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    Reasons Fling is the World's Best Personals Service Online:

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    Dating Sites In San Diego

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    Shazam! - Official Teaser Trailer - Warner Bros. UK

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    Dating Sites In San Diego

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    Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted. Magalia - Magalia Depot - This location used to be a train depot, but has been a restaurant since In the past owners have seen apparitions and heard voices through vents and banging on the walls. A former employee reports things fell off of shelves without explanation, their hair was pulled and their shoulder grabbed by an unseen force, they saw a floating head atop a freezer in the lower level bakery, one of the other coworkers entered the restroom and the faucet turned on by itself and the toilet flushed, while searching for the light switch on her first day working, the lights mysteriously turned on by themselves, while setting tables all the dinner forks had been turned on their sides, one night a woman working stepped inside the cooler and when she walked back out all the chairs had been pulled out from under the tables.

    According to past stories from previous owners there are three ghosts. A small child, a woman in a housecoat a conductor. Malibu - Moonshadows Restaurant - In the women's restroom, the water faucets have been known to turn on by themselves.

    Every morning, as was known by many lake residents, Margaret would swim out to the island. She did this early every morning. She has been sighted numerous times, after her passing, swimming seemingly along side a startled couple in a canoe. Her figure was just below the surface of the water in a bathing cap. Manteca - Cinema 10 - The last theater in the hall way on the left of the cinema is haunted by 2 ghosts, a young boy and an elderly man. A fire broke out supposedly when the place was a drug store in the late 's, killing at least 3 people.

    Manteca - Home Depot - An apparition of a girl has been seen twice by employees working graveyard shift. Some nights after closing, music and laughter has been heard.

    When workers go to check it out the music and voices stop. The details of the story behind the murder have been removed out of respect for the family. Manteca - Psycho home - There was a home that every one called it the Psycho home because the old lady that lived there was Psycho.

    She had 13 dogs and 13 cats. If one cat dies then all the cats die's. Then after she killed them all she made a home for them. She kept all the body's. If someone came on her grass she would go get a died cat a scare you. Now if you walk in the home you hear the died dog's. Manteca - Sequoia elementary - Tthere have been may reports of children playing in the hallways. A night janitors hear the intercom turn on and hear children talking on it but when they go to room 9 nothing is there.

    There has also been a report of swings swinging on there swinging by the gymnasium Marin - Camp Bothin - The camp used to be an old tuberculosis Hospital and an Indian residence before it was made into a girl scout camp. It is said that at night you can hear and see the ghost of a nurse pushing her cart down the hallways and patients who died there moaning and groaning.

    It is also been said that Indian spirits have made appearances. Rumor has it that the man was murdered several years ago by a jealous lover. Menlo Park - Ravenswood - There is a woman in a trench coat, standing under an old-fashioned street lamp, that can be seen at night waiting for a ride.

    But if you look back, she disappears along with the street lamp. Menlo Park - Coleman Mansion currently Peninsula private school - It is haunted by the ghost of the original owner's wife who was accidentally shot by her husband. Students and faculty have seen her in the "Big Building". Merced - Applegate Skate Park - Reports of a headless skater appearing.

    World's Best Free Casual Personals!

    The skater is said to have tried a trick and fallen on his head and he broke his neck Merced - Girl Scouts Island, Yosemite Lake - a lady and her daughter went out on a small boat ride while the other girl scouts were sleeping.

    The daughter had fallen into a whirlpool and the suction pulled the boat under leaving the mother behind. After the mother died after grieving years, it is said she goes into the girls tents now and look for her daughter and sings to the girls and strokes there hair. People have said they have seen the women in the theater asking if they have seen "Johnny".

    Merced - Yosemite Lake at the tower - The story is told that in the s at the boat tower. A mother had taken her two kids swimming and were jumping off the tower. The kids had drowned from hitting shallow waters. The bodies were never found. Every night the mother would drive her car out there and would look for her kids. She had past away and still to this day you will see a car drive out there and see a woman in a long flowing gown with her arms out crying and calling her for her children.

    Milpitas - Ed Levin Park Cemetery - The cemetery is now closed, but even in the daytime, electronics will shut off, start on own, loud moans can be heard, flashes of lights and car problems.

    Very cold in spots. Mission Hills - San Fernando Mission - Apparition of a lady in a white dress with a white scarf on her head praying at the front row of the chapel that vanishes. Also, a very horrible feeling of foreboding often comes with hearing these cries and screams. It was a very frightening experience due to the fact that it was indeed broad daylight when this occurred.

    It is said that back in the 60's two parents killed their three children in the house. Also, as recently as the early 90's, an old Indian man died in the house alone while praying to a religious alter.

    This room, where the old man died is avoided by the current occupants due to cold and ominous feelings of dread. The employees of the ambulance service have witnessed; doors and windows opening and closing at will, objects moving across the room, the shower turning off and on, the sound of voices and children playing in the house, the sound of footsteps, and recently while one employee showered she heard a voice yell "Get out!

    The house is not hard to find, it's at the corner of McHenry and Granger right next door to a skateboard shop. Modesto - Dry Creek Running Trial - Joggers have claimed to see the figure of an Indian man when running near this creek. Some say that the spirit of the Indian is watching over the joggers who run the trail.

    Others believe he is protecting the sacred land. There is also the spirit of a young man who haunts the bridge on Clause Road. It was reported that he jumped off the bridge into the shallow creek and died. Joggers have reported that while they are running in the early morning or late at night, they can hear a shallow yell or scream along with a splash. This bridge is at the intersection of Claus Road and Scenic Drive.

    It seems to be male and has a desire to make contact with the living. After closing, he will activate battery operated toys that are sold in the store, open and close the locked bathroom door, turn the lights off and on and then off again, and most frightening of all, he speaks to the employees through the store sound system.

    Dating Sites In San Diego

    When all trailer tapes have stopped running and the satellite TV display has been shut off, the ghost has been known to say things such as This scared both people so much that they didn't investigate until the next day. The boxes were stacked in a corner of the store that the security cameras had no coverage of, so their story to their co-workers the next day was not taken seriously. The Blockbuster Video was demolished last year and is now a Fuddrucker's restaurant. In the early 's, a young boy broke his neck at the skate park and died from his injuries.

    This could be related to the "haunting" of the site. There are also reports of knocking noises heard in the main hallwaywhere the floor slopes by the sewing roomthat are coming from the tunnels that used to run under the school. Loud crashing of plates and trays has also been heard.

    According to an employee who has been with the hotel for 27 years a woman was killed in the kitchen by an enraged boyfriend. There are also rumors of more than one person killing themselves in the kitchen.

    Also while on in the parking lot patrol security has heard the sound of breaking glass as near as two cars away-upon investigation there is no cause for the sound. Rooms, and are also all reported by guests and employees to be haunted. Especially in room where all the electrical equipment in the room turns on and off by itself.

    The room has been checked many times for electrical problems and none can be found. Modesto - Vintage Faire Mall - 4 girls said to have been raped and murdered haunt a store in the mall.

    Anyway odor of fresh cigar smoke is still smelled in his upstairs room. Owners always happy to give a tour. Monrovia - Azteca Building - Supposed noises are heard there, and an apparition of a lady in gray white not too clear, on that is said to haunt the place. This place is located on Foothill Blvd. Monrovia - Clifton Middle School - Band Room - its been known that a ghost walks the band room late at night while the chorus girls are getting ready.

    Monrovia - Monrovia high school - janitors and teachers have said that during the night in the second floor of the main hallway you always feel like your being watched and it sounds like someone is sneaking up behind when you are alone. Montebello - AMC Montebello 10 Theatres - This theatre is haunted by a spirit who was stabbed and later died when the theatre first opened. Most of the activity occurs around theatres 8 and 9. Theatre 9 is always eerily cold, even with the heaters on.

    Upstairs in the projection booth above 9, lights turned off by employees sometimes mysteriously come back on. It is also said you can see a figure's shadow when movies are on against the wall in theatre 6. Spanish soldiers have been seen walking around and sometimes follow passers-by.

    Montebello - Cantwell High School - while working on the second floor of the main building for homecoming week. Montebello - DoubleTree Hotel -If you turn off the lights in the room before going to sleep, you may find the lights back on in the middle of the night when you wake up to use the restroom. Montebello - Montebello Parks and Recreation Office - Anytime of the day or night, you can hear footsteps and voices coming from the hallways and men's restroom. Many employees claim when they are working at the office late into the evening, they hear voices and footsteps, the problem is that they are the only ones at the office.

    Park Rangers have reported hearing voices coming from the men's restroom. The source of the haunting has not been determined, but two parks and recreation employees have passed away in the last 10 years. The office was once home to a doctors office. Do not attempt to trespass, you will be arrested.
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    Dating Sites In San Diego

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