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    Excavation history and research context[ edit ] Stratigraphy in Blombos Cave Blombos Cave was first excavated in — as a part of Professor Christopher S. From the initial excavations conducted in the early s, the Blombos Cave project has adopted and established new and innovative research agendas in the study of southern African prehistory.

    The Blombos Cave project has since then developed academically, economically and administratively; from being a local and small-scale test excavation to becoming an international, full scale, high-technological archaeological project.

    Site description[ edit ] The cave is situated in a south-facing cliff face The cave formation is set in calcretes of the Wankoe Formation, and the geological setting indicates that the cave was formed by wave action sometime during the Plio-Pleistocene. West of the cave's main chamber, anthropogenic deposit extends inwardly meter.

    In this area, however, the cave ceiling lowers to a point where it falls in level with the surface, preventing access to the deposit beneath. In the area north-east of the main chamber, deposit expands into a low laying ante-chamber of unknown extent due to the sand filling it.

    By the end of the field season about At some stage - and in between the prehistoric occupation of the cave site - these blocks have fallen down from the rock face above, effectively preventing site erosion and allowing sediments to stabilize and accumulate in front of the cave's drip line.

    Domain Names

    Calcium carbonate CaCO3 rich ground water seeps in from the cave roof and percolates through the interior sediments, resulting in an alkaline environment with good preservation conditions. The excavated Middle Stone Age deposit in Blombos Cave consists of aeolian wind-borne dune sand, blown in through the cave entrance, and roof spall from the cave ceiling. Intermixed with these sandy matrixes are decomposed marine and terrestrial faunal remains fish, shell fish, egg shell and animal bones and organic material [20] [22] [26] [27] Large combustion features, small basin-shaped hearths and carbonized horizons are recorded throughout the whole MSA sequence.

    Underneath the aeolian sand surface, seven main phases of occupation have been identified in the 2. The Hiatus consists of yellow Aeolian sand that blew into the cave at about 68, years BP, and shows little disturbance from the overlying Later Stone Age units.

    The occupational hiatus between ca. Remnants of this eroded calcarenite dune are still visible in the surrounding coastal landscape. Critical remarks were in [32] raised towards the luminescence-based Middle Stone Age chronology established by Jacobs et al. Whereas the quartzite and quartz raw material is easily available in close vicinity to the cave, the exact source for silcrete has not been established.

    Blombos was a workshop in the sense that the making of points was a primary — though not exclusive — activity at the site. For the moment, the Still Bay points from Blombos Cave represent some of the earliest evidence for pressure flaking, a technique more common in considerably more recent lithic techno-complexes. Many of them show use-wear traces from intentional use and processing [9] [10] Some of these recovered ochre pieces have been deliberately engraved or incised and it is argued that they represent a kind of early abstract or symbolic depiction and is arguably among the most complex and clearly formed of objects claimed to be early abstract representations.

    Insix additional pieces of engraved ochre — this time recovered from entire Middle Stone Age sequence dated to between 70, andyears old — were announced. Geometric or iconographic representations have traditionally been archaeological categories associated with modern human behaviour and cognitive complexity. Yet, recent studies also demonstrate that the mere occurrence of ochre in MSA contexts cannot be limited to a symbolic interpretation alone, but its use may also have served some functional role, e.

    As both toolkits were left in situ, and as there are few other archaeological remains in the same layer, it seems the site was used primarily as a workshop and was abandoned shortly after the pigment-rich compounds were made. Dune sand then blew into the cave from the outside, encapsulated the toolkits and by happenstance ensured their preservation before the next occupants arrived, possibly several decades or centuries later. The application or use of the compound is not self-evident.

    No resins or wax were detected that might indicate it was an adhesive for hafting. Possible uses could include painting a surface in order to decorate or protect it, or to create a design.

    The recovery of these toolkits at Blombos Cave nevertheless adds evidence for early technological and behavioural developments associated with Middle Stone Age humans. It documents the first known instance for the deliberate planning, production and curation of a pigmented compound and for the use of a container. Evidence for the complexity of the task includes procuring and combining raw materials from various sources implying they had a mental template of the process they would followpossibly using pyrotechnology to facilitate fat extraction from bone, using a probable recipe to produce the compound, and the use of shell containers for mixing and storage for later use.

    An elementary knowledge of chemistry and the ability for long-term planning suggests conceptual and cognitive abilities previously unknown for this time and serves as a benchmark during the early evolution of the technological and cognitive abilities of Homo sapiens in southern Africa.

    Best Dates of South Africa Occur at SouthAfricanCupid

    Bone tools[ edit ] Formal bone tools are relatively rare artefacts to find at MSA sites. More than thirty bone tools, e. Microscopic analysis shows that the incisions most likely represent a deliberately engraved pattern made with a stone tool, and it may be comparable with the geometric design observed on the engraved pieces of ochre.

    Meet Latin Singles at Amor: Review

    Nassarius kraussianus marine shell beads[ edit ] More than 70 marine shell beads of the sea snail species Nassarius kraussianus have been found in the M1 and Upper M2 phases at Blombos Cave. It has been argued that the marine shells were deliberately pierced through the aperture, probably with a bone tool, thus creating of a small-sized perforation. A cluster of 24 perforated Nassarius kraussianus has been recovered from one of the Still Bay units and strengthens this interpretation, as it appears that these shells originated from a single beadwork.


    Beside the deliberate perforation of the Nassarius shells, repeated rubbing of the beads against one another and against the cord, have resulted in discrete use wear facets on each bead that are not observed on these shells in their natural environment. These use-wear patterns are the principal factor that defines the shells as beads. Also, the consistency in shell size and colour indicates that the Nassarius shells were carefully selected. Ochre has been detected inside some of the shell beads, implicating that they were subject to deliberate or indirect use of ochre as a colouring agent.

    Blombos Cave shell beads The wearing and display of personal ornaments during the Still Bay phase was not idiosyncratic. In-depth analyses of the Blombos Cave shell beads deriving from various levels and squares within the site demonstrate chronological regularities and variability, in terms of manufacture, stringing method and design of the bead works.

    Thus, the Blombos Cave beads may document one of the first examples where changes in complex social conventions directly can be traced through distinct variations in the production and use of symbolic material culture over time.

    The shell beads also provide insights into technological and behavioral aspects of the humans living in the Still Bay phase, including the ability to drill, the use of cord or gut for threading and the probable tying of knots to secure the beads. A comprehension of self-awareness or self-recognition is implied by the wearing of beads or other personal ornaments and was likely an important factor in cognitive evolution that was selected for long before the introduction of beads.

    Further, syntactical language would have been essential for the sharing and transmission of the symbolic meaning of personal ornaments within and between groups and also over generations, as is also suggested for the engraved ochre pieces. Until recently, the first use of personal ornaments was thought to occur with the arrival of Homo sapiens in Europe, some 40, years ago.

    Besides Blombos Cave, there are a number of African and Middle East sites that all have yielded strong evidence for the early use of personal ornaments: This conclusion is supported by similar evidence from a nearby archaeological site, Klasies River, that dates to a similar time period. This means they were able to hunt large animals, such as eland, but also gathered, collected or trapped small animals such as tortoises, hyraxes and dune mole rats.

    They also brought seal, dolphin and probably whale meat back to the cave. The latter two were almost certainly scavenged from beach wash-ups, but seals may have been speared or clubbed. The faunal remains recovered include specifically: Common species include the giant periwinkle Turbo sarmaticuslimpets Patella spp. Species variations may, with larger sample sizes, inform us of past changes in ocean palaeo-temperatures. Most of the species present are not known to wash up after cold water upwelling events, hence scavenging of wash-ups was not the primary source of fish.

    No artefacts that appear to be obvious fishing equipment have been found, but the range and sizes of species present indicate that a number of methods must have been employed. These may have included: Where the same fish species have survived in both Later Stone Age and Middle Stone Age levels, analysis of relative bone element occurrence show a significant deficit in the Middle Stone Age. In other words, age-related taphonomic processes have resulted in the loss of many fish bones, and it is likely that more fish were originally deposited in the Middle Stone Age levels than have been recovered through archaeological excavations.

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    Fish are seldom reported from other southern African MSA sites, and by implication, it was thought that Middle Stone Age people were incapable of exploiting coastal resources efficiently.

    The evidence for fishing at Blombos Cave and Klasies River contradicts this theory. The subsistence behaviour inferred from the faunal assemblages can hardly be distinguished from the remains and behaviour seen in more recent Later Stone Age contexts.

    Thus, the overall subsistence pattern at Blombos Cave signifies that no clear distinction can be made between Later Stone Age and Middle Stone Age subsistence behaviour at the site. These stages are therefore most pertinent. In the archaeological context, environmental proxies typically come from a broad range of sources such as microfauna, macrofauna, fossil pollen, dune sediments and speleothems.

    In recent years, there has been a growing interest in improving our understanding of the environments in which MSA peoples lived and interacted with each other [5] [72] [73] [74] [75] [76] This is because aspects of MSA behaviours related to artefact production, subsistence, pigment use and migration patterns are increasingly being linked to periods of climatic, and by extension environmental change [70] [71] [74] [75] [77] [78] Establishing a link, if any, between MSA lifeways and the environmental context in which MSA behaviours developed is complex.

    Firstly, improving the temporal resolution of proxies by applying suitable dating methods such as radiocarbon, uranium-series, luminescence, etc. Secondly and most importantly, is to refine the available proxy database so that ambiguous and often, conflicting interpretations can be re-assessed as new information emerges.

    In light of this, two key studies have emerged; Jacobs and Roberts [72] who evaluate and synthesise the dates for the Still Bay and Howiesons Poort periods across southern Africa and Chase [68] who addresses the issues about MIS 4 environments and the role of climate forcing during this period. A current synthesis of environmental proxy evidence associated with MIS 4 indicates that the Still Bay and Howiesons Poort occurred during relatively humid conditions.
    Opinions and value judgments are our own, unless otherwise noted -- Sheldon d.

    Additions and corrections are most welcome. Sachs also made multi-speed internal-gear hubs in 3- 5- 7- and speed versions. Their "3 x 7" hub was a hybrid system, a 3-speed internal hub that took a 7-sprocket cassette, providing 21 speeds with only one chainwheel.

    Sachs formerly also made kick-back hubs and a "2 x 6" hybrid hub, the "Orbit". The one clear area of domination for Sachs was its chains, which were generally acknowledged to be the finest available. Sachs was the major European competitor to Shimano for the general bicycle parts market. Their parts in general were quite good, and stand up well in comparison with Shimano equivalents, although exchange rate problems sometimes make them less affordable.

    Saddle Frequently called a " seat ", a bicycle's saddle is not intended to support the rider's entire weight. Traditional saddles are made of leather stretched over a metal frame, hammock style. This type of saddle requires care and careful breaking inbut when this is done, the classic leather saddle molds itself to fit the particular anatomical shape of its rider.

    Leather saddles are particularly well suited to long-distance tourists, and have their greatest advantage in hot weather, because they are porous and able to breathe, unlike plastic saddles which have closed-cell foam also known as " gel " as a cushion.

    There is a more extensive article on Leather Saddles on this site. Most cyclists have never experienced the comfort of a well broken-in leather saddle, because most modern bicycles come with plastic saddles which require no break in or other maintenance.

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    Plastic saddles are also lighter and cheaper than leather ones. There is a general, major article on saddles on this sitecovering: Saddlebag A touring bagwhich is attached to the rear of a bicycle saddle. Society of Automotive Engineers, a quasi-official trade association which establishes standards for materials and parts used in the automotive industry. This body has jurisdiction over screw threads and wrench sizes based on the inch system, so inch-based fasteners are sometimes referred to as S.

    Safety Bicycle A conventional bicycle, with wheels of similar size and chain drive. When the modern style of bicycle was replacing the high wheelerin the late 's, the new style was mainly noted for its greater safety compared to the older design.

    The two breakthroughs that allowed the safety bicycle to obsolete the high wheeler were Dunlop's pneumatic tire and chain drive. Safety Levers Extension levers. Sag Wagon A car or truck that picks up or otherwise assists riders who have had to stop riding due to fatigue, injury, or mechanical failure.

    This is primarily a touring term, racers call the corresponding vehicle the "broom wagon. Starting in the late s under the leadership of Bill McCready, Santana virtually re-invented the tandem, which had been in decline since the Second World War.

    Before Santana came onto the scene, there had been low-quality nass-produced American tandems, mediocre mass-produced French ones and a few high-grade custom ones from English and European makers. Santana undertook a major rethinking of tandem design. A major contribution was to discard the idea that a tandem should be as much like a solo bike as possible, with a short wheelbase for good handling.

    By increasing the room for the stokerSantana made the tandem much more pleasant to ride. Also, Santana placed a premium on torsional frame stiffness, which is heavily tested in a tandem, and pioneered in assembling top-quality components and sourcing special items such as spoke hubs and rims that made for reliable wheels. Schrader Standard automotive-style air valve.

    The other, skinny kind is called " Presta ". There is a third type of valve, very rarely seen in the U. This is a Woods valveformerly popular in the British Isles and Asia.

    The external threaded part of a Schrader valve is 7. Schwag A colloquial term for free samples of parts, clothing, etc. This term probably originated as a comical mispronunciation of "swag. This term was current in the late 19th century. In the early s, Ibis made a small run of retro-style fixed-gear bikes for street use, which they called the "Scorcher.

    The result is the use of the term "scorcher" to refer to a fixed-gear bike with cruiser-type flat curved handlebars, often without brakes. Screw A fastener with male threads, usually with a slotted or recessed head. Strictly speaking, it's only a screw if the threads extend the full length of the shaft. If the threads do not extend full length, technically it is a " bolt " but only pedants insist on this distinction. Sealed bearings A "sealed" bearing is one which has rubber or plastic gaskets to prevent the entry of dirt.

    In the bicycle industry, the term "sealed bearing" is often used colloquially to refer to a cartridge bearing. This can be confusing to a consumer who may think that a hub is a high-tech cartridge-bearing unit, when it is actually a normal cup-and-cone bearing with a plastic dustcap. Seat The chair-like fitting the rider of a recumbent sits on; also a device for carrying small children on a bicycle. See also " saddle. The seat cluster usually also incorporates the seatpost binder bolt that clamps the seat tube or seat lug tight around the seat post to secure it.

    Seamless Metal tubing used in bicycle frames can be manufactured in two different ways: Seamless tubing begins as a solid round bar, which is heated to a workable temperature, then pierced by a mandrel.


    It goes through a series of rolling operations to bring the diameter and wall thickness to the desired sizes. Seamed tubing begins as a strip of flat sheet metal, which is curled into a tubular shape, then the edges are welded together.

    After this, the seamed tubing may also go through various rolling steps. Seamed tubing is cheaper, but weaker than seamless tubing. Generally, all better-quality bicycle frames are made from seamless tubing.

    Seat Lug The lug at the seat cluster of a lugged frame. Seat Pin British term for seat postparticularly the simple "pipe" type seat post which uses a separate saddle clamp. Seat Pillar British term for seat post Seatpost The tubular support that holds the saddle. The seatpost telescopes into the seat tube of the frame, providing the adjustment for saddle height.


    It is usually secured by a pinch bolt at the top of the seat tube. A separate clamp attaches the saddle to this type of seatpost. Modern, high-quality seatposts have the saddle clamp mechanism built into the top of the post.

    This type is also commonly referred to as " microadjusting " because it permits a finer degree of adjustment of the saddle angle.

    Seat posts come in a wide range of diameters, from Low end department-store bicycles are typically Most bicycles with one-piece cranksincluding most BMX machines use this size. Seatposts typically come in sizes with even-numbered tenths of millimeters For standard-sized seat tubesthe larger the seat post the thinner the tube.

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    Thus, a larger seatpost size is often an indicator of a lighter, fancier frame. I have a Database of Seat Post Sizes for various bicycles available on this site.

    More information on seatposts is available in my article on Saddles. Seatpost Bolt The binder bolt that secures the seatpost in the frame. It may be a conventional bolt with a nut, or an Allen boltor a quick release. Seat Mast Seat postor in the case of a Bike Friday folding bicycle, the upper part of the seat tube, which is hinged and folds down.

    The adaptor consists of a grooved brass plate which fits between the upper and lower rails, so that the vertical clamp bolt doesn't distort them by squeezing them together. This accessory includes a longer than normal bolt, and is primarily used for mounting wider Brooks leather saddlessuch as the B and B Seatstays The thin frame tubes that run from the rear forkends up to the seat cluster. Seat Tube The frame tube running from the bottom bracket up to the seat cluster.

    See also Seat Mast. The spline pattern was chosen to permit the spindle to fit through a Front-Freewheel bearing set, because a standard-sized square-tapered bottom bracket spindle would not fit. This design turned out to be rather unreliable, due to the small diameter of the splines, and Shimano abandoned the system. Shimano did continue to supply spare parts for many years thereafter, but these are no longer available.

    See the Shimano Catalogue on this site. Self-energizing Brakes Self-energizing brakes use some of the braking force to provide a "power assist" to the brakes.

    The best-known self-energizing brake is the Scott-Peterson Sun Tour cantileverwhich has a steep, helical thread as its pivot, so that the forward force exerted by the rim against the pads helps cause the pads to press harder than they would from hand effort alone. Self-energizing brakes are quite controversial, because they can have a non-linear response, which may lead to wheel lock-up.

    Selle "Selle" is Italian for "saddles. Sometimes people try to shorten these names and say "Selle saddle", which actually makes no sense. Semi-tangent The most common spoke patternused on the vast majority of bicycles.

    See my wheelbuilding article. Serrated Equipped with serrations "teeth", from the Latin word for "saw" to improve grip. Cone locknuts, washers, jaws of vise grips, pliers, pipe wrenches, saddle clamps are serrated. Seta Italian for " silk ". The finest tubular tires are made using silk fabric. Set Screw A screw or bolt threaded into a ring or collar, designed to press against the shaft that the collar surrounds, so that the ring is held solidly against the shaft.

    Rings with set screws are used to hold some cartridge bearing hubs and bottom bracket assemblies together. Some tandem eccentric bottom brackets use set screws to hold the eccentric in position.

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