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  • Piper Lance Crashes Into Trees on Takeoff (Florida, 2018)
  • All Google's self-driving car crashes were caused by humans, testers claim
  • Single Father Murdered After Online-Date Setup
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  • Crash at Florida Toll Plaza Sends Man Flying Into the Air
  • Mother Charged With Neglect After Baby Rescued From Hot Car in Florida
  • Caught On Tape: Teen Drivers Moments Before a Crash

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    All Google's selfdriving car crashes were caused by humans, testers claim Daily Mail Online

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    Piper Lance Crashes Into Trees on Takeoff (Florida, 2018)

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    All Google's self-driving car crashes were caused by humans, testers claim

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    Single Father Murdered After Online-Date Setup

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    Broward County

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    All Google's selfdriving car crashes were caused by humans, testers claim Daily Mail Online

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    Crash at Florida Toll Plaza Sends Man Flying Into the Air

    The aircraft crashed and caught fire. One passenger died later of injuries sustained during the crash. Several bodies and some scattered debris were recovered, though the main section of wreckage was never found. The cause was presumed to be a bombing, though investigators were unable to prove it. There were no casualties or serious injuries.

    All Google's selfdriving car crashes were caused by humans, testers claim Daily Mail Online

    Heavy wind and rain had blown the C Skymaster off-course, and the pilot suffered a bout of spatial disorientation and did not realize his position in relation to the mountain. The pilot and all six passengers were killed. Maryland[ edit ] Capital Airlines Flight 75 crashed in Chase, Marylandon 12 May due to a weather-induced loss of control.

    The crew was able to regain control and landed safely at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

    All Google's selfdriving car crashes were caused by humans, testers claim Daily Mail Online

    Pan Am Flight crashed near Elkton, Marylandon 8 December after being struck by lightning and having a fuel tank on the wing that was empty but had flammable fumes explode.

    The cause was determined to be pilot fatigue. One crew member was killed.

    Mother Charged With Neglect After Baby Rescued From Hot Car in Florida

    Colgan Air Flight crashed into the water off of Yarmouth, Massachusettsshortly after takeoff on August 26, Improper maintenance and pilot error led to a loss of control in-flight. The pilot and co-pilot, the only people on board, perished. The First Officer was presumed to have nose-dived the plane and turned off the engines before it crashed. Nigerian -born Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to detonate plastic explosives concealed in his underwear, but was stopped by other passengers.

    Northwest Airlines Flight crashed after takeoff from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport on August 16,because the pilots had forgotten to set the flaps to takeoff position.

    The only surviving passenger was a four-year-old girl. The plane was never found. No fatalities occurred among the 82 passengers and seven crew members, though eight passengers reported minor injuries relating to high G forces.

    The exact cause of the accident is disputed. Minnesota[ edit ] Northwest Airlink Flight crashed on approach to Hibbing on December 1,after striking trees following a controlled excessive descent into the airport on its night approach during ILS conditions.

    The crash claimed all 16 passengers and the two flight crew aboard and is the worst aviation accident in Minnesota history. Mississippi[ edit ] A Convair CV that was carrying members of the rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd crashed in Gillsburg, Mississippi on October 20, after running out of fuel.

    The crash claimed the lives of six out of the twenty people on board the aircraft, including four passengers and both crew members. This makes it the deadliest aviation accident in Mississippi history. Louis International Airport on July 23,after flying through a microburst generated by a severe thunderstorm; 38 of the 44 people on board perished.

    Pinnacle Airlines Flight crashed on October 14,near Jefferson City, Missouriafter engine flameout and subsequent pilot error. Louis International Airport on November 22, The two people on board the Cessna were killed instantly. Montana[ edit ] Northwest Airlines Flight 1 crashed 0. This was the first fatal crash for Northwest Airlines. All 42 on board killed. The airplane immediately exploded, killing all 29 on board.

    This was the first and only fatal crash for the airline. Of the 71 passengers and crew, the only survivor was a year-old passenger who was thrown clear of the plane. All 22 on board are killed, including movie star Carole Lombard. All 47 aboard the airliner and both F crew members are killed. The NTSB report suggests that the pilots misjudged their altitude position during approach due to a lack of navigational aids on the aircraft and near the airport.

    All Google's selfdriving car crashes were caused by humans, testers claim Daily Mail Online

    The cause of the crash was never determined. This was the first fatal crash of a Convair The pilot was unable to slow down the descent of the aircraft, and it bounced and rolled on the runway, eventually coming to rest on its back and catching fire.

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    Caught On Tape: Teen Drivers Moments Before a Crash

    Especially Serial Daters 14 Spark Spark.

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