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  • Women, face it: marriage can never be feminist – Julie Bindel

  • I was IMing with a few days about a guy she has an operating system on. She was not secured, but also used that he would have nothing to do with her. I am not to be an Icon allows and to get the way that I do. My forage with being an Attractive african and exciting to find has less to do with my original of myself, and everything to do with the way I am very and bad by men, uncommon non-Asian men.

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    Women Against Feminism – Supporting women who choose to stand without feminism

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    It is a relief to read the truth. Feminism is a hate group.

    There is no other way to describe it. Feminist rubbish has slowly but surely found its way into every aspect of Australian life.

    Women Against Feminism I The Feed

    Many of the gains for women in terms of real equal rights are something Australia should be proud of. But what we see now is not equality. But many people have been brainwashed into a hatred of everything masculine — as you say above. I watched in disbelief when our prime minister pointed the finger at all Australian boys and men and said we are all violent rapists. I reject these hateful accusations.

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    How can she be allowed to lie to the community like that? As if women never commit acts of domestic violence? What kind of effect is this kind of hate having on young boys in Australia? I am not surprised that Australia has a shockingly high rate of young men committing suicide.

    But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for writing this. I much prefer to hear the truth, no matter how painful it is to hear. Adam April 16, at 9: Feminism in theory asserts that it is concerned with achieving gender equality, social, political economic etc. However the theory is completely at odds with its practice, which aims for compulsory gender entitlement at the expense of men. For several decades, feminist ideology has luxuriated within the benefit of shaping as well as monopolizing virtually all discussions on gender in the UK and USA.

    For a very long time, feminist ideology also had the benefit of rarely having its practice objectively examined not its manner of statistical research sincerely scrutinized.

    Well meaning, albeit misguided individuals within academia and media in seeking to appease feminists simply accepted the academic and non-academic narrative on gender, feminist were able with impunity shape over several decades. This perception engineering has been very successful because, 1. The essential belief that if a woman conducted a violent act on a man however unprovoked or petty, that somehow he must have deserved it regardless of objective proof.

    Acts of fraud, violence, including mutilation, false allegations by women are framed as empowering and therefore justified. There is a branch of feminism that also address men oppression related with masculinity issues.

    I think you should think better before making assertions and creating a blog like this. However, I also respect your freedom of speech.

    I think you can disagree with some people that emphatize with feminism, but attacking the idea in such an uninformed way is somehow, if not entirely, irresponsible.

    You cannot deny the historical existence of women oppression. And you cannot deny the necessity of fighting oppression. I am a feminist, and that does not mean at all hating men.

    I am open to chat with you so I can answer your questions. Watch how a female customer service person treats a man compared to yourself or another woman. Utter disdain is all I get as a male.

    Women Against Feminism – Supporting women who choose to stand without feminism

    Modestly speaking of course. Feminism, at one time, stood for the equal treatment and rights of women due to oppression. Thank you John admin April 9, at 5: The hatred and intolerance from these feminists is obvious. You can see more videos of this event here. This is not an isolated incident. Do you see the irony? Do you even look at the other comments?

    Women Against Feminism – Supporting women who choose to stand without feminism

    Mac April 9, at 7: They were Nazis, but did not go alone with the ideals of Hitler. When they were caught, they were executed. Now the Black Panther Party did a lot for human rights, some parts of the group were racists, and the FBI falsely blamed them for things they never did to tarnish the name and destroy to party. Now since some of them were bad people, are we going to call the whole group bad? No, because they did a lot to help get people to understand that we are all human, and should have the same rights.

    Nothing more, nothing less. Jason Picton April 25, at 6: Feminism will claim it is protecting men by allowing them and promoting them to be less male and act more like females, feminists fear the natural strengths of maleness completely.

    Women Against Feminism – Supporting women who choose to stand without feminism

    Brett Ezure May 3, at 4: Feminism has done more damage to women than it has granted freedoms.
    Follow her on Twitter: Sure, it sounds like a line. But it also sounds like feminism. So go ahead, alert Susan PattonLori Gottlieb and the rest of the get-married-already crowd: A something single woman, eggs unfrozen, is telling other single women that they should dare to want it all if they ever hope to have it all. And who would think that?

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    As one year-old put it to The Washington Post Magazine last month: Do we have to put a label on it? Maybe his own name is pretty generic. Is he sexist if he cancels an Uber ride because a female driver is on her way to pick the two of you up? Does he need to believe that men and women, are equals and should be treated as such? Does he need to be actively fighting for social, political and economic justice for women — and for all people, really — to identify as a feminist?

    Anyone can do the asking-out, the feelings-confessing or the initiating of any kind. Things are moving in this direction: A feminist dater or boyfriend and yes, feminists have boyfriends is aware of the ways women have traditionally been held back, by others and by our own accord, and actively pushes against that. First, you go on lots of dates. And you go online. Ask for what you want. As an experiment, Megan Downey, a year-old social marketing specialist in Washington, has a very succinct Tinder profile: Downey says she heard from one or two guys who wanted to fight about what the word meant.

    They saw each other for about three months. Downey may be on to something. When I spoke to Samhita Mukhopadhyay, a former executive editor of Feministing.

    Women Against Feminism – Supporting women who choose to stand without feminism

    Do you know that women make art, too? Downey, for example, asked her Marxist feminist out on their first two dates. And I interviewed two year-old men — they consider themselves feminists — whose girlfriends either asked them out first or sent the first message on Tinder.

    The whole class was watching and cheering him on, probably because none of us had seen a boy ask a girl out before and wanted to see how it was done. But I was devastated. I resolved right then that the next time I liked someone, I was going to make it clear. For other women, though, it might be the other way around.

    Because a woman at her most vulnerable could be taken advantage of.

    Women, face it: marriage can never be feminist – Julie Bindel

    Mukhopadhyay talks about the subtle sexism she sees in the way women avoid talking about their feelings in relationships, so as not to be cast as a stereotypical woman who gets too emotional. Which brings us back to that elusive feminist boyfriend.

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    As a new language you can tie up with eHarmony.

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    Women Against Feminism – Supporting women who choose to stand without feminism

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