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    How to setup a multilingual website with Drupal 7 d7One

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    How to setup a multilingual website with Drupal 7 d7One

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    Online Dating Services Joomla Website Template $75

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    Setting up a Multilingual Website with Drupal 8

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    Drupal 7 – How to add your logo

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    How to Change The Drupal 8 Site Name and Logo Tutorial

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    Fr How to setup a multilingual website with Drupal 7 Setting up a basic Drupal website in English is relatively easy. Setting up a multilingual website isn't as obvious as you would hope it to be. Knowing a thing or two about how and where to find help on drupal. See References for more information. The present article does not address the topic of multilingual menus.

    Alright, let's do it. Starting with a fresh Drupal 7 install is the best way to avoid problems. That said, it is possible to transform a unilingual website into a multilingual one. Let's just say that it is beyond the scope of the current article. Activate the Locale and Content translation modules. Both come installed with Drupal 7. Download, install and activate the i18n and Variable modules and all their submodules.

    The Variable module is new and required by i18n in D7. It provides a simple interface where you can designate system variables as Multilingual variables. In D6, you have to do it by hand in the settings.

    More on the usefulness of the Variable module a little later. In this article, I'll be adding French. Now, add a Path prefix language code to each language.

    In the current example, I've added "en" for English and "fr" for French. Modifying this value may break existing [node] URLs. I had created a couple of nodes prior to making this change and encountered many nagging problems related to bad links.

    Deleting and recreating all existing nodes solved all those problems.

    Change Site Logo - RealEstate Responsive Drupal Theme

    If you have many existing nodes, export them before deleting them. Then import them back. You can do this more easily with the Node export module http: Once this is done, go to the Drupal translation page http: In this article, French for Drupal core 7. Look for the Download link which appears to the right of Drupal core 7. If you hover over this link, you will see that is points to a file named drupal Download this file to your desktop. Import the translation package you've just downloaded into the desired language drupal You may need to import other project module packages e.

    But you can do that later. Go back to the Overview tab. Note the higher percentage for translated strings for the language you added. Next, we will activate the Language switcher block which will allow users to switch between languages. Look for Language switcher and set the region sidebar first in the present case. Click the Save blocks button at the bottom of the page.

    Goto your Home page and check that the block is showing. Clicking the different languages will switch the interface back and forth between them. The last step is to enable Multilingual support, with translation for each of the content type that you require. Then click the Save content type button.

    Repeat for all content type that need a language specific translation.

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    Your website is multilingual ready. Now every time you create a new node Article, Page, etc. Language neutral nodes will be displayed just the same for all languages. That's why this article appears in English as well as in French. I'm thinking screen captures would be nice, right? I'm also thinking about a screencast version.

    Drupal. How To Change Logo URL

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