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    Wassu[ edit ] The Wassu stone circles on the Gambia 50 dalasi banknote. Wassu is located in the Niani district of Gambia, and is made up of 11 stone circles.

    The tallest stone is found in this area, with a height of 2. The builders of the monuments here possessed great knowledge of their local geology in order to find the sources of laterite stones.

    They must also have had great technical ability in order to extract these stones without splitting or cracking them. Kerbatch also features a V-shaped stone that had broken in three places and fallen. During this expedition Ozanne and his team excavated the double circle at Kerbatch. In fact, one third of all Senegambian lyre-stones are located at Wanar.

    Researchers have also determined that the site was a burial ground first, and the stones were added later for ritual uses. Construction for this area can be narrowed down to between the seventh and fifteenth centuries A. There was also a presence of perishable materials found in the burials, such as brick and plaster, that suggests the existence of funerary houses built at the time of burial.

    Two types of stones were found at Wanar: There are many other clues to be found at Wanar that can tell about what these monuments originally looked like. For instance, the inner ring of the double circle features fallen monoliths that all fan out from the center of the monument. This may suggest, coupled with findings of drystone around the monument, that there used to be drystone beneath the monoliths, and the cylinder made up of the inner ring and drystone was once filled with earth, so that when it collapsed due to outward pressure, the stones all fell outward as well.

    This theory is not refuted by the fact that the stones of the outer ring fell in all different directions, lacking outward pressure. The certain layers in which the pottery was found says that some deposition occurred after the fall of the drystone, but before the collapse of the monoliths. Overall, the destruction of this double circle was a slow disintegration over time, as opposed to one large and sudden collapse.

    The sequence has three distinct phases: Phase one includes cutting the graves in the subsoil with funerary rites, such as covering the graves with mounds; phase two is when the standing stones were raised around the mounds; and phase three consisted of erecting frontal stones. Phase three may also have been when these monuments became sites of ritual activities and ceramics started getting deposited around them.

    The creators of this model recognize that other sequences are possible, and the order for the sequence of events at the double circle may have been different as well.

    Serer prehistory Sine Ngayene is the largest of the four areas, and home of 52 stone circles, one double circle, and carved stones.

    It is generally accepted that the single burials found here predate the multiple burials that are associated with the construction of the stone circles. The team found iron smelting sites and quarries located close to the monument sites. This evidence suggests the existence of small, linked yet independent communities.

    Researchers also suggest the possibility that these megalithic cemeteries could have been a focal spot of the cultural landscape and served the purpose of bringing people together. Originally this site was surrounded by hundreds of tumuli burial mounds that leveled over time through erosion.

    Often frontal stones were erected on the East side of the stone circles. These cycles are based on materials buried in successive layers and the monument construction chronology of the double circle at the center of the site. The approximate date range assigned to this timeline ranges from A. The main finding for this cycle was a large, oblong-shaped pit with a concentration of human remains in the form of a secondary burial.

    The remains were found with five iron spearheads and a copper bracelet.

    Vienna, Austria

    The pit was backfilled and capped with a mound overlaid with scattered laterite blocks. Researchers estimate that the outer circle of stones was built after the initial burial, and two large frontal stones were added. For this layer, another oblong-shaped burial pit was discovered. These were also linked to secondary burials. Overall there were ten skulls, thirty long bones, and one iron spearhead found. This time period is when the inner circle of monoliths is speculated to have been built.

    Within this layer, a laterite slab was also discovered, which may have been used as a sacrificial table. There was a shift from burials to offerings during this cycle. During this period there seems to be a low intensity use of the monument, and some things recovered from this layer may be accidental re-depositions.

    Afrointroductions Dating Free African Dating Site

    There were also some sherds found in one spot, and a secondary burial pit containing: This may suggest long-distance trade among the people who used the monuments. Overall, cycle four contained a mixture of offerings and secondary burials.
    See Article History Alternative Title: Republic of the Gambia The Gambia, country in western Africa situated on the Atlantic coast and surrounded by the neighbouring country of Senegal. It occupies a long narrow strip of land that surrounds the Gambia River.

    The land is flat and is dominated by the river, which is navigable throughout the length of the country. Periodic talks in the 20th century to unite The Gambia and Senegal led to the short-lived Senegambia confederation — A few towns are located upriver, but most Gambians live in rural villages.

    The major ethnic groups are similar to those in Senegal and consist of the majority Malinke and also include WolofFulani FulbeDiola Jolaand Soninke peoples. The Gambian economy is heavily dependent on peanut groundnut production and export. Land The Gambia is a strip of land 15 to 30 miles 25 to 50 km wide on either side of the Gambia River and extends almost miles km into the interior; except for a short coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, it is entirely surrounded by Senegal.

    It flows across a plateau of Miocene-Pliocene sandstone consisting of compacted sediment composed predominantly of quartz grains formed from about In the east, narrow valleys are separated by broad interfluves or flattish hills. In the west, lower and smaller sand hills alternate with depressions filled in with sand to form a flat plain. Near the coast the rainy season lasts longer, and the rainfall is heavier, diminishing eastward.

    At Yundum the average annual rainfall is about 50 inches 1, mmand the mean monthly temperature tends to be in the upper 70s F mids Cwhile at Basse Santa Suabout miles km inland, the comparable figures are about 40 inches 1, mm and the low 80s F upper 20s C.

    The relative humidity is high but drops from December to April, when the dry northeastern wind known as the harmattan is dominant. Plant and animal life The vegetation cover of The Gambia is savanna on the uplands, various kinds of inland swamp in the low-lying areas, and mangrove swamp along the brackish lower Gambia River.

    Few wild animals are native to the region, and those that survive are under pressure from the human and domestic animal populations. In the middle and upper river areas there are warthogs, monkeys, baboons, antelope, pygmy hippopotamuses, and crocodiles. In addition, more than species of birds live throughout the country. People Ethnic groups The river basin was a focal point for migrating groups of people escaping the turmoil of western Sudanic wars dating from the 12th century.

    The Diola Jola are the people longest resident in the country; they are now located mostly in western Gambia. The largest group is the Malinkecomprising about one-third of the population. The Wolofwho are the dominant group in Senegal, also predominate in Banjul.

    The Fulani settled the extreme upriver areas, and their kingdom, Fuladu, became a major power in the late 19th century. The Soninkean admixture of Malinke and Fulani, are also concentrated in the upriver areas. Mandinka and Wolof constitute the lingua francas of the country, and other languages spoken include Pulaar FulbeSererDiola, and Soninke.

    Some Muslim clerics are literate in Arabic. Religion The population is overwhelmingly Muslim. There are a small number of Christians—predominantly Roman Catholic—and some adherents of traditional beliefs.

    Settlement patterns Human settlement in The Gambia extends across both banks of the river and is found in three regions: Most rural settlement is concentrated on the uplands, which have the best-drained soils. A number of settlements are located in the banto faros on the middle course of the river, where there is less danger of flooding than in the swamps.

    Many villages are built on the boundary between the uplands and the riverine flats. More than half of the population lives in urban areas. The major urban concentration is around Banjulthe capital, and several large urban centres have developed in the vicinity.

    Urban dwellers retain close ties to their rural relatives, and there is considerable interaction between rural and urban populations. Migration to urban areas has remained steady since the s. The GambiaMerchants selling produce at a traditional market in Farafenni, Gambia. Life expectancy is comparable to the regional average but lower than that of the world.

    Age breakdown Economy Agriculture, forestry, and fishing Gambian agriculture can be described as a classic monoculture; peanuts groundnuts are the most valuable agricultural commodity.

    Land is cleared by the slash-and-burn technique, but farmers practice conservation. Most land is held in common by the villagers.


    There is a sharp division of labourwith men involved in planting, cultivatingand harvesting cash crops while women cultivate subsistence crops such as cassava maniocyams, eggplant, tomatoes, rice, and lentils. There are citrus orchards in the western area near Banjul.

    Men sifting peanuts in baskets, Georgetown, Gambia. Photo Research International The production of peanuts has increased with the wider use of fertilizers and ox-drawn equipment and the introduction of better seeds. In order to diversify the economy, the government has encouraged the production of rice.

    A pilot scheme was begun in the mids to introduce plantation oil palm production, but this has had little impact on the national economy. Stock farming, always a factor in the Fulani culturehas also received government support, but factors such as insufficient animal husbandry techniques and the scarcity of suitable pasture and water have limited the size of herds.

    The country was not as hard hit as other countries in the region, however, and recovery has been steady. Farmer harvesting rice, Kuntaur, Gambia. Most Gambians are not fishermen, but those who are have been handicapped by inadequate equipment.

    The government has offered small loans for the purchase of motorized fishing boats and the construction of smoke huts for the processing of bonga shad, or West African herringwhich is exported to other western African states. Resources and power The Gambia has very few exploited mineral deposits. Some amounts of clay, sand, and gravel are excavated for local use.

    Foreign investors have been granted licenses to explore offshore blocks for potential petroleum and natural gas reserves, but these actions have not yet yielded any production. Electricity is limited to parts of Banjul and a few interior towns but is sporadic at best; most Gambians do not have access to modern infrastructure.

    Manufacturing The most significant industry in the country is peanut processing. The agents arrange for transportation of the peanuts to Banjul or Kuntaur, where the nuts are shelled before being shipped. After shelling, a large part of the crop is pressed into oil at pressing mills. The residue is used as cattle cake. The construction industry has grown in correlation with the growth of the tourism sector.

    Smaller industries include the manufacture of food products, beverages, textiles, footwear, and wood products. Handicraft and other small-scale local craft production exists in villages throughout the country.

    There are several private banks in the country as well. The Gambia previously had a relatively large volume of trade for such a small country. In the early s, however, the country had a yearly adverse balance of trade reflecting the losses caused by drought. The trade deficit continued into the s and s.

    Afrointroductions Dating Free African Dating Site

    More and more people, especially young men, have migrated to the urban area around Banjul, and this has led to a decrease in peanut production. All manufactured items must be imported; other imports include petroleum products, lumber, and cement. Trading partners include Chinathe countries of the European Unionand Brazil. Senegal is also a significant partner, although much of the trade is unofficial, and the smuggling of peanuts and other goods into Senegal is a problem.

    In addition to Senegal, major export destinations include Mali and Guinea. The Gambia is highly dependent on foreign aid. Services Tourism has grown in importance and is a major source of foreign exchange. Tourism declined after the coup, but efforts to revive it had met with some success by the end of the s. The International Roots Festival, an annual heritage celebration created inattracts members of the African diaspora from around the world. Several luxury hotels have been built near Banjul.

    Jufureh, a village upriver from Banjul made famous by the American writer Alex Haley in Rootsis a popular tourist attraction. Transportation The Gambia River has historically been the chief route between the interior and the coast, but a modern all-weather road now reaches the eastern border and parallels the river on both sides; there are secondary roads throughout the country as well.

    Ferries cross the river at Banjul and at various points where there are no bridges, and small watercraft are common means of transport. There are no railways and no domestic air services, although The Gambia International Airlines flies out of the international airport located at Yundum, southwest of Banjul.

    Afrointroductions Dating Free African Dating Site

    The main port is at Banjul. Government and society Constitutional framework The Gambia is a multiparty republic. Under the constitution that was ratified and went into effect inthe president, who is the head of state and government, is elected by universal suffrage to a five-year term.

    Afrointroductions Dating Free African Dating Site

    The president appoints the vice president and cabinet members. Legislative power is held by the National Assemblycomprising 53 members who serve five-year terms.

    The majority of members are elected, while five are appointed by the president. Local government The Gambia is organized into Local Government Areas LGAeach of which either is coterminous with a long-standing administrative unit known as a division or corresponds with roughly half of a division. Most decision making is done at the village level by traditional leaders and councils of elders. Only serious or contentious matters are referred to district or government bodies.

    Justice An independent judiciary is guaranteed under the constitution. The highest judicial body is the Supreme Court. Since the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction has been the dominant party. The constitution provides for universal suffrage for citizens 18 years and older.

    Although women have held legislative seats and cabinet positions, their numbers have been few. Security The Gambian National Army is relatively small. The army has a limited marine unit and an air wing. Service is voluntary, although the constitution provides for the option of conscription.
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