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    Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥

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    Part 2 10 Second ZL1 GM HighTech Performance Magazine

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    The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is bar-none the car most in spite of course don't on the rest permanently, if only because of its users.
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    BIG MOD for the ZL1 Reveal! Biggest MOD to date! You won't believe what it is!

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    Part 2 10 Second ZL1 GM HighTech Performance Magazine

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    If you have sufficient self-restraint, the ZL1 will comply with traffic and its surrounding environment.

    For the sights and sounds alone, the Camaro ZL1 is worth absolutely every penny that General Motors wants for it. The cabin is all business, but for the sake of the world as we know it; GM, put a proper and worthy steering wheel in the damn car, will you?

    The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is bar-none the car most in need of anger therapy on the road today, if only because of its looks. At night, the determined brow with haloed HID and fog lights can scare the panties off any girlie-man.

    Low, wide, nasty, snorting: This is the most badass car on the road today. This means a top-heavy dashboard, low-slung seating position and impossible outward visibility. But it also signifies that the driver is in command of a missile.

    2013 Camaro ZL1

    As I sat there, controls well in hand thanks a great driving position, I could not shake the impression that I was possessed and in the arms of a manipulative mistress. The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 makes you do things you never thought you would.

    All I could make out were the sweet whispers of the LSA V8 messing with my senses, begging me to prod the pedal needlessly only to fill my senses with its intoxicating growl. I only ever gave in. It boosts the 6.


    You see, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 can be civilly driven on a daily basis. Jerky take-offs are not an issue with the ZL1. Ask my friend Miranda about it; she prefers the Shelby for precisely those reasons… Steering is well balanced and precise. Turn-in is quick, but easy to adapt to in an urban setting. Every component is larger, stronger and plain heavy-duty. The Performance Traction Management PTM features launch control, and the very awesome magnetic ride control suspension system provides a surprisingly good ride.

    Its driver-selectable Tour and Sport modes manage to make the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 comfortable even on a rough road.

    Part 2: tried and true modifications for 10.30s on pump gas

    Alternatively, it can shake your fillings loose unless the road surface is nothing short of perfect, like a race track for example. On that subject, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is fully poised to take on any closed circuit. Road Tests and Reviews.
    But these aren't just race-only track fiends—these are cars built docile enough to drive on the street while knocking down a relatively decent fuel mileage number—a welcome advance to every muscle car enthusiast with a heavy appetite for performance and a mild "tree-hugging" conscious.

    But it almost didn't happen.

    Part 2 10 Second ZL1 GM HighTech Performance Magazine

    Fortunately for us, the fifth-generation Camaro was already in production. Not so fast there, "Ricky Racer. With the future of performance-minded OE cars somewhat uncertain, gave us a taste of what was to come when the hp Camaro SS made its way to dealership showrooms. This was very cool, but the weight of the SS—a hefty 3, pounds—masked a good percentage of that available power.


    But that didn't matter much, though, as the car's 8-year hiatus left the Camaro community anxious to get their hands on GM's new dealership darling no matter how hard it tipped the scales. The '10 Camaro was a huge hit and the collective sigh of relief from the GM "big wigs" was felt from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, where the fifth-gen Camaro is built all the way to Oceanside, California. ByGM had its financials in order and was once again turning a sizable profit, which helped turn the Obama clan's focus to other pertinent issues.

    And as the saying goes, "when the cat's away, the mice will play," so inGM was more than happy to feed our horsepower-hungry appetite and delivered the ZL1—a factory-built supercharged Camaro churning out hp while getting 19 gas-sipping miles per gallon on the highway.

    While today's engine technology allows us to get behind the wheel of some very stout cars, our only obstacle could be the government getting in the way of this modern "horsepower heyday" and sending down a memo "inviting" the OEs to tone down the "fun meter" and get back to the "econo-box" mentality of the s.

    Which, if you happened to be around then, you no doubt remember not much good came of that; most of the cars looked awful and lacked performance — a majority of the music from that era followed suit. Fortunately, Bill Kurrus is a little too young to remember those days and in early was in the market for a new performance-oriented ride.

    He was digging on the available horsepower and powertrain combo of his wife's daily driven CTS-V and was aware that the same basic package was offered in the Chevy Camaro ZL1, only with a crisper suspension and more aggressive stance. Every night for about two weeks I was getting in there with a Dremel and polishing wheel of just about every size," said Bill.

    After that, the ZL1 really started to come around. Unfortunately, 36 hours later I had a car with 5, miles on it with a broken motor," confesses Bill. Sticking with the original cubic inches and 9.

    Part 2 10 Second ZL1 GM HighTech Performance Magazine

    There is also the FYF grind he uses on naturally aspirated cars. We didn't ask… With the aforementioned underdrive pulley mixed in, the Eaton huffer set sail at 15 psi of boost. DSX tuning took over the reigns and optimized the mill to its full performance capability. Bill had his mind set on mixing in a bit of an old-school vibe on the new ride by going with a five-spoke wheel.

    He favored the looks and fitment of the Weld RTSs on all four corners 20x7 up front, 20x For now, the Camaro relies on the stock interior offerings including seats, gauges, and safety belts. But, with the quarter-mile times the car is turning out, a rollcage is certain to be the next upgrade. In fact, Bill confirmed via email just days before this writing that the ZL1 recently went So, for now it's safe to say us horsepower hungry are in fairly good hands. And today's music is much better, too.
    Talk about your major hoots.

    I'm not sure anybody—anybody—needs this much power at hand for their day-to-day drives. It could only lead to trouble. But when that lane opens up and you can fill it with a quick downshift and a mash on the pedal, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 convertible is a joy to behold. Top down, the car is an open-air aural delight, exhaust pops ricocheting like small-arms fire off the pavement, bridges, other cars, everything. Punch the throttle and everything gets a little wiggy for a moment before settling in on the rear haunches and accelerating with purpose.

    One needs to keep a close eye on things, however, because if the power doesn't bite you, the responsive steering will. Look away long enough to reprogram a radio station and you might find yourself quickly into the next lane. Best to focus on the work at hand and leave dial fiddling for when you're stopped.

    Top up, the car is also quite fun, though in a more muted manner. There's still all the good stuff, but you're at least under some protection from the raucousness going on all around you that is the Camaro ZL1. This Camaro ZL1 convertible looks badass. The charcoal exterior, black wheels and black suede interior couldn't compliment each other any better than they do. With the top down, this car looks dark, blocky and aggressive—and it doesn't even look bad with the top up.

    The heat extractors on the hood really go a long way to making this car look better than the standard SS. I'd like to think that '69 Camaros actually felt like this back in the day. This is new speed, new technology. I'd wager that you could take the most staid of classic Camaro fans, stick them in this and they'd never look back. It doesn't feel as upscale as the Ford Mustang Shelby GT does on the interior, but nothing stood out to me as deal breaker.

    The new MyLink system works well. Though I was surprised there was no navigation function. For so long I've equated car screens with maps, so it's unsettling when I don't see it. The suede everywhere is great; the wheel stays snuggly in your hand, as does the shifter. That shifter, which is really good, doesn't compare to the GT The throws on the Stang are about half the distance of the Camaro.

    On the road, the top Camaro behaves like you'd think it would.

    Part 2 10 Second ZL1 GM HighTech Performance Magazine

    It spins the tires with the traction control on, off or in sport mode. It has power in every gear, at almost any rpm. And personally I love the sound it makes. At low rpm, you can hear just the tiniest bit of supercharger whine.

    Покупки по категориям

    At full blast, it just roars down the highway. Get one, move near a long tunnel and enjoy the rest of your years. It's also powerful enough that the convertible top barely makes a noticeable difference. Well, that was a bummer.

    Or half a bummer I guess I should say. Basically my first-ever ZL1 drive, to which I was greatly looking forward, can be summed up this way: Rain stopped half the play. Last night was fine. Down went the top, up went some country rock, down went the foot. I was livin' the high life, baby. This morning, not so much. Rain, top up, traction-control light almost constantly blinking. It's a cool driving experience, nonetheless.

    I'm hearing rumblings around the office that the car is too raw. I thought in many ways it was quite tame, actually. Now, granted, I was especially in this morning's rain light footing it so as not to do anything stupid. Love the V8 rumble and its ready-for-anything nature. I was also impressed with the ride, which I feared would beat on me, but didn't come close. But oh man, that engine!

    There's instant power at any rpm and one never hears the supercharger. There's power and torque right now, and all the time. Not a bad gearbox, either. Like I said, the ride was fine around the D, and the steering feels connected and weights up nicely as speed increases.

    2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE: Chevy Sharpens Its Lead Pipe - Ignition Ep. 179

    I'd need more time, and drier roads, to get a real feel of how easy it is to fling around. This is the best Camaro in the lineup. You could argue that it had better be, seeing that it's also the most expensive. Still, if I had a fleet of toys, this would be one of 'em. Lopping the roof off of a car is no laughing matter, and Chevrolet knew it when it began to develop the Camaro.

    Lucky for us, a drop-top model was in the plans from the beginning, and engineers made sure to leave room to reinforce the chassis in order to make up for the stiffness lost without a fixed roof.

    Additional reinforcements on the Camaro ZL1 convertible come courtesy of a shock-tower bar, beefier transmission support, engine cradle, underbody tunnel brace and front X-brace along with a rear V-brace. All that adds pounds of weight to the ZL1 convertible compared to the coupe. Most of the stuff the ZL1 coupe gets is here, such as the more aggressive body treatments, magnetic suspension, and the responsive and powerful supercharged V8 engine.

    However, what the ZL1 convertible doesn't get is the coupe's five-mode Performance traction-management system. What's the story behind that? Chevy figures buyers of the ZL1 convertible won't be venturing to road courses and instead will be more inclined to head out on spirited weekend drives instead.

    It makes sense to me, but I don't see the problem with just throwing on the five-mode system anyway. At least give the option. While I do appreciate raw, no-frills vehicles such as the Shelby, that car's live rear axle just can't handle the power that car puts down. It's crude to a fault in my mind. That's not so with the Camaro ZL1: It has an independent rear suspension, a magnetic damping system that can play both parts as a comfortable cruiser and it's stiffened to offer lots of grip for hard driving with only a little lean.

    As with my previous ZL1 experiences, I'd want the steering to offer some more feel to it. It responds to inputs quick enough, but just doesn't offer the connected feeling that I like.

    I did notice some shake through the steering column, too. I'm not the biggest convertible fan and I will always go with a coupe over a convertible, but I will say there is something quite satisfying with convertibles. The open-air experience is nice every now and then.

    And when you have an incredible exhaust note from a supercharged V8 providing the soundtrack to your drive, it's really nice.

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