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    12 Ways to Show Clients Some Love

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    You Know You are Dating a MEXICAN Man When...

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    Mexican Manuel Uribe, dating pinakabigat na lalake sa buong mundo, namatay sa edad na 48

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    San Lorenzo[ edit ] The ten colossal heads from San Lorenzo originally formed two roughly parallel lines running north-south across the site. These heads, together with a number of monumental stone thrones, probably formed a processional route across the site, powerfully displaying its dynastic history.

    The erosion of a path passing on top of the monument uncovered its eye and led to the discovery of the Olmec site. The monument was discovered partially buried at the edge of a gully by Matthew Stirling in When discovered, it was lying on its back, looking upwards. It was associated with a large number of broken ceramic vessels and figurines. The upper portion of the headdress is decorated with a U-shaped motif. On the front portion it is decorated with five semicircular motifs.

    On each side of the face a strap descends from the headdress and passes in front of the ear.

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    The lips are slightly parted without revealing the teeth. The cheeks are pronounced and the ears are particularly well executed. In the monument was removed from the San Lorenzo plateau in order to put it on display as part of "The Olmec tradition" exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston in The front of the headdress above the horizontal band is plain. Two short straps hang down from the headdress in front of the ears.

    The ear jewellery is formed by large squared hoops or framed discs. The left and right ornaments are different, with radial lines on the left earflare, a feature absent on the right earflare. The lips are thick and slightly parted to reveal the teeth; the head has a pronounced chin. The head was discovered in a deep gully by Matthew Stirling in ; it was found lying face down and its excavation was difficult due to the wet conditions in the gully.

    A small skullcap tops the headdress. A large flap formed of four cords drops down both sides of the head, completely covering the ears. The lips are thick and slightly parted; the front of the lower lip has broken away completely, [66] and the lower front of the headdress is pitted with 27 irregularly spaced artificial depressions. When excavated, it was found to be lying on its right-hand side and in a very good state of preservation.

    On the right-hand side, three tassels descend from the upper portion of the headdress; they terminate in a total of eight strips that hang down across the horizontal band. These tassels are judged to represent hair rather than cords. The earflare is only visible on the right hand side; it is formed of a plain disc and peg.

    The face is that of an ageing man with a creased forehead, low cheekbones and a prominent chin. The lips are thick and slightly parted. The head was discovered by Matthew Stirling inface down in a gully to the south of the principal mound.

    At the back of the head, ten interlaced strips form a net decorated with disc motifs. Two short straps descend from the headdress in front of the ears. The ears are adorned with disc-shaped earspools with pegs. The face is that of an ageing man with wrinkles under the eyes and across the bridge of the nose, and a forehead that is creased in a frown. The head had collapsed into a ravine under its own weight and was found face down on its left hand side. In it was transported to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for the museum's centenary exhibition.

    A short strap descends from either side of the head to the ear. The ear ornaments are complex and are larger at the front of the ear than at the back. The face is that of an ageing male with the forehead creased in a frown, wrinkles under the eyes, sagging cheeks and deep creases on either side of the nose.

    The face is somewhat asymmetric, possibly due to errors in the execution of the monument. It was buried at a depth of less than 1 metre 3. The head sports large earflares that completely cover the earlobes, although severe erosion makes their exact form difficult to distinguish.

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    The face has wrinkles between the nose and cheeks, sagging cheeks and deep-set eyes; the lips are badly damaged and the mouth is open, displaying the teeth. It was found lying on its side to the south of a monumental throne. The face is that of a mature male with sagging cheeks and wrinkles between these and the nose. The forehead is gathered in a frown. The mouth is slightly parted to reveal the teeth. These are stylised and represented by one question mark shape contained within another.

    The head is very well preserved and displays a fine finish. The head was exposed in by erosion of the gullies at San Lorenzo; [] it was found leaning slightly on its right hand side and facing upwards, half covered by the collapsed side of a gully and washed by a stream. The headdress is of a single piece without a distinct headband. The sides display features that are possibly intended to represent long hair trailing to the bottom of the monument. The head is also depicted wearing a nose-ring.

    The face is smiling and has wrinkles under the eyes and at the edge of the mouth. It has sagging cheeks and wide eyes. The head was discovered by a magnetometer survey in ; [] it was found buried, lying face upwards in the bottom of a ravine and was excavated by Ann Cyphers. Above the forehead is a large element forming a three-toed foot with long nails, possibly the foot of a bird. The head wears large earspools that protrude beyond the beads of the headdress.

    The spools have the form of a rounded square with a circular sunken central portion. The mouth is sensitively carved and the head possesses a pronounced chin. They were located approximately 0. Above these symbols is an angular U-shaped decoration descending from the scalp. On each side of the monument a strap descends from the headdress, passing in front of the ear. Each ear has a prominent ear ornament that descends from the earlobe to the base of the monument.

    The features are those of a mature man, with wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and nose. When discovered, it was half-buried; its massive size meant that the discoverers were unable to excavate it completely. Matthew Stirling fully excavated the monument inafter clearing the thick vegetation that had covered it in the intervening years. The cheeks are given prominence by the action of smiling; the brow that is normally visible in other heads is covered by the rim of the headdress.

    The head has a prominent headdress but this is badly eroded and any individual detail has been erased. A strap descends in front of the ear on each side of the head, descending as far as the earlobe. The head is adorned with ear ornaments in the form of a disc that covers the earlobe, with an associated clip or peg. It had a large headdress that reaches to the eyebrows but any details have been lost through erosion.

    Straps descend in front of each ear and continue to the base of the monument. The ears are wearing large flattened rings that overlap the straps; they probably represent jade ornaments of a type that have been recovered in the Olmec region.

    Although most of the facial detail is lost, the crinkling of the bridge of the nose is still evident, a feature that is common to the frowning expressions of the other Olmec colossal heads. The headdress is elaborate and, although damaged, various details are still discernible.

    The base of the headdress is formed by three horizontal strips running over the forehead. One side is decorated with a double-disc motif that may have been repeated on the other; if so, damage to the right side has obliterated any trace of it. Only one earspool survives; it is flat, in the form of a rounded square, and is decorated with a cross motif.

    Beatriz de la Fuente views them as a late regional survival of an older tradition while other scholars argue that they are merely the kind of regional variant to be expected in a frontier settlement.

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    It has since been moved to the Museo Comunitario de Tres Zapotes. The face is carved with deep creases between the cheeks and the nose and around the mouth; the forehead is creased into a frown.

    Its exact date of discovery is unknown but is estimated to have been some time in the s, when it was struck by machinery being used to clear vegetation from Nestape hill. It was moved to the plaza of Santiago Tuxtla in and remains there to this day.

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    A strap descends from each side of the headdress, passing over the ears and to the base of the monument. The face has pronounced creases around the nose, mouth and eyes.

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    The offering is believed to have been deposited long after the head was sculpted. The characteristics of the sculpture have led to some investigators suggesting that it represents a deceased person. Norman Hammond argues that the apparent stylistic differences of the monument stem from its unfinished state rather than its late production. The eyes of the monument are closed, the nose is flattened and lacks nostrils and the mouth was not sculpted in a realistic manner.

    The headdress is in the form of a plain horizontal band. Various features of the head suggest that it was unfinished, such as a lack of symmetry below the mouth and an area of rough stone above the base. Rock was not removed from around the earspools as on other heads, and does not narrow towards the base.

    Large parts of the monument seem to be roughed out without finished detail. The right hand earspool also appears incomplete; the forward portion is marked with a sculpted line while the rear portion has been sculpted in relief, probably indicating that the right cheek and eye area were also unfinished.

    The La Cobata head was almost certainly carved from a raw boulder rather than being sculpted from a throne.

    Latin dating site reviews - What are the best latin dating sites?

    Like the examples from the Olmec heartland, the monument features a flat back. As a result, the top is fragmented, although the broken pieces were recovered by archaeologists and have been put back into place. Five of them are in Sala 1, one is in Sala 2, and one is in Patio 1.
    Share via Print Scans of a tunnel complex under the Temple of the Feathered Serpent show the large entry hole as well as the small shaft that allowed it to be discovered.

    Further on are a series of chambers, the first found in and the next this past year, under the ancient city of Teotihuacan. INAH Advertisement Scientists with the Mexican government announced Wednesday the discovery of three new chambers at the end of a tunnel under the ancient city of Teotihuacan. In a press briefing at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, Mexican archeologists say that the new rooms contained thousands of objects, including carved statues, rubber balls, jade from Guatemala and a wooden box of shells.

    Beyond some traces of skin, however, no bodies have been discovered, although archaeologists have hypothesized that the site holds a burial chamber, perhaps still buried in the soil. Archeologists know very little about mountain city of Teotihuacan. The tunnel, discovered 11 years ago under the Temple of the Feathered Serpent at the heart of the ancient metropolis, is the latest piece in a puzzle dating back to before Europeans arrived in the New World.

    It will probably take years of analysis to truly understand the significance of each object and the assemblage, he added. As a city, Teotihuacan began around B. During that time it was probably the most powerful city in all of North America, dominating even the Classic Maya, who were their lowland contemporaries far to the east in what is now southern Mexico and Guatemala. The inhabitants of Teotihuacan, unlike the Maya, did not have a system of writing and thus we know very little about how they lived or ran their city.

    For instance, archeologists debate their political structure: One side envisions a single omnipotent ruler whereas the other sees a joint rule shared by four competing factions. Unfortunately, Teotihuacan has neither images of its kings nor royal burials, although scientists have found numerous high-ranking nobles.

    The discovery of a royal burial under the Temple of the Feathered Serpent might upend everything known about the city. The tunnel itself was discovered when a heavy rainstorm exposed a shaft that led to a spot about halfway down its length. Their work culminated in with the discovery of a series of two chambers on either side of the tunnel near the end filled with pyrite mirrors and strange crystal spheres. After that the tunnel dropped below the water table.


    He and his team announced Wednesday that three more chambers lay beyond the initial two, oriented in a sort of cross just a few dozen feet down the tunnel. In and around those chambers he found more puzzling objects, including a wooden box filled with shells imported from the ocean and carved by stone tools.

    In addition, there were four centimeter-tall jade statues, rubber balls and jaguar remains. Human or not, there are no obvious burials in any of the chambers but that does not mean that the quest for a Teotihuacan burial is over. He added that other objects in the chamber reinforce the importance of women in Teotihuacan society as well as the long reach of their trade. He expects the work to continue and remains optimistic that a body will be found.

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