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    Life in Spain, dating Spanish men and more – Nina from Brooklyn

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    Physical characteristics and statistics

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    You Know You Are Dating a SPANISH Man When...

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    Salou lies on the southern part of Costa Dorada, and is one of the most attractive resorts along this coastline with its two mile stretch of soft white sand, wide palm lined promenade and wonderful sea views.

    How NOT to Date - SPAIN (Valencia)

    Discover popular sights around Salou, visit the Roman remains in the historic town of Tarragona, sample local products at Cambrils Market and explore Barcelona. Check out our cheap holidays to Salou, Costa Dorada Coach Holidays to Costa Blanca Visit the lovely and unspoilt Costa Blanca, a coastline of white sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages. Here you can find a slightly calmer way of life with alternative views of rugged misty mountains and lush valleys of orange and lemon groves.

    Benidorm is a favourite holiday resort in the heart of the Costa Blanca, surrounded by warm sandy beaches and the beautiful clear waters of the Mediterranean. Explore a rich culture of this Spanish region with excursions to Alicante, Guadalest, Altea and Valencia.

    Barcelona Enjoy colourful Barcelonathe capital of Catalonia, with its wonderful architecture and bustling atmosphere. Find tours to Barcelona Madrid The capital of Spain, Madrid is a truly cosmopolitan city, with plenty of historic sites and cultural attractions to see.

    The symmetrical Plaza Mayor is a good starting point to explore the old town, admire the beautiful Royal Palace and visit the Paseo del Prado. Find tours to Madrid Seville Seville one of the most visited cities in Spain, famous for its historical beauty, oranges and Christopher Columbus.

    Find tours to Seville Valencia Valencia is the third largest city in Spain. See the Hall Square at the heart of the historic Old Town, visit a futuristic wonder, the City of Arts and Sciences and discover one of the twelve gates that formed part of the ancient city wall, The Serrans Gate. See the magnificent Plaza Mayor, one of the finest town squares and admire famous Spanish architectural style known as Plateresque.

    Find tours to Salamanca Bilbao Explore the modern city of Bilbao, the capital of the Basque region, and also an industrial port surrounded by green mountains. Bilbao is famous for its incredible architecture, including the Guggenheim Museum and Plaza Nueva.

    Find tours to Bilbao Granada Granada is located in the most naturally dramatic place with the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background. Why not take a guided tour to the stunning hilltop fortress of Alhambra, the palace dating back to the Moorish kingdom.

    Explore the historic city centre, admire the Great Mosque of Cordoba and the Mezquita as well as the beautiful medieval complex of Alcazar. Whenever you book a holiday to Spain you are sure to see many amazing sights and attractions in this sunny country.

    You Know You are Dating a SPANISH Woman When...

    If you cannot find a suitable tour to Spain contact us and let our experienced travel agents help you find your perfect holiday to Spain or any other destination in Europe. See more search options for tours to Spain.
    History of Spain The abundance of native grape varieties fostered an early start to viticulture with evidence of grape pips dating back to the Tertiary period.

    Under Roman ruleSpanish wine was widely exported and traded throughout the Roman empire. The two largest wine producing regions at the time were Terraconensis modern day Tarragona in the north and Baetica modern day Andalucia in the south.

    During this period more Spanish wine was exported into Gaul than Italian winewith amphorae being found in ruins of Roman settlements in Normandythe Loire ValleyBrittanyProvence and Bordeaux. Spanish wine was also provided to Roman soldiers guarding border settlements in Britain and the Limes Germanicus in Germania. The quality of Spanish wine during Roman times was varied, with Pliny the Elder and Martial noting the high quality associated with some wines from Terraconensis while Ovid notes that one popular Spanish wine sold in Rome, known as Saguntum, was merely good for getting your mistress drunk.

    Little is known about progress of viticulture and winemaking during this period but there is evidence that some viable form of wine industry was present when the Moors conquered the land during the early 8th century AD. While the Moors were Muslim and subjected to Islamic dietary laws that forbid the use of alcoholthe Moorish rulers held an ambiguous stance on wine and winemaking during their rule. Several caliphs and emirs owned vineyards and drank wine. While there were laws written that outlawed the sale of wine, it was included on lists of items that were subject to taxation in Moorish territories.

    The Spanish Reconquista reopened the possibility of exporting Spanish wine. Bilbao emerged as a large trading port; introducing Spanish wines to the English wine markets in BristolLondon and Southampton.

    The quality of some of these exported Spanish wines appears to have been high. Inthe court of Edward III established the maximum price of wine sold in England with the Spanish wines being priced at the same level as wines from Gascony and higher than those from La Rochelle. The full bodied and high alcohol in most Spanish wines made them favoured blending partners for the "weaker" wines from the cooler climate regions of France and Germany though there were laws that explicitly outlawed this practice.

    Dating in Andalusia, Spain

    Following the completion of the Spanish Reconquista inChristopher Columbus discovered the New World under the sponsorship of the Spanish crown. This opened up a new export market as well as new opportunity for wine production. Spanish missionaries and conquistadors brought European grape vines with them as they colonized the new lands. Spain became more dependent on the income from its Spanish colonies, including the exportation of Spanish wine to the Americas.

    The emergence of growing wine industries in MexicoPeruChile and Argentina was a threat to this income, with Philip III and succeeding monarchs issuing decrees and declarations ordering the uprooting of New World vineyards and halting the production of wine by the colonies. In some countries, like Chilethese orders were largely ignored; but in others, like Argentinathey served to stunt growth and development until independence was gained from Spanish rule.

    A major turning point occurred in the mid 19th century when the phylloxera epidemic ravaged European vineyards-most notably those of France. With the sudden shortage of French winemany countries turned to Spain, with French winemakers crossing the Pyrenees to RiojaNavarre and Catalonia -bringing with them their expertise and winemaking methods.

    Phylloxera eventually reached Spain, devastating regions like Malaga in and reaching Rioja in Its slow progress was due in part to the wide tracts of land, including the Meseta Centralthat separated the major Spanish wine regions from each other.


    By the time the Spanish wine industry felt the full force of phylloxera, the remedy of grafting American rootstock to the European vines had already been discovered and widely utilized. As the 20th century progressed, the production of Cava would rival the Champagne region in worldwide production. Civil and political upheaval would mark most of the 20th century, including a military dictatorship under General Miguel Primo de Rivera.

    The Spanish Civil War saw vineyards neglected and wineries destroyed throughout Spain with regions like Catalonia and Valencia being particularly hard hit. Several large co-operative wineries were founded during this period and an international market was created for generic bulk wines that were sold under names like Spanish sauternes and Spanish chablis.

    In the s, Sherry was rediscovered by the international wine market and soon Rioja wine was in demand. The death of Francisco Franco in and the Spanish transition to democracy allowed more economic freedom for winemakers and created an emerging market with the growing middle class of Spain.


    The late s and s saw periods of modernization and renewed emphasis on quality wine production. The acceptance of Spain into the European Union brought economic aid to the rural wine industries of Galicia and La Mancha.

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    The s saw the influence of flying winemakers from abroad and broader acceptance of the use of international grape varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Inthe restrictions on irrigation were lifted which gave winemakers greater control over yields and what areas could be planted.

    Geography of Spain The mountain ranges of Spain influence the climates of many Spanish wine regions, isolating regions like Galicia in the northwest and protecting the Rioja region from the rain and cool winds from the Bay of Biscay. One of the dominant geographical influences of Spanish viticulture is the vast plateau known as the Meseta Central that covers much of central Spain. Several of Spain's principal rivers that are at the heart of many Spanish wine regions flow to the sea from that central area.


    In addition to the Meseta Central, several mountain ranges known as cordilleras serve to isolate and influence the climate of several Spanish wine regions.

    These include the Cantabrian Mountains that spur westward from the Pyrenees and protect regions like the Rioja from the rain and the cool of westerlies coming from the Bay of Biscay. Towards the southeast, around Valenciathe climate is more moderate with the strong Mediterranean influence.


    In the south, the Sherry and Malaga producing regions of Andalusia contain some of the hottest parts of Spain. These high altitudes create a large diurnal temperature variation with low night time temperatures that allow the grapes to maintain acidity levels and colouring. Regions with lower altitude vineyards, such as along the southern Mediterranean coast are suitable for producing grapes of high alcohol levels and low acidity.

    These regulations govern everything from the types of grapes that are permitted to be planted, the maximum yields that can be harvestedthe minimum length of time that the wine must be aged and what type of information is required to appear on the wine label. Wineries that are seeking to have their wine sold under DO or DOC status must submit their wines to the Consejo Regulador laboratory and tasting panel for testing and evaluation.

    One development was a five-tier classification system that is administered by each autonomous region. Non-autonomous areas or wine regions whose boundaries overlap with other autonomous communities such as Cava, Rioja and Jumilla are administered by the Instituto Nacional de Denominaciones de Origen INDO based in Madrid. The five-tier classifications, starting from the bottom, include: Similar to the Italian Super Tuscans from the late 20th century, some Spanish winemakers will intentionally declassify their wines so that they have greater flexibility in blending and winemaking methods.

    Innearly two thirds of the total vineyard area in Spain was within the boundaries a DO region. Rioja was the first region afforded this designation in and was followed by Priorat in As of [update]there were 15 estates with this status. When the label says vino joven "young wine" or sin crianza, the wines will have undergone very little, if any, wood aging.

    Depending on the producer, some of these wines will be meant to be consumed very young - often within a year of their release.


    Others will benefit from some time aging in the bottle. The three most common aging designations on Spanish wine labels are Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva.

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