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    Russian Roulette The real risks of going bareback – Rockit Reports

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    I Joined a Russian Dating Site - See how it ended [Kult America]

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    Russian Roulette The real risks of going bareback – Rockit Reports

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    Russian Roulette The real risks of going bareback – Rockit Reports

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    Russian Roulette The real risks of going bareback – Rockit Reports

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    Women on Dating sites - MGTOW - FreakyJerseyTales

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    Two Women Join An Online Muslim Dating Site

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    Just how dangerous is unprotected sex? What are the real risks involved in going in bareback? There is a lot of talk floating around out there, but not a whole lot of it is backed up by facts. With non-pro scores, I let the woman dictate what they want.

    It really depends on the situation and my gut feeling.


    About half have asked me to rubber up for vaginal intercourse more in the US than anywhere, plenty of Thais too; only a few in China, South Korea and Japan; almost none in the Philippines. I would say that my total usage rate for non-working women over my lifetime is probably around 75 or 80 percent.

    With professionals the rate is a little higher, but probably not as much as it should be.

    Russian Roulette The real risks of going bareback – Rockit Reports

    The majority of working women around the world will ask their clients to strap up. Many will even demand it. Although it has a similarly huge sex industry, Thailand has gotten a lot more pro-condom over the last two decades. Blowjobs are always bareback for me when available, which is most times. I make exceptions in Chinese and Korean massage parlorsplaces like New Hot Pointand the few Japanese blowjob bars that require them.

    Most of the time though, my salami is sucked unwrapped. This is what I wrote previously on safety in blowjob bars: As to other types of protection: I tried the female condom once and both the woman involved and I were totally turned off by it.

    I also used a dental dam once. The goal, expressed in a round about way in the opening lines of this post, is to get down to some information that is actually tested and verifiable. There was a good post on the Sex and Sensibilities website on exactly this subject. Among other things, it says: HIV and Hepatitis C infection rates HIV transmission via receptive anal sex receiving the penis into the anus, also known as bottoming at 1.

    Friendly Sites

    This means that an average of one transmission occurred for every 71 exposures. This risk was similar regardless of whether the receptive partner was a man or woman. Not that it matters. We are all humans. The Canadian study says the chances of getting HIV from unprotected penetrative vaginal sex are 1 in 2, Does that mean you can fuck 2, infected women without contracting the disease? One session can put you down for the count if the moon and stars are aligned just right to ruin your life.

    There are many factors.

    Russian Roulette The real risks of going bareback – Rockit Reports

    A woman might have an internal injury that causes her to bleed, for example. In my experience there is a sort of age divide when it comes to condom use and the attitudes surrounding it among men. Older guys have been dipping their wicks since before the term AIDS was ever heard of. They tend to be pretty loose with the condom use. They learned to fuck while sex education and condom campaigns were being thrown all over the place.

    This age group is the most likely to be scared of sex and use condoms in any and all situations. These young bucks came up after the AIDS crisis was brought under control. Oh wait, that never really happened. This is my perspective anyway. In any case there are always exceptions. So back to the original question: Most of the things you can acquire are curable.


    A few are not. Some can be fatal. Some are just downright nasty. Those people say you should wear a condom to give you the best chance at staying healthy. Risk and reward are things that have to be balanced and measured in any situation. Educating yourself is an important part of being able to make decisions you can live with.

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    Jenna Coleman sports khaki wool coat as she films her new drama The Cry in Glasgow

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