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    rebekah and vikki

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    Erica 'Rikki' Mongeon, of MTV's 'Double Shot of Love' in coma after car wreck

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    Erica 'Rikki' Mongeon, of MTV's 'Double Shot of Love' in coma after car wreck

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    Tila Tequila Vs the ikki twins

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    Erica 'Rikki' Mongeon, of MTV's 'Double Shot of Love' in coma after car wreck

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    Erica 'Rikki' Mongeon, of MTV's 'Double Shot of Love' in coma after car wreck

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    Amal Alamuddin

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    Erica 'Rikki' Mongeon, of MTV's 'Double Shot of Love' in coma after car wreck

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    Rikki Ikki -- I Always Use Protection

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    MTV reality star Erica 'Rikki' Mongeon emerges from her drug-induced coma.

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    The Ikki Twins Interview

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