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    Do You Have A Racial Preference?

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    Guys Answer Boner Questions Girls Are Too Afraid To Ask

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    About the Contributor

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    Questions Muslims Have For Non-Muslims

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    Nation Feb 26, 5: When Boston College researchers asked hundreds of students this question, they noticed that the ones who had been taught about terrorists found it easier to relate to them — an outlook that they say could help improve policy against terrorism.

    This is pressing at a time when the word itself can provoke emotions that are counterproductive to progress, Jordan Theriault, a doctoral student and lead author of the study, said. President Donald Trump since he was elected has used it at least 40 times publicly, most often in connection to people from other countries.

    His remarks underlie recent controversial executive actions, including a ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries traveling to the U. Experts say that people who only think about terrorism through the lens of political rhetoric might have a very specific type of person in mind when they hear the word — making it much harder to imagine a terrorist as someone who looks like them.

    While that was one of many comments in a public debate about whether to call Dear a terrorist, it did not take experts funded by the Department of Homeland Security long to decide that he is. The earliest days of terrorism People have been trying to understand how to interpret terrorists and terrorism since the bloodiest phase of the French Revolution. During a speech at the National Convention inthe leader Maximilien de Robespierre, who was originally opposed to the death penalty and extremely liberal, justified what is now known as the Reign of Terror.

    By July, as many as many as 40, people had been killed through terrorism by the state. Then the government, tired of the bloodshed, executed Robespierre after overthrowing him and accusing him of terrorism.

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    As terrorism began to emerge in other countries like Russia and Bulgaria during the 19th century, so did an international debate on how to define it and the notion that it described attacks against the state, not by it. And debates continue about whether some historical figures, such as Gavrilo Princip who in assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajewo leading up to World War I, are terrorists, heroes or something else entirely.

    Experts skeptical that limiting refugees would deter terrorism The United Nations has spent more than 20 years trying to form a consensus on what constitutes terrorism, but has yet to succeed. Sticking points are usually about conflicting national interests and unwillingness to change national legislative traditions. Having sat in some of the meetings, Schmid noted during a presentation on terrorism at a symposium in that the political value of the term to individual nations continued to prevail over a legal definition that would make it universally punishable.

    Lakoff says the definition of terrorism will always be subjective and that it lies somewhere within crime and war, though the three words often overlap and can conflate one another. Since former President George Bush declared the War on Terror after the September 11 attacks inpeople might only see terrorists as someone affiliated with well-known terrorist groups such as al-Qaida or the Islamic State.

    This hard-line definition can lead to preconceptions about what religions terrorists align with, languages they speak or the color of their skin. A national correspondent for the Washington Post wrote an article claiming he should not be called a terrorist.

    Deadly threat from far-right extremists is overshadowed by fear of Islamic terrorism But there is no reservation in the mind of an authority on the subject to call Roof or Planned Parenthood killer Dear terrorists; their ideologies are clear.

    Erin Miller is the program manager at the Global Terrorism Database, which is funded in part by the Department of Homeland Security and considered an authority across all lines of race, party affiliations and countries.

    Miller and her team at the University of Maryland have compiled information about more thanterrorist attacks across the world between and Their numbers are often cited in leading news reports, as well as by the federal government.

    We always try to avoid those. For an act to be considered terrorism, it has to be an intentional act or threat of violence that also meets two of three additional stipulations. Those stipulations are that it has to be an act aimed at attaining a political, economic or religious goal; a violent act intended to coerce, intimidate or convey a larger message; and an act that precepts laws about armed conflicts. Using a broader definition makes it easier for people to search the database for specific criteria.

    But there are still gray areas. For Miller, a different case in was too tough to call: Investigators said it was over a dispute about a parking spot, while their families maintain it was a hate crime. Inthe database reported that 43 Americans in the U. Together, Roof, Dear and Hicks were responsible for The Boston College researchers did not get into typologies, nor did they have the goal in mind of teaching tolerance. Instead, they simply asked approximately college students to imagine they had met someone belonging to a group that had carried out at least one terrorist attack.

    On a scale of one to seven, they were asked to rate their social affiliation, whether they would get along, whether they would interact, how similar they might be and their interest in terrorism. This difference was sustained across the board.
    By Eleni Panayiotou It is perhaps difficult for some of us to accept or even to acknowledge that today in our societies, women still remain underrepresented in political and economic power structures.

    This reaction is perfectly normal if one takes into account that in western societies women today can apply themselves to anything they choose to.


    However gender still plays an important role to jobs associated with masculinity and as a result the integration of women into organisations which have been traditionally dominated by men has been slow to say the least. It was only at the beginning of the 70s that western armies began to admit women in a way that that broke away from tradition.

    The role of women in the military began to progressively change through a wider access to a variety of positions and functions.

    Further to this, actual assumptions made on the motivation which may exist behind acts of terror initiated by women are not necessarily a reflection of reality. According to research, gender is at least theoretically necessary for defining security and war, important in analysing causes and predicting outcomes and essential to solutions to violent conflict in global politics.

    Juliette Bird, Head, Counter-Terrorism Section, Emerging Security Challenges Division at NATO answers some crucial questions surrounding the role of women in the peace keeping effort and more specifically, on the much debated question of the role of gender in terrorism. High ranking positions in the security sector are rarely held by women.

    Which Spanish Accent Is Sexiest? Part 2

    Did you encounter many challenges as a woman and do you believe that the integration of women in this sector and at NATO has still a long way to go? The majority of challenges in my career to date have been unrelated to gender.

    Challenges generally come through a continuous process of education coupled with adaptation to different and taxing environments, topics and perceptions. My more recent challenges have related to adapting to military mindsets, national behaviours and deciphering military documents. Coincidentally I notice that the current UK Cabinet is in a virtually identical position as 3 of 22 posts are held by women.

    When I started my working life such statistics, both for government and for NATO, would have been inconceivable so progress is being made but yes it is slow and, perhaps more worryingly, it could be easily reversed unless continuously championed.

    I feel strongly that NATO is missing out through this lack of senior women because a female approach is usually cooperative and cross sectoral. Especially as resource cuts bite, NATO needs the collaboration with imagination at which women excel. Is it as easy for a woman to join the CT field as it is for a man?

    Do you think that a preconceived idea of what women "may and should want" is to blame for the low turnout of women in the security sector and subsequently CT?

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    It includes policy, policing, prevention and extends to education, the social sector and academic studies. The military aspect is a very small, though undoubtedly powerful and unique, sliver of this overall spectrum. I believe it is more a question of a gradual progression towards an equitably populated job sector. My current team is composed of 5 women and one man. The candidates I see each year seeking internships are of exceptionally high quality and those who rank highest, so far, have been women with impressive CVs that show a progression through educational, vocational and social opportunities towards their area of interest in the security sector.

    I do think that women but men too! The security sector has always been thought of as a bit untransparent because it often deals with sensitive issues and classified material but the generics: Whether greater participation of women across the full range of CT roles is likely to deter acts of terrorism against women is hard to judge and is undoubtedly related to the wider context e.

    Opportunities for women, in the security sector and more widely, can only serve as a positive influence on those women for whom society ceases to hold a desirable future and who are therefore prepared to support or commit terrorist acts. I have been particularly struck by civil society NGOs such as 'Frauen Ohne Grenzen' and others who work with mothers, wives and sisters of victims or terrorists both to illustrate the immense waste and damage caused by terrorism and to strengthen societies against such violence by working through the female side of the community.

    The role of women as terrorists has been overlooked but according to some research, female terrorists are increasing. What is your opinion on this and how do you believe this can be controlled? I am not sure that the role of women as terrorists has been overlooked.

    Over the years there have been extensive studies of women in support networks acting as facilitators. Is female terrorism increasing? Yes, I believe it is and that it is an inevitable consequence of more equality within more interconnected societies. Increased literacy levels coupled with the intimacy, yet simultaneous global outreach, that the internet and satellite TV bring, equip ever larger numbers of people to identify with causes and events of which they might otherwise have been unaware.

    Following situations in other countries, having access to credible extremist messages, constantly reinforcing attitudes within closed user groups and relying on internet anonymity can all contribute to motivate both men and women to terrorism. Education in all its aspects: Across the organisation good practice in Allied and Partner countries and elsewhere is highlighted and NATO provides an example and a forum to those seeking to implement nationally.

    Two recent instances of teaching by example may strike you as they struck me — neither was delivered under a label but both are important to its implementation.

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    Whilst the host country officers could not conceive of a way to be able to treat any contaminated women, the Jordanian reported that his country trained a sufficient number of female medics for this not to have arisen as a problem.

    Secondly, whilst providing assistance to a former Soviet bloc country, specifically on setting up a Counter Terrorism course within the Military education system, NATO sent two female, civilian experts to instruct a group of male military officers on the overall spectrum of Counter Terrorism tasks taken on by a democratic government under a typical national Counter Terrorism strategy.

    The niche role of the military within such a civilian-led approach was highlighted and was reflected in the resulting curriculum put together by the Defence school. Your vision for women in the future of NATO? What message would you like to send to young women that want to work in the security sector but feel they have to adhere to social standards?

    Unnecessary mysteries surrounding security sector jobs should have been dispelled and applicants to NATO and elsewhere will have a solid knowledge of what to expect and of what is expected of them. There will be more women of course, though a 1: NATO has a merit-based recruitment policy but, if two candidates are equal in all other respects, the less represented group will be offered the post. I would wish this approach to be maintained; I for one could never accept any intimation of being a second class employee, which might be thought to be the case if lower hurdles or a quota system were introduced.

    What message do I have? That a job at NATO is a great opportunity to contribute on the playing field of international security in both political and military aspects. All these fields are already open and we are only limited by our will to try, our appropriate qualities and our qualifications.

    NATO has a small staff compared, for example, to the European Union and there are many applicants for every vacancy but the application and recruitment process is transparent.

    Getting a foot in the door fresh out of university is difficult as it is everywhere but being a NATO official can be a rewarding phase in a wider security sector career. Bring your experience to NATO, enrich the organisation and in turn you will gain unique experience to better serve your country or the international community as you take the next step up your career ladder.

    As for adhering to social standards, no NATO nation should be preventing anyone male or female from pursuing the career they aspire to — if you are female, feel free to point to the first article of UNSCR if you encounter any problems! This interview was first published by OnAlert. Gentry,Gendering Global Conflict: Toward a feminist theory of War,Gender and Military:

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