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    Election blind dates: Peter Stringfellow and Mary Beard - BBC News

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    Gina Miller raises money to stop Brexit Daily Mail Online

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    Election blind dates: Toff and Jack Monroe - BBC News

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    Can the Tories and Lib Dems find common ground? Bythe stench of the Profumo affair had not lifted. Inthe devaluation of the pound many months earlier scuppered Harold Wilson.

    Gina Miller raises money to stop Brexit Daily Mail Online

    All that previous general election campaigns have tended to do is to italicise and underline the overall sense of the electorate over the preceding months and years. Similarly, the general feeling that Gordon Brown has been a profoundly disappointing Prime Minister has been the leitmotif of the campaign, or at least the first one ofsince it is now possible that we might have another, just as we had two general elections in and Despite drafting in the normally sure-footed Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell for their electioneering expertise, Labour fought the most ham-fisted campaign in modern memory.

    In contrast, the Liberal Democrats and Tories fought effective campaigns with no overt gaffes. Even by the third debate, Gordon Brown had not picked up the knack of speaking into the right camera, as Nick Clegg had from the start and Cameron did from the second debate onwards.

    InJohn Prescott, then deputy prime minister, punched a man who had thrown an egg at him. They were put to him by lifelong Labour voter Gillian Duffy, a woman whose looks, accent and sturdily independent demeanour made it immediately obvious to the viewing public that she was merely an ordinary, working-class voter who wanted answers to questions that mattered to her and them.

    Gina Miller raises money to stop Brexit Daily Mail Online

    At a stroke, Mrs Duffy managed to put immigration into the forefront of the election debate, something none of the three party leaders had much wanted to do.

    Even Peter Mandelson was unable to spin the phrase into an encomium of affection, and Labour took a further dip in the polls. Against warnings from Lord Ashcroft and others that debating on television would throw away four years of careful work in the marginals, David Cameron decided to take the risk, after his advisers told him that he would trounce Gordon Brown on both personality and substance.

    They also completely altered the nature of British politics in the long-term. In future, party leaders will not be chosen on the basis of their intelligence, honesty, sagacity, courage or leadership abilities, but rather on their debating skills and ability to charm television viewers.

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    Those of us who warned against the constitutional dangers of these debates, arguing that television tends to trivialise all it touches, and that unlike the United States we were not choosing a head of state but merely the prime minister of a cabinet, have now lost to the presidential system, and forever. Future prime ministers will be forced to debate before every general election, or risk looking cowardly and contemptuous of democracy. Those of us who saw the debates as a malign move towards the presidentialising of British politics were yet more nerve-wracked about the way it has registered a big step towards the Simon Cowellisation of British politics too.

    Ridiculed and often booed by the major parties when speaking in the Commons, he had hitherto seemed an insubstantial political figure. Standing before a Manchester audience that was forbidden to make a sound, however, given the same air time as Brown and Cameron, and having mastered the simple trick of looking straight into the camera a lot, Clegg made his pitch in front of an audience of 9. Of course, after the expenses scandal it was never going to be easy for any politician to be popular for long, especially one who led a party with its full share of flat-flippers.

    When these were highlighted by the media the initial enthusiasm — which at one point even put the Lib-Dems ahead in the polls, at 33 per cent — began to wane. As is now clear, there was a huge last-minute swing against the Lib-Dems just before and on polling day, leaving them with five fewer seats than the 62 they won inand far less than the 80 that they predicted for themselves. The Lib-Dem collapse began as early as April 26, when Clegg hubristically demanded that he should become prime minister if the Lib-Dems won more votes than Labour, regardless of how the seats were distributed in the Commons.

    By the time of the third and last debate, the Conservatives were back at 35 points, where they had been before the first. They eventually won more than 36 per cent of the vote, more than the polls had given them at any time since the campaign began. In the campaign, Clegg hypnotised the electorate, but not for long; Brown looked and sounded like a wounded bear, and the ice-cool Cameron showed phenomenal energy as he criss-crossed the country, catching only cat-naps for the last 72 hours.

    Most of the 17 general elections since the Second World War have been fairly dull affairs, but with decisive outcomes. Politicians largely went through the motions while trying to minimise errors, but there was usually a clear result at the end of it all. However, history will recall the election of as the time when the party leaders debated, an inoffensive old lady was slandered by the Prime Minister, but even once the British people had spoken, no one was sure quite what they had said, except that they wanted to see the back of Gordon Brown.
    Share this article Share Posting on the gofundme website, Ms Miller said she would tour marginal constituencies to ensure the government did not have a mandate to 'destroy our rights and our relationship with Europe'.

    Posting on the gofundme website, Ms Miller said she would tour marginal constituencies to stop 'extreme Brexit' Rally: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was speaking to supporters on the campaign trail 'We will use the money to back candidates who pledge to support a full and free vote on the Brexit deal. We will also work with organisations with the same goals. Referring to her Supreme Court battle against Mrs May, he added: If she wants to waste her money she is perfectly entitled to - it's just a shame she wants to waste others' as well.

    Brexit vote secured at the EU referendum June Gina Miller lodges legal action questioning whether Theresa May can invoke Article 50 without Parliament passing a new law. The High Court defies expectations and backs Miller in an embarrassing defeat for the government.

    May vows to appeal.


    In the aftermath of the result, Miller is subject to a torrent of abuse, prompting arrests to be made. All 11 Supreme Court Justices consider the issue in an historic constitutional law case that lasts four days. During the hearing, a symbolic Commons vote is held endorsing the triggering of Article Supreme Court judges uphold the High Court ruling.

    May vows to press ahead with her plans to invoke Article 50 by the end of March. Legislation for Article 50 is rushed through the Commons un-amended in a landmark series of votes. Ms Miller came to prominence last year when she challenged Mrs May's right to trigger the Article 50 process using executive powers. Instead, the government pushed through the Brexit Act despite efforts by Remain-supporting MPs and peers to water it down. Ms Miller has made clear she will carry on fighting to limit the impact of Brexit despite receiving abuse and death threats.

    Last month Ms Miller threatened another legal challenge unless Theresa May guarantees a 'meaningful vote' on any new deal with the EU. Gina Miller said she could not think of 'anything better to do' with her money than ensuring the PM brings the package back before the Commons. Ms Miller, who infuriated Brexit supporters by challenging Mrs May in court, said the Government would have to be 'incredibly careless' to ignore the law a second time.

    Theresa May bites the bullet By John Stevens and Claire Ellicott Theresa May yesterday made clear she will not shirk difficult decisions about taxes and pensions as she vowed to keep David Cameron's foreign aid target. In a move that risks upsetting many Tory supporters, the Prime Minister said the controversial 0.

    A Storytelling Miscellany

    The PM, pictured in Maidenhead on Friday, said the Tories will stick to their controversial commitment to spend 0. He warned that blanket promises 'constrain the ability of the Government to manage the economy flexibly' as he vowed to 'be different'. Meanwhile at a campaigning event in her Maidenhead constituency, Mrs May refused to commit to maintaining the pensions 'triple lock', which guarantees the state pension will rise in line with earnings, inflation or 2.

    However she confirmed that the party would keep its commitment to spend 0.

    Gina Miller raises money to stop Brexit Daily Mail Online

    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn kept a group of young children in Bristol entertained on Friday by reading them family favorite We're All Going on a Bear Hunt The Prime Minister, pictured in the Commons on Wednesday, denied she was seeking a 'blank cheque' from voters in the impending snap election But in an attempt to minimise anger from those Tory MPs who want the target scrapped, the Prime Minister stressed the need to ensure the money is spent 'in the most effective way'.

    Party sources last night revealed aid chiefs have already started looking at whether some money currently spent on defence could be counted as aid. Answering questions from reporters during a visit to a toothpaste factory, Mrs May said: Tory backbenchers say much of the budget is wasted, and point to huge salaries earned by some of the bosses of charities that benefit from foreign aid.

    The Government gives the charity millions of pounds a year. International Development Secretary Priti Patel earlier this year announced she was stopping the funding. Morally right, strengthens UK influence and was key to creating modern compassionate Conservatives.

    The budget should be based on the size of the economy in the previous year rather than the current year so it can be planned and we do not end up just shovelling money out the door in the last few months. Its chief executive, John O'Connell, said: Labour and Lib Dem peers had threatened to stop the Prime Minister lifting the year ban on new grammar schools, imposed by Tony Blair inas it was not in the Tory election manifesto. But by convention they do not interfere in the implementation of manifesto commitments.

    Mrs May refused to commit to including it in the latest plan for government today. But she did say she was determined to bring numbers to 'sustainable' levels, and dropping the goal could be embarrasing.

    Ministers had pledged to review the target before election and could now offer fresh promise of an appraisal. Mrs May fuelled the speculation today by refusing to offer a firm commitment for the future. The policy is hugely expensive and widely regarded by economists as unsustainable. But Labour has promised to maintain the commitment and scrapping it could be politically toxic.

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