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    July 30th, 12 min read I've read several interesting readers' submissions about using internet dating websites, such as ThaiFriendlyeither to find the lady of their dreams, or to find someone up for a quick romp.

    Some of the stories and events related after contacting Thai women on the website sound like the stuff of nightmares, or paradise, depending on where your interests lie. I assume — probably correctly — that the initial online contact and subsequent online chat between the two parties has been conducted in English or Tinglish 'me good girl, no work bar' etc.

    I want to describe my own experiences with online dating in Thailand, but where the contact and conversation has been conducted solely in Thai language — spoken and written, with a smattering of tortuous English thrown in that the lady has sourced from Google Translate.

    I wondered if there was any difference in how Thai ladies conducted an online relationship with a foreigner, if they didn't have to face the challenges of reading and writing in English. Of course, many Thai women are very competent in English, but I hypothetized that most of the women who registered on ThaiFriendly would struggle to conduct a decent written conversation in English language.

    As far as my own Thai language competence is concerned, I was fortunate in being able to speak very good Thai, as well as being able to read and write Thai rather well.

    I have lived in Thailand for 15 years and studied Thai at Chulalongkorn University. In any case, I didn't plan to discuss the intricacies of the Thai legal system with the women who contacted me on ThaiFriendly First, I needed to create my own profile on the website. I didn't create a false identity, perhaps by using photos of some handsome hunk in his 30's.

    I posted recent photos of my rather-aged face in my 50'sas well as some full-body photos. I have never been a heavy drinker, so at least my gut was not pouring over my jeans. I wrote my profile entirely in Thai language, with a title being something along the lines of 'If you are not fluent in English language…', then proceeding to the body of the profile itself, where I briefly explain that I can read, write and speak Thai.

    I summarised my personality as easy-going, honest, calm, not a butterfly etc. I left the preferred age range between 18 and infinity! In order to get the most out of the website, I paid to upgrade to a Premium membership. Having not recently used a Thai dating website, it was interesting to see the typical summary text that Thai ladies placed on their profile. There was the expected 'looking for a good man to take care of me and my family' Note — Unless you are very rich, very dim or both, I suggest you run very fast when you see this phrase 'look after my family'.

    It is dating web-speak for 'we think you're a walking ATM who will be stupid enough to finance our greedy lifestyle…' What was most interesting were the large number of younger women under 30who stated 'No sex-chat, no cam-sex, don't send me pictures of your dick', or words to that effect.

    3 Best Online Dating Sites To Meet Thai Girls

    Clearly, ThaiFriendly had become the hunting ground for western guys who liked to expose rather a lot in their online profile. A suggestion — keep your dick photos for those gals who request them Anyway, up went my profile, the text and photos were quickly approved by the site administrators, and I waited to see what type of response if anyI would receive.

    I decided not to initiate any contact, but to wait to see if any women would make the move and contact me first. I didn't have to wait long, perhaps all of 30 seconds!

    A lady in her 30's clicked on the "I'm interested in you" button, and then sent a message 'Sawasdee' in Thai script. And then another lady did the same, in her 50's And then another aged 24 did the same. I have to say that the response was totally overwhelming, with contacts across the age range from 18 to almost infinity, as I had indicated in my profile preferences lol.

    It was impossible to find time to conduct an online chat with all these women.

    Best Free Thai Dating Sites Reviews - Thai Women Online

    But I did respond to some of the more attractive women. I didn't encourage conversation with the more. So I responded back to several of the ladies, writing in Thai script, thanking them for contacting me, and asking typical chit-chat questions. I can summarize my conversations: It certainly put them at their ease, not having to struggle to understand or string together English words and phrases.

    A tip if you are dating online and writing in English to them. Keep your sentences very simple, absolutely do not use Tinglish, think about possible double-meanings of what you're going to write before you send your sweet words. For example, if you write in English 'I am not ugly, fat or rich' may be incorrectly understood by a woman with limited English skills as 'I am not ugly, but I am fat and rich'.

    You need to spell it out as 'I am not ugly. I am not fat. I am not rich'. Once my contacts realized that I was not joking about my Thai language abilities, they all let flow at full speed in written Thai. No short 'yes' and 'no' exchanges. These were detailed sentences about themselves and the sort of person that they were looking to hook up with. For my side, reading their Thai was usually a rapid process.

    But many of these women made various spelling mistakes in their written Thai, perhaps using the wrong Thai letter such as for the equivalent of the letter 's'or using the wrong tone mark. Since I was used to reading grammatically-correct Thai, this did add a further challenge to me reading their replies at a quick pace. Perhaps it also showed their lack of education in learning to write in Thai, with many women indicating on their profile that they only had an elementary level school education.

    But I felt the need to reply back to them with a similar flow of text in Thai. Since my typing skills only utilize one finger on each hand, and I can type English quite fast in that mannerI found myself typing like crazy with an extra effort to ensure correct Thai tone marks etc, all on a keyboard where the Thai letters were rather worn and not easy-visible.

    3 Best Online Dating Sites To Meet Thai Girls Thailand Redcat

    So my responses in Thai were a little slower than those of my female contacts, but every time I wrote a detailed sentence in Thai, it seemed to encourage them even more to respond with a whole paragraph in flowing Thai. A note to readers who have minimal or zero knowledge of reading Thai.

    The use of spaces between words is usually confined to the start of a new sentence or a new subject matter.

    3 Best Online Dating Sites To Meet Thai Girls Thailand Redcat

    So a typical Thai sentence is one long string of letters. To read this, at least my own methodis not to try to interpret each individual letter, but to recognize word patterns of words that I know. So a general chit-chat sentence can be very quickly read and understood. The problem is when one encounters a new word whose pattern is not yet stored in my memory. This is done by knowing the details of Thai grammar and spelling, recognizing a known word pattern for the word that follows the unknown word, and knowing what letters cannot occur at the end or beginning of a word.

    For many Thai words, the initial sound of the word may start with the second or third letter, perhaps in the centre of the word. It seemed to me as if these women had been previously held back from expressing their full feelings, due to their lack of knowledge of English.

    In a few select cases, we proceeded to further contact by speaking together by telephone. I found that initially, many women were dubious about voice contact. This was not because they feared that maybe I was some sort of pervert, which of course, gentle reader, I am not lol. Rather, it was because they doubted my own ability to speak in Thai.

    This probably was because many Thais can read and write English to an ok level, but are very weak at speaking English, because they never get the opportunity to practice chatting with a native English speaker. For foreigners, it is usually the opposite case — the foreigner can maybe speak some Thai, but has zero ability to read and write Thai. Once voice contact was established, the Thai language chat between us flowed freely.

    In my online profile, I had given no indication of my sexual intentions. But during numerous written and spoken conversions in Thai with these women, a common, unprompted offer emerged. I should emphasize that it was not my hansum body that caused such direct offers, more is the pity. But it was because I was able to converse in both written and spoken Thai, making the process of teaching and explaining English words and phrases to them in their native tongue more easy.

    Off-topic, but one of my previous career paths was as an English teacher and school manager, so the women would actually get value-for-money, or should that read 'value-for-sexual-favours'? In summary, for me, using a Thai dating website only in Thai language was a bit of an eye-opener. I can say that if you are able to read, write and speak Thai language, it opens up a whole new ball-game.

    That is especially so if you profess to being able to improve the English language skills of these women.

    About the Author

    As for me, I'm still single, but am reconsidering whether or not I should offer private English language lessons in return for. Finally, perhaps you'll like to know the total number of Thai women on ThaiFriendly who initiated contact with me over the course of about 1 week after my profile was posted. I just checked my profile stats and the number of women who contacted me was a staggeringwell, I was staggered and would probably stagger and totally collapse if all wanted English lessons from me, in return for sexual favours.

    Of course, your own mileage may vary, but can I suggest that here is a very good reason to improve your written and spoken Thai language abilities.

    I should open a language school… Stickman's thoughts: Thai language skills certainly opens up a whole new set of Thai women to foreign men in Thailand. I used to chat with some Thai women online on ThaiCupid where they would send me messages in Thai and I would respond in English. I can read Thai just fine but my ability to type Thai is poor and I type Thai painfully slow so I could not type fast enough in that language to keep up a conversation.

    Enjoy the English lessons.
    Thailand's Dating Culture By: Theresa Pickett - Updated August 25, Thai dating culture is important because it demonstrates the importance of brides' reputations. They guard their reputations by being cautious about entering into physical relationships with their dating partners. Their dowry, the money the groom traditionally gives their family, depends on whether they have good reputations.

    Learn how couples date in Thailand. Meet Singles in your Area! Physical Intimacy According to Date Culture. They are significantly concerned with the protection of their reputations, which means that they might not be interested in having sexual experiences during dating.

    The first phase of dating is important because they restrain themselves from having physical contact beyond sitting close to each other. Although they might touch their date's hands, they typically would refrain from touching legs and personal parts. They consider the head a sacred part of the body, which means that men cannot touch women's heads without their approval.

    People do not typically sleep together unless their relationship is nearing marriage. Social Expectations Thai families typically expect that a man dating a woman should support that woman and her entire family. He must be financially stable because he has an important responsibility to them. A significant portion of Thai people live in extreme poverty, which means that they believe their daughter's marriage should bring money to them.

    If a women likes a man she is dating, she brings him home to meet the family. The family sizes the man up and discussing the dowry with him. Dowry The dowry is an ancient tradition termed sinsod. The concept of sinsod ensures that a woman does not marry below her class.

    Can I find a real Girlfriend on a Thai dating site? part 1 of 2

    It means that the potential husband offers to pay the bride's family a set sum of money for her hand in marriage. The sum of money depends on the earning potential of the man and the reputation of the bride.

    Dowries have become less prominent in Thai culture inaccording to Th4u. Some families give the dowry to the married couple as a wedding gift. Others do not expect a dowry at all. Some still require dowries and need them to survive. Dating Rituals The Thai dating culture is unique and different from other Asian cultures. It does not expect couples to go into arranged marriages. Couples typically have their say in who their marriage partner is. Dating in Thai culture is for the women to decide whether the men are quality partners.

    Dates serve as tests for the women to consider the men's character. Spirituality The predominant faith in Thailand is Buddhism. Although Buddhist monks do not hold weddings, spiritually is important to couples who wed.

    One spiritual Thai tradition is the Merit Gift. It is a donation to the local Buddhist temple for the monks to hold a ceremony blessing the wedding. Some might give gifts in the bride's name to the Buddhist temple to show respect for her spiritual beliefs.

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    Thai Online Dating

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