout, while the forests and grasslands offer good habitat for American bisonwhite-tailed and mule deerpronghornbighorn sheepmountain lionsand a variety of smaller animals, like prairie dogsAmerican martensAmerican red squirrelsNorthern flying squirrelsyellow-bellied marmotsand fox squirrels.

    Biologically, the Black Hills is a meeting and mixing place, with species common to regions to the east, west, north, and south. The Hills do, however, support some endemic taxa, the most famous of which is probably white-winged junco Junco hyemalis aikeni.

    Some other endemics are Cooper's Rocky Mountain snail, Black Hills subspecies of red-bellied snakeand a Black Hills subspecies of southern red-backed vole. Some birds that are only in the Black Hills and not the rest of South Dakota are pinyon jaygray jaythree-toed woodpeckerblack-backed woodpeckerAmerican dipperruffed grouseand others. Geologically separate from the Black Hills are the Elk Mountainsa small range forming the southwest portion of the region.

    The rally was started in and the 65th Rally in saw more thanbikers visit the Black Hills. It is a key part of the regional economy. Mickelson Trail is a recently opened multi-use path through the Black Hills that follows the abandoned track of the historic railroad route from Edgemont to Deadwood. The train used to be the only way to bring supplies to the miners in the Hills. The trail is about miles in length, and can be used by hikers, cross-country skiers, and cyclists.

    The cost is two dollars per day, or ten dollars annually. Today, the major city in the Black Hills is Rapid Citywith an incorporated population of almost 70, and a metropolitan population of ,
    At some point before the beginning of the series, Candy became best friends with Grenda.

    Season 1 Candy waves to Mabel. Mabel inquires as to why Candy has forks taped to her fingers. Candy demonstrates how she uses them to eat popcorn and calls it an "improvement of human being. After Pacifica wins the contest by bribing Old Man McGucketCandy and Grenda decide to stay and have a sleepover with Mabel, as opposed to going to Pacifica's after-party like most of the other attendees. It is presumed that the trio spends the night dancing and reading magazines about boys. Candy appears again in " Summerween ," dressed as a peppermint for trick-or-treating; however, her and the others' motives change after the Summerween Trickster threatens to eat them if they fail to secure five hundred pieces of candy for him.

    Thus, she, Grenda, Mabel, Dipperand Soos begin their trick-or-treating quest. At one point, after Dipper accidentally sends all their treats but the final one into a stream, the gang quickly races to prevent Old Man McGucket from blowing out the candle in his Jack-o'-melon to buy them more time, only to extinguish it with their sighs of relief.

    The Trickster shows up and prepares to eat them upon learning they have not met his request, but Soos drives straight through him with his truck and destroys the Trickster. However, he reassembles himself and chases the group into the Summerween Superstore. They try to escape by disguising themselves in various costumes in the store and end up battling the monster after he eats Soos. Once they are saved by Soos eating the beast, they return to the Mystery Shackwhere they enjoy candy, watch horror movies and celebrate pure evil.

    Candy initiates a body swap fight when she steals Dipper's body.

    News items for 2018

    In " Carpet Diem ," Candy and Grenda come to the Shack to have a sleepover with Mabel, where they scare off Dipper by threatening to give him a makeover. Later, they find Dipper in Mabel's body and take him upstairs for a second sleepover. After Dipper and Mabel switch back, Mabel tells the girls about the carpet's magical properties and Candy switches bodies with Dipper.

    Candy also switches bodies with several other people including Sheriff Blubs and Mabel. In the end, everyone ends up back in their own bodies.

    Afterwards, they sneak backstage, discovering that the band are actually clones being held as slaves by their manager. They release the boys and bring them to the Mystery Shack. Soon after, Mabel becomes highly possessive of them, forcing Candy and Grenda away. Eventually, Mabel decides to let the band go, and the three release them into the wild, in which Candy remarks they will probably not survive.

    The two girls are seen comforting each other. They do not appear after that, not even when the rest of the town gathers around the remains of the Gideon-bot at the end of the episode. At one point she and Mabel are shown scribbling on each other's faces. Candy has an idea. In " Mabel's Guide to Color ," she participates in Mabel's survey of everyone's favorite colors.

    Later, when Mabel has declared a color emergency, she calls upon Candy, Grenda, and Dipper for ideas on how to make Stan see a rainbow. Candy quickly draws up a plan to reflect a rainbow from the falls into Stan's office window, and everyone agrees with it. She and Dipper stand in the back of Soos' truck and they use a large mirror to reflect the rainbow into Stan's office window. Unfortunately, this creates a painfully intense rainbow-colored light beam that hurts Stan's eyes and also sets fire to some things in his office.

    They dance during the music from Mabel's Boombox Sweater. Later she jumps into Grenda's "Get-away-pouch" to escape from the "earthquake. When Gabe skates by, Candy whispers in Korean her intention to steal him from Mabel. Later, Candy utters the opening lines of the performance. After the performance is ruined due to Mabel and Dipper's encounter with Bill CipherGabe leaves in disgust.

    Candy runs after him, saying "Wait, Gabe! Candy still loves you! Though she is not seen, she can be heard yelling and shooting the laser gun. In " Blendin's Game ," when Mabel mentions that she's been waiting for a surprise party all her life, Candy comes up behind her and throws confetti, yelling "surprise! It is also shown that Mabel believes that Candy and Dipper could be a potential future match. Candy, Grenda and Mabel at the bash. In " Northwest Mansion Mystery ," she, Grenda and Mabel are given invitations to the Northwest Fest by Pacifica as an exchange for Dipper's services of getting rid of a ghost haunting her mansion.

    There, she and the girls are amazed by the event and even more amazed by Marius von Fundshauser. Though Candy and the girls promise each other that he's off limits, she and Mabel go behind Grenda's back and flirt with him in hopes that either one will interest him. However, she and Mabel end up arguing over him, and Grenda sees their betrayal and gets upset. When the ghost crashes the party, she and the girls, along with almost everyone in the room, are turned into wood.

    Ultimately, they are returned to their normal state, thanks to Pacifica lifting the curse. Ironically, Grenda is the one to interest Marius, to which Candy reacts by calling "bridesmaid.

    Candy say that she wants to lick a unicorns neck because she heard that if she did she would taste her favorite flavor. Later, after Celestabellebethabelle told Mabel she was a bad person she decides to cut of the unicorn's hair.

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    Then, after Mabel is mistakenly accused of trying to cut off Celestabellebethabelle mane, she fights the unicorns along with the others. During the trip, she suddenly develops a crush on Dipper after he displays a confident demeanor around girls per Stan's advice.

    She tries to go on a date with Dipper, much to his uneasiness when Dipper is suddenly confronted with all of the girls he flirted with at the other tourist traps. A Candy looks at 'useless' travel brochures.

    When Stan is captured by Darlenethe spider-personDipper seeks help from the girls to save him. While escaping, the gang get stuck on a slow moving tram, and Darlene soon encases them in web.

    Candy gets the idea of releasing an emergency lever, allowing them to fall on a geyser, saving the gang and defeating Darlene. Near the end of the episode, Dipper apologizes to Candy and she states that she no longer has a crush on him. In " Dipper and Mabel vs. Candy, however, sadly declines as at that time of year her parents send her to music camp, and she exclaims that "there is no escape from music camp. Candy briefly appears in " Weirdmageddon Part 1 " with a crowd of townsfolk to tell off Bill at the start of Weirdmageddonbut then flees from Bill with the rest of the town's people.

    In " Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality ," Candy and Grenda are revealed to have avoided capture or madness and have joined Stan's Group of survivors, who reside inside the Mystery Shack with a number of other refugees.

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    In " Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls " Candy and Grenda are revealed to have avoided capture or madness and have joined Stan's Group of survivors, who reside inside the Mystery Shack with a number of other refugee's. Later she is seen helping to build the Shack-bot and controls the left arm of it. Later they get defeated by Bill Cipher and surrounded by Bill's Minions. Candy watches in horror as Teeth eats one of the Gnomes. Later after Bill is defeated, she Celebrates Dipper and Mabel's 13th Birthday and joins Grenda the next morning as they wish them goodbye.

    Personality Candy and her friends dancing. Candy is shy and insecure, largely due to being put down by popular girls like Pacifica and for this reason, tends to hang out with other girls that are rejected for being individuals.

    She enjoys spending time with her friends, whether the activity is going to a party, reading magazines about boys, having sleepovers [4]trick-or-treating [6]reading romance novels or simply hanging out. She likes coming up with ways to innovate the human body, such as taping forks to her fingers in order to eat popcorn [4]. Mabel describes her as very cheerful, and she expresses a humorous side.

    Even though she can be shy, she has a side of her that can be quite like Mabel herself. She is also shown to have a sense of quick-thinking ingenuity much like Dipper's, as she quickly comes up with a plan to help Stan see a rainbow [7]. She expresses a love of photography, taking various pictures with her cell phone that she may post on the internet [6].

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