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    Hawaii Dating Personal Ads and Hawaiian Singles Matchmaking

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    Top Cities in Hawaii

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    Eclectic old-time-sea-town-turned-tourism - with a uniquely Maui twist! Ocean walk in Lahaina Town. The second most visited spot in Maui, Lahaina is compact and crowded. On the surface, Lahaina will be a place not dissimilar to a popular ocean town closer to home. But under the surface of bars and trinket shops, Lahaina reveals a uniqueness not duplicated anywhere else. Stores, stores and more stores. In fact, fine art anchors this town to a level of sophistication that would probably otherwise be lacking.

    There are many well known galleries in Lahaina with branches in cosmopolitan locations across the world, and several world-renowned artists also have their own dedicated galleries on Front Street. With styles ranging from the marine life depictions of Wyland to the psychedelia of Peter Max — Lahaina is unquestionably a player on the world-stage when it comes to the exhibition and sale of fine art.

    So if you have an interest in art — this is a great time to stroll and catch a chance to chat with some of the artists. A view of the docking area in Lahaina. Harbor Lahaina is also home to the primary harbor in West Maui, and is where the majority of West Maui fishing, snorkeling and whale watching tours depart.

    Yeah, this many parking lots: View Lahaina Parking Lots in a larger map My advice is to not even bother looking for a free parking spot. If you decide to attempt to scout out a free spot anyway, you can likely expect not to find one for a while experiencing the joy of Lahaina congestion in the process.

    Now, if we want to start complaining, lets talk about driving to, through or around Lahaina. If there is an accident, or a big event, that, my friends, can be an absolute nightmare worthy of full-tilt road rage. Historical Value Under the already uniquely eclectic surface, Lahaina also has an equally rich and varied history. It is best known for its role as a significant Pacific whaling port. Lahaina has been central to key western-introduced industries such as whaling, pineapple and sugar.

    Lahaina has literally been everything from a place of battle, destruction and tragedy, to a place of royalty, celebration and pleasure. Few visitors come to Lahaina for anything but what is right on the surface, and the majority of the cultural and historical value here has not yet been presented in a way that engages those not looking for it.

    The result is that unless you seek it out, the history here beyond building facades and plaques ends up being barely perceptible to most. Click the image to view a closeup that you can read! The easiest way for visitors to get a genuine balanced idea of what cultural richness lies below the bohemian surface is to contact Maui Nei and get in on one of their guided Lahaina tours.

    Many of these sites are little more than a footnote in history — so you may have a difficult time finding much information on them. Sacred Land of Royalty 4.
    However, some scholars have theorized that some of the events documented in the Scriptures were due to the actions of volcanoes, usually catastrophic events, possibly the plagues in Egypt. They played a factor in forming the terrain since the Biblical territory of Bashan, the now famous Golan Heights, was formed by extinct volcanoes.

    But for our purposes we are interested in volcanoes for what they can possibly tell us about the age of the earth. Hawaii, beautiful vacation land, land of peace and harmony, yet each island was born of tremendous heat and violence. The long chain actually starts with Loihi seamount which is presently not visible since it is still approximately three thousand feet below sea level. It sprang to life again in and during the summer of the largest swarm of earthquakes ever recorded on ANY Hawaiian volcano shook Loihi seamount.

    The swarm began on 17 July ; to date, a total of over earthquakes have been recorded by the Hawaii Volcano Observatory HVO network. Does this mean that soon we will be seeing video clips on the TV news of a new island being born? Probably not, since many volcanologists propose that it will be thousands of years before Loihi becomes an island. Seabeam bathymetry images taken in show that where there had once been a meter tall cone called Pele's Vents there was a new pit approximately meters deep that has been named Pele's Pit.

    It is one of the most active on Earth.

    Meet Others & Connect on an Adult Dating Website

    In the process, lava flows unfortunately destroyed houses and resurfaced 13 km of highway with as much as 25 m of lava. It has also destroyed a National Park visitor center and a year-old Hawaiian temple "Waha'ula heiau" before and after. There are no signs that the current eruption is slowing or will come to an end anytime soon. Kilauea shares the Hawaiian hot spot with its larger active sibling Mauna Loa and with Loihi seamount. Mauna Loa, or "Long Mountain" in Hawaiian, it rises 13, ft. At 60 miles long and 30 miles wide, it makes up half of the entire island.

    When one considers that the flanks of Mauna Loa sit on sea floor that is about 16, ft 5, m deep, the "height" of this volcano relative to neighboring land the sea floor is more like 30, ft 9, m! Mauna Loa is the largest active volcano in the world. In fact, using this last measure of it's height, it is one of the tallest mountain in the world although many mountains, such as Mt. Everest in the Himalaya mountain range, sit higher relative to sea level.

    Mauna Loa is a "shield volcano", which means it is a gently sloping mountain produced from a large number of generally very fluid lava flows. Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the Hawaiian Chain. Its summit rises to an elevation of m above sea level. It is the second largest in subaerial surface area of the five shield volcanoes that comprise the island of Hawaii, but is considered to be extinct.

    Also on the big island is Haulalai.

    Вопрос 1/3

    The summit of Hualalai rises to an elevation of m ft above sea level. The most recent eruption of occurred along a northwest rift zone. Other than the locations on Hawaii, the last volcano to be active was just to the west on Maui, Haleakala. It was last active inbut could become active again at any time as world wide volcano history testifies.

    There is a long string of islands, coral atolls, and seamounts in a long chain that complete the picture. Each formed by volcanic action and modified over a long time by the forces of our wonderful planet. As one moves along the chain erosion and subsidence has taken its toll and the amount of exposed land area decreases dramatically, a testimony to the age progression along the chain.

    The extent of the coral deposits are relatively small around the occupied islands and progress until at Midway, where core drillings have been taken, there is a minimum of feet m thick deposits and with limestone showing up to depths of around feet m. The question is how could such an extensive chain of volcanoes be formed in a relatively short time?

    The most recent island building work of Kilauea of 1. Kilauea is at a minimum 25, km3 or 6, miles3 in volume per the USGS. At the present rate it would take approximatelyyears to build the present volcano. However, evidence on the volcano indicate that it has not always produced flows at the present slow and relatively steady rate.

    Large and thick deposits of ash and pumice are present from older eruptions, reported in and again in Along the cliffs of the Hilina fault system are exposed 9 ash layers indicative of such eruptions, estimated to be thousands of years old ref.

    Surtsey, Iceland from Nov. Shown below are a photo and a map of Surtsey, note that some green growth has appeared, but only to a limited extent, and the erosion effects on the map. Some have predicted that unless there are more island building eruptions, Surtsey will no longer be seen above sea level in years. Should Kilauea have grown continuously at the 1 km3 per 3. Reportedly the greatest eruption of last century was in Katmai Alaska in ref. After the eruption 65 square kilometers 40 sq. In near by Kodiak, for two days a person could not see a lantern held at arm's length.

    We don't know how much of the eruption was new material and how much was just relocation of material from the cone! If Kilauea could perform in this manneroutput 10 km3 per yearit could possibly be built in years.

    However, there is definitely no evidence that such an occurrence could happened every year. And also don't forget, we need to build numerous volcanoes along the approximately mile long chain. The sister and elder volcano Mauna Loa, is much larger with a volume of 19, miles3 or 80, km3, more than three times the size of Kilauea.

    Many scientists believe that earlier in the Earth's history there were higher levels of volcanic activity, but the building of such an extensive chain of seamounts and islands in less than 10, years is difficult to visualize.

    5 Reasons I'm scared to date a Hawaiian woman

    Visualize, if you can, the crustal plate moving over the volcanic hot spot at a rate of 0. Or even on a much smaller scale, building only Mauna Loa in less than 4, years would require average flow rates of We also need the appropriate amount of erosion, subsidence, and coral deposit development in such a relatively short time.

    The latest studies seem to indicate that the maximum rate of coral reef development is 21 meters per thousand years at optimum conditions. However, these studies indicate that coral reef development is not a continuous process. That sea temperatures, sea levels, water clearness, storms, pests and diseases are among the many factors that cause coral reef development to be an on again, off again process with mean reef growth values being between 1.

    Deep water blocks all sunlight and only very specialized corals can survive. Also should the coral start to develop while the volcano is still in the building stage, the newly developed coral formations may possibly be covered by new lava flows or ash and pumice. Possibly indicating 1, years of growth at the most optimum growth rate or around 20, years of growth at the slower 1. The above given reef growth rates also possibly indicate that if conditions were extremely optimum it would take at a minimum 11, years to build the coral reef deposit thickness at Midway.

    At the more reasonable 4. The known physical characteristics of the volcanic Hawaiian Archipelago along with calculations based on known historic volcano performances presents a strong case against the formation of such an extensive chain in less than 10, years. Such a rapid formation would require crustal plate movement and volcanic material flows far exceeding known values for each parameter.

    Coral reef development speed would also seem to be a major problem. These indicators are proposed as strong evidence against a young earth, and strongly favoring an old age earth. USGS ratings of some historic eruptions. Or, about 30 times the volume erupted by Mount St. Submarine lava flows continued after the caldera collapse and were reported to emerge above sea level in BC. Since then 11 recorded flow events have formed the Kameni Islands in the center of the caldera, with the last being in Though rising to meters above the floor, only an estimated 2 km3 of the collapsed caldera has been refilled in about years.

    But even the larger of the above eruptions pales by comparison with the gigantic pyroclastic eruption evidences from volcanic systems such as Long Valley Caldera CaliforniaValles Caldera New Mexicoand Yellowstone Caldera Wyoming. However, what would seem to be required to best build a long chain of volcanoes from the sea floor that extends for thousands of miles in length are not sudden violent eruptions.

    Especially if the sudden expulsion is followed by a collapse and it requires an extended time period for recovery as illustrated by Santorini and Mazama. The Hawaiian volcanoes, as are most volcanoes, are layered with ash interbedded within lava flows.

    Around 80 percent of the layers were various forms of basalt, and the remaining layers interspersed within the basalt were characterized as coral 8ash 15soil 14ash and soil mixed 10and basaltic sand 5. The known history of Santorini, Vesuvius and most others, indicates there is most often extended time periods of inactivity between layer building activity.

    The continuously active volcano is rare, such as Stromboli, which has been almost continuously active for a minimum of years, and some say years. But at Stromboli the large volume eruption or lava flow is very rare and therefore it has done relatively little building in recorded history. The USGS studies of lava flows on Haleakala is an illustration of the intermittent nature of volcanic activity, especially in the postshield stage, as shown below.

    Possibly the recent history lava flow champ was at LakiIceland in when These flows in Iceland make a very good showing in the Greenland icecores due to their closeness to the drilling location. Recent studies have possibly identified evidences of much greater flow rates at the Columbia lava plateaupossibly km3 in 5 to 15 years, but these estimates are difficult to verify.

    The Columbia lava plateau consists of approximatelykm3 of material from over major flows and countless smaller flows. And even if the evidences for very high lava flow rates in the Columbia area are verified, the evidences are that there were also extended periods of inactivity.

    Therefore, the entirekm3 lava flow area was not developed in a short time period, but instead over a very extended time period. Scattered over the world there are many large igneous flow areas which give solid evidence of extreme activity in the past, some estimated at 10 times the size of the Columbia area, such as the Deccan Traps area of India.

    Hawaiian Legends of volcanic center movement The possibility that the Hawaiian Islands become younger to the southeast was suspected by the ancient Hawaiians, long before any scientific studies were done. During their voyages, sea-faring Hawaiians noticed the differences in erosion, soil formation, and vegetation and recognized that the islands to the northwest Niihau and Kauai were older than those to the southeast Maui and Hawaii.

    This idea was handed down from generation to generation in the legends of Pele, the fiery Goddess of Volcanoes. Pele originally lived on Kauai. When she was forced by Namakaokahai to flee again, Pele moved southeast to Maui and finally to Hawaii, where she now lives in the Halemaumau Crater at the summit of Kilauea Volcano. The mythical flight of Pele from Kauai to Hawaii, which alludes to the eternal struggle between the growth of volcanic islands from eruptions and their later erosion by ocean waves, is consistent with geologic evidence obtained centuries later that clearly shows the islands becoming younger from northwest to southeast.

    Some scholars believe that the occupants of the islands first arrived some time between to AD. And nearly all who study the history of the Hawaiians believe that they have occupied the islands for at least a minimum of years.

    Therefore the maximum possible time to be allowable for the forming of the west most occupied islands on which they would have first settled could be shortened by as much as years.
    Caretta caretta Michael White Inthe Loggerhead turtle was listed as threatened throughout its range. Since then, its status has stayed the same although recent evidence suggests that the number of nesting turtles in some areas may be declining. Certain subpopulations may require reclassification to endangered.

    Because loggerheads, like all marine turtles reach sexual maturity slowly about years It is difficult to determine the true status of their populations. Loggerhead turtles are easy to identify because they have an unusually large head. Their heart-shaped carapace is reddish brown on the top and underneath it is yellowish-brown. The hatchlings are dark brown in color. Mature loggerheads can weigh anywhere between and pounds.

    Hawaii Dating Personal Ads and Hawaiian Singles Matchmaking

    They typically measure between 32 and 41 inches in length. Crabs, clams, mollusks, sea urchins, fish and sponges are all part of their bill of fare. Loggerheads are circumglobal creatures. They live in tropical, temperate and subtropical waters. Unlike many other sea turtles, they have adapted to a wide variety of habitats.

    Loggerheads populate continental shelves, bays, estuaries, and lagoons. The primary Atlantic nesting sites are along the east coast of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, Georgia and the Carolinas. In the eastern Pacific, they range from Alaska in the north, to Chile in the south. The mating season is from late spring to early summer. In the United States, the main nesting sites are along the east coast of Florida.

    There are also large nesting colonies off the coast of Oman in the Indian Ocean.

    What Pacific Islanders Want You To Know

    Adult females nest at intervals of 2,3, or more years. Females can nest up to 7 times in each season. They deposit between to eggs in each clutch.

    If the nest is undisturbed and the weather is favorable, the baby hatchlings will scratch their way to freedom in about 60 days. Many aspects of human activities contribute to the demise of sea turtles. Shrimp trawlers and gill netting are major concerns for loggerheads living in the Gulf and southwest Atlantic waters. Loggerheads are also vulnerable to the dangers of offshore oil spills and all types of water pollution.

    In certain area of the United States, humans still poach sea turtle eggs for food and profit. Because many of turtle nesting beaches are also prime, beach front property, coastal development has a negative impact on their survival.

    Kemp's Ridley Lepidochelys kempii General Description: The Kemp's ridley is the one of the smallest sea turtles weighing between 75 to pounds. Their shells are heart-shaped, oval or round. Their shells range in color from gray in young turtles to shades of olive green in adults. Kemp's ridleys are the most critically endangered species of all sea turtles. The Kemp's ridleys are shallow water, benthic ocean floor feeders.

    They eat mostly invertebrates animals with no backbone. Various types of crab seem to be their favorite food, but they also eat shrimp, mollusks, fish, and sea stars starfish. They use their slightly hooked, strong beaks to crush their food. Like many other sea turtles, they migrate hundreds of miles from their coastal feeding grounds to their nesting beaches.

    Inover 40, female Kemp's ridleys nested on just one beach! This remarkable, simultaneous nesting is called arribada or arribazones. The phenomenon is unique to Kemp's and olive ridley sea turtles. At around 7 to 15 years of age, the Kemp's ridley has reached sexual maturity the age when females begin to lay eggs. Females lay approximately eggs in each clutch every 10 to 28 days each year. Unfortunately, the world may never see large arribadas of Kemp's ridley again.

    By the mid 's, the number of nesting females had declined from more than 40, to only several hundred. One basic problem is that they have only a single primary breeding area.

    At Padre Island, Texas scientists established a second, experimental site but it has produced limited success. Historically, hunting and overharvesting of eggs have been the major threats to Kemp's ridley populations. Currently, human activities, including population growth and the resulting pressures on coastal habitats, ocean pollution, offshore oil spills, and floating debris pose serious threats to their survival.

    The Mexican government protects only a portion of the nesting beach. The rest is open to construction and other disturbances. The coastal areas of Rancho Nuevo do not allow fishing during nesting season but enforcement is inadequate.

    Kemp's ridley are also killed as bycatch incidental catch in shrimp trawlers, gill nets, hook and line, and crab traps. Lepidochelys oliveacea George H. Balazs Olive ridleys are the most abundant of all sea turtles. Formerly, there were large nesting concentrations at several beaches along the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Although these mass nestings continue to take place, studies show that there are disturbing downward trends at several arribada beaches.

    The Mexican nesting population is endangered under the U. The rest of the populations are classified as threatened. Many scientists believe that western Atlantic nesting populations deserve endangered status. Olive ridleys have small heads and small, olive gray shells that measure around two feet in length.

    Their carapace color varies with geographic location. Western Atlantic animals are usually lighter than ones in the Eastern Pacific. They weigh between 70 to pounds. The olive ridley dines primarily on marine invertebrates including crabs, clams, shrimps and mussels. They crush and grind their food with their strong jaws. Sea urchins, squid and jellyfish are also part of the menu. When feeding, these turtles can dive up to feet. The olive ridley inhabits tropical regions of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

    They migrate thousands of miles in the course of a year between nesting and foraging grounds. Most, but not all, olive ridley turtles breed in huge groups in the summer or fall. It is common for olive ridleys to nest in successive years.

    Females lay about eggs in each nest. Eggs hatch in days. The number of individuals nesting at one time is very difficult to measure.

    Historically, lay observers and biologists estimated the count. Recently, biologists have developed improved counting systems. The current numbers, although more accurate, give us distressing information on the specie's decline. The Hindu, March 10, The same article reported that about olive ridleys suffocated in a single fishing net! Many governments worldwide fail to take threats to sea turtles' survival seriously and do not make sincere efforts to protect them. Natator depressus Kellie Pendoley This unique turtle gets its name because it has a rather flat shell.

    The flatback turtle is indigenous to Australian waters and is not found anywhere else in the world. They inhabit the coastal waters of Western, Northern and Eastern Australia.

    This is one of the only sea turtles that stays close to home. The underneath part of the shell, the plastron, is pale yellow. The shell measures about 49 inches long and is very smooth and waxy. The carapace is thin and damages easily. Australian flatbacks are medium size turtles. Adults weigh about pounds. Like many sea turtles, they have a varied diet including squid, sea cucumbers, soft corals and mollusks.

    Это не сайт знакомств!

    These carnivorous foragers have adapted to a diet that is available close to where they were born. Flatbacks are unique in many ways including their choice of habitat. Instead of clear, coastal waters, flatbacks live in turbid, inshore waters. Females lay about four times per season. The eggs hatch in days. When the hatchlings emerge, they are larger than most species. They reach sexual maturity earlier than other turtles. This may be a result of their high protein diet.

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