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    free online dating sites in arizona

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    Search 27 Best Places to Visit in Arizona Whether you are planning a quick weekend getaway or a longer vacation, Arizona is home to some of the most scenic places in the United States.

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    Several Arizona attractions in Arizona that made our list are world-famous, such as the Grand CanyonCathedral Rock, Barringer Meteorite Crater and Havasu Falls, while other things to see in Arizona are still relatively undiscovered. Here are the best places to visit in Arizona. The rock is carved from red sandstone created from sand dunes around the ancient Pedregosa Sea. Named Cathedral Rock Trail, the steep, short ascent starts at the Back O' Beyond trailhead and climbs all the way to the gaps or saddle points in Cathedral Rock.

    This challenging but popular trail offers more of a rock climb than a hike. It is not shaded and is very difficult and steep in places. If you are looking for top attractions in Arizona, don't miss this unique destination. More Arizona tourist attractions: The park is located at the heart of the Sonoran desert, at about 2, feet above sea level and is one of the top Arizona attractions.

    The best time to visit the park is from November to March when the temperatures are cooler. In February and March, these giant cacti and several other desert plants create a spectacular show with their colorful blooms. Saguaro National Park is one of the top Arizona destinations. The park is a great location for short, pleasant hikes for families, but it also offers more challenging adventure wilderness hikes and camping in the backcountry.

    More places to see in Arizona: The canyon is the result of millions of years of erosion by the waters of the mighty Colorado River. Visitors can see layers of red rock bands that show its long history on the walls of the canyon.

    The canyon is miles long, a mile deep and up to 18 miles wide. Its vast scale and magnificent colors attract millions of visitors every year. The majority of tourists enjoy the canyon from its south rim, but more adventurous visitors hike its walls, take mule rides, or enjoy thrilling white-water rafting on the Colorado River.

    Most of the canyon is located within Grand Canyon National Park. While some parts of the canyon on the upper plateau are covered with forests, most of the area is arid.

    Nevertheless, it is home to 1, plants, 89 mammalians, birds, 9 amphibians, 47 reptiles, and 17 fish speciess. More Arizona points of interest: The name of the canyon comes from the fact that there used to be many pronghorn antelope living in the canyon. Cattle also used to graze here. The canyons are popular with photographers: The Wave The Arizona Wave is a sandstone formation with brilliant, undulating, colorful layers resembling waves.

    It is located close to the border between Arizona and Utah on the steep slopes of the Coyote Buttes and it is one of the top Arizona tourist attractions.

    The Wave is very popular among photographers as well as hikers who love the challenging, rugged, trail-less hike they have to brave in order to reach their destination.

    The Wave consists of U-shaped troughs formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone during the Jurassic period. It is not easy to reach Coyote Buttes, so its spectacular scenery, colorful history, and desert wildlife are not disturbed by human impact.

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    Tourists wishing to visit the Coyote Buttes require a permit, which are limited in number. More tourist attractions in Arizona: This square mile park is full of trails and scenic paths and drives, providing a magnificent destination for days of adventures, camping under the star-lit skies, and exploring the surprisingly alive desert.

    There are excellent, informative ranger-guided tours that last from half days to several days. The unique habitat of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument has an amazing collection of desert animals and plants; 26 species of cactus thrive in this arid area, the most famous of them being the Organ Pipe Cactus and giant Saguaros.

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    More things to see in Arizona: Best Things to Do in Phoenix. Barringer Crater Barringer Crater is a meteor crater near Winslow, Arizona, a popular tourist destination, and the source of endless speculations about the origin of this perfectly round giant hole in the ground. The first person to venture a guess that the hole was created by an impact from a meteor was Daniel Barringer, who gave it the name and whose family also owns the crater and the surrounding land.

    The big hole is 4, feet in diameter and feet deep.

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    It was created about 50, years ago by an asteroid about feet wide. Scientists believe that the asteroid was a part of a larger asteroid that broke apart while passing through the atmosphere. Barringer and other researchers found pieces of this space rock made of iron weighing from one to 1, pounds in a six-mile-diameter area around the crater. The latest theory is that the remaining rock hit the Earth at about 26, mph, creating the popular Arizona crater.

    Barringer Crater is one of the must see places in Arizona. It is a five-story dwelling cut into the soft limestone cliffs of Beaver Creek Canyon that is located feet above the canyon floor. The castle consists of twenty very well preserved rooms built by fieldstone glued together by mud and clay mortar. Montezuma Castle National Monument is one of the top things to do in Arizona.

    Montezuma Castle was probably built and occupied some time during the period between and AD at a time when there was an influx of Sinagua people from the north into the region. The name Montezuma Castle came from white settlers who believed that the ruins belonged to Aztecs — Montezuma was one of Aztec rulers.

    It was created when construction of the Glen Canyon Dam caused flooding of the Glen Canyon in and is one of the top Arizona destinations. The lake and the area around it are established as the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, today a very popular summer tourist destination. The reservoir got its name in honor of John Wesley Powell who explored the river in in wooden boats. The Compact obliges them to provide minimum of 7, feet of water annually to the Lower Basin states Arizona, California and Nevada.

    The lake offers many activities for tourists, including fishing, boating, jet skiing, waterskiing, romantic walks, and hiking. If you are looking for beautiful places in Arizona to visit on vacation, this place is amazing. Of the various waterfalls on the Havasu Creek, Havasu Falls is the most visited and most famous: The color comes from the high amount of calcium carbonate in the water.

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    Visiting the village, the creek, and the waterfalls is popular but requires a two to three day hike. Once known as Boulder Dam, it was built between and during the Great Depression, and was the largest dam at the time it was built.

    Thousands of men worked and more than one hundred people died during its construction.


    It was built to control the Colorado River as well as provide hydroelectric power. After the dam was completed, water from the area began to collect and Lake Mead was created: Visitors can take tours of the dam and of the power plant.

    From a distance, the ghostly foot high red cliffs look forbidding and inhospitable. There is also an abandoned ghost town and the museum that tells the story of the Native Americans and white prospectors who came to the mountains in search of gold more than years ago. If you get tired of roughing it, you can stay at the Gold Canyon Golf Resort at the foot of the mountain with the cool pool and cooler Margaritas.

    The ruins are adobe, wood, and plaster reminders of the clash of cultures and constant changes that swept through this region throughout the last several centuries. Located only fifty miles from Tucson, Arizona, the walk through the ruins and the visit to the picturesque historic Mission of San Jose de Tumacacori attracts thousands of tourists every year. While the remnants of the Mission and the Museum provide a short, informative visit that you can take on your own, there are guided tours that offer more in-depth information to those interested in the history of this colorful region.

    For the more adventurous, there is a historic Anza Trail that passes nearby. One of the many destinations for the adventurous is the Horseshoe Bend, a horseshoe-shaped bend that the Colorado River forms as it meanders around the town of Page, about five miles from Lake Powel and the Glen Canyon Dam. The best way to see Horseshoe Bend is from the high cliff above the river, which can be reached by a mile and half hike from U.

    It is a one thousand-foot drop to the river from the overlook. Bisbee Bisbee, 90 miles southeast of Tucson, is located on the slopes of the Mule Mountains, and it was founded in as an Old West mining camp. It was one of the richest mining towns in the world. With the riches, the town population grew to more than 20, people at the beginning of the 20th century. The lively town had a library, opera house, ball fields, and the first golf course, along with 47 saloons.

    Bisbee, with a population of less than 6, is today a popular tourist destination because of its magnificent surrounding red rocks, its colorful history and even more colorful inhabitants. The town is full of galleries, museums, new age shops, restaurants, hotels, and tour guides. Just like in the old times, there is something for everyone.

    The area is known for the amazing beauty of its red streaked rocks cliffs, especially the 3, foot high Vermilion Cliffs, its sandstone arches, and its wildlife. Backpacking, camping, hiking, and photography are the most popular activities here, and visitors are often able to see the beavers, bobcats, coyotes, deer, fox, mountain lions, and bighorn sheep that live in the area.

    The Wave on the slopes of the Coyote Buttes is one of the most popular places to visit. Consisting of 1, acres in Phoenix and acres is Tempe, the park is a hilly area known for its red sandstone formations, its giant saguaro cacti and other desert plants, small lakes, biking paths, hiking trails, and much more. The Hole-in-the-Rock is a well-known landmark that was possibly used by early Native Americans to follow the annual solstices.

    Lake Powell was the result of the dam, but it took 17 years for the lake to completely fill.


    The dam regulates the flow of the river and also provides energy with its eight hydroelectric generators. When the Glen Canyon Dam Bridge was completed in it was the highest arch bridge in the world: Visitors can take tours of the dam: The monument is famous for its two Salado culture cliff dwellings.

    The Salado people lived here from the 13th to the 15th century AD: This part of Arizona is extremely dry: In addition to hunting, the Salado people gathered local plants and also farmed.

    Plants include several kinds of cacti, agave, palo verde, and yucca. You may also like: Consisting of 2, acres of Sonoran Desert, the park contains green areas along Cave Creek as well as important archaeological sites.

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