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    Black Women Seek Love, Dating and Marriage

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    Online dating site in Ghana

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    Ghanaian Singles Online

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    Although relatively small in area and population, Ghana is one of the leading countries of Africa, partly because of its considerable natural wealth and partly because it was the first black African country south of the Sahara to achieve independence from colonial rule.

    The country takes it name from the great medieval trading empire that was located northwest of the modern-day state until its demise in the 13th century. Forts and castles, many of which still dot the Ghanaian coast today, were constructed by Europeans to protect their trade interests.

    Although trading was originally centred on the gold that was readily available in the area and from which the future British colony the Gold Coast would take its namethe focus shifted to the lucrative slave trade in the 17th century. The area later became known for growing cacaothe source of cocoa beans.

    Black Brides African women for marriage

    Introduced there in the late 19th century, cacao continues to provide an important export for Ghana. Modern-day Ghana, which gained its independence on March 6,consists primarily of the former Gold Coast.

    Nkrumah quickly laid the groundwork for fiscal independence within the new country as well, embarking on many economic development projects. Unfortunately, decades of corruption, mismanagement, and military rule stymied growth and achievement.

    Originally founded on the site of several Ga settlements, Accra developed into a prosperous trading hub; today it serves as the commercial and educational centre of the county.

    Black Brides African women for marriage

    Kumasianother prominent commercial centre, is located in the south-central part of the country. Relief and drainage Relief throughout Ghana is generally low, with elevations not exceeding 3, feet metres. The southwestern, northwestern, and extreme northern parts of the country consist of a dissected peneplain a land surface worn down by erosion to a nearly flat plainlater uplifted and again cut by erosion into hills and valleys or into flat uplands separated by valleys ; it is made of Precambrian rocks about million to 4 billion years old.

    Most of the remainder of the country consists of Paleozoic deposits about to million years oldwhich are thought to rest on older rocks.

    Stories of couples happy marriages

    The Paleozoic sediments are composed mostly of beds of shales laminated sediments consisting mostly of particles of clay and sandstones in which strata of limestone occur in places.

    They occupy a large area called the Voltaian Basin in the north-central part of the country where the elevation rarely exceeds feet metres. The basin is dominated by Lake Voltaan artificial lake that extends far into the central part of the country behind the Akosombo Dam and covers about 3, square miles 8, square km.

    Along the north and south, and to some extent along the west, the uplifted edges of the basin give rise to narrow plateaus between 1, and 2, feet and metres high, bordered by impressive scarps. Surrounding the basin on all of its sides, except in the east, is the dissected Precambrian peneplain, which rises to elevations of to 1, feet above sea level and contains several distinct ranges as high as 2, feet. Along the eastern edge of the Voltaian Basin, and extending from the Togo border to the sea immediately west of Accrais a narrow zone of folded Precambrian rocks running northeast to southwest, forming the Akwapim-Togo Rangeswhich vary in elevation from 1, to 3, feet to metres.

    The highest points in Ghana are found there, including Mount Afadjato 2, feet [ metres]Mount Djebobo 2, feet [ metres]and Mount Torogbani 2, feet [ metres]all situated east of the Volta River near the Togo border. The southeastern corner of the country, between the Akwapim-Togo Ranges and the sea, consists of the gently rolling Accra Plains, which are underlain by some of the oldest Precambrian rocks known—mostly gneisses coarse-grained rocks in which bands containing granular minerals alternate with bands containing micaceous minerals ; in places they rise above the surface to form inselbergs prominent steep-sided hills left after erosion.

    Black Brides African women for marriage

    The only extensive areas of young rocks less than about million years old are in the wide, lagoon-fringed delta of the Volta, about 50 miles 80 km east of Accra, and in the extreme southwest of the country, along the Axim coast. In the east the predominant rocks are less than 65 million years old, though there is a patch of Cretaceous sediments about 65 to million years old near the Ghana-Togo border. The intervening coastal zone between eastern and western extremes contains patches of Devonian sediments about to million years old.

    With the older and more resistant rocks of the Precambrian peneplain, these form a low, picturesque coastline of sandy bays and rocky promontories. The drainage system is dominated by the Volta River basin, which includes Lake Volta. Most of the other rivers, such as the Prathe Ankobrathe Tanoand a number of smaller ones, flow directly south into the ocean from the watershed formed by the Kwahu Plateau, which separates them from the Volta drainage system.

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    Along the coast are numerous lagoons, most of them formed at the mouths of small streams. Over much of the surface of Ghana, the rocks are weathered, and great spreads of laterite red, leached, iron-bearing soil and lesser spreads of bauxite and manganese are found on the flat tops of hills and mountains.

    Black Brides African women for marriage

    Soils Throughout the country, weathering, leaching, and the formation of laterite hardpans hard, impervious layers composed chiefly of iron and aluminum oxides cemented by relatively insoluble materials by capillary movement the movement of water containing mineral salts to the surface and evaporation are common processes that vary in importance according to the characteristics of each locality.

    Leaching is more pronounced in the wet south, while the formation of laterite is more widespread in the drier north. In general, most soils are formed in place from parent rock material that has been subjected to prolonged erosion and consequently has limited fertility. In the forest zone the soils are mostly lateritic.

    They are subdivided into relatively fertile and less-acidic ochrosols red, brown, and yellow-brown, relatively well-drained soils in areas of moderate precipitation and into more-acidic and less-fertile oxisols in the extreme southwest, where annual precipitation exceeds 65 inches 1, mm.

    Ochrosols occur over considerable areas in the coastal and northern savanna zones. As in the forest zone, they are the best soils for agriculture. The coastal savanna zone has an abundance of soil types, including tropical black earths, tropical gray earths, acid vleisols, and sodium vleisols.

    free online ghana dating site

    Except for the tropical black earths, known locally as Akuse clays, most of these soils are of little importance agriculturally. The Akuse clays fill a broad zone across the coastal savanna plains; although heavy and intractable, they respond well to cropping under irrigation and mechanical cultivation.

    Because of their intrinsic poverty in nutrients, most of the soils are heavily dependent upon the humus supplied by the vegetation cover.

    I Want To Warn New Dating Site Members About Nigerian Or Ghana Scams.

    There is thus a delicate balance between vegetation and soil fertility, which may be upset by uncontrolled burning or overuse. Both air masses move toward the Equator with their hemispheric winds and meet at the Guinea Coast for several months each year.

    Continental air moves southward with the northeast trade winds, known in western Africa as the harmattan, and maritime tropical air moves northward with the southwest trades. The zone where these air masses converge is characterized by seasonal line squall precipitation. Rains occur when the dominant air mass is maritime tropical, and drought prevails when continental air and the harmattan dominate. In the savanna country north of the Kwahu Plateau, there are two seasons—a dry season from November to March, with hot days and cool nights under clear skies, and a wet season that reaches its peak in August and September.

    The mean annual precipitation is between 40 and 55 inches 1, and 1, mmbut there is a marked moisture deficit because of the long, intensely dry season that follows. In the southern forest country, where the annual mean precipitation from north to south has a range of about 50 to 86 inches 1, to 2, mmthere are two rainy seasons—one from April to July and a lesser one from September to November—and two relatively dry periods that occur during the harmattan season, from December to February, and in August, which is a cool, misty month along the coast.

    In the Accra Plains, anomalously low annual mean precipitation figures vary from 40 inches 1, mm to less than 30 inches mmand the precipitation variability and the vegetation bear close resemblance to conditions in the northern savanna zone. Temperatures show much more regional uniformity.

    Average relative humidities range from nearly percent in the south to 65 percent in the north, although, during the harmattan season, figures as low as 12 percent have been recorded in the north and around Accra. Enervating conditions produced locally by the combination of high temperatures and high humidities are moderated by altitude in the higher parts and by land and sea breezes along the coast.

    In general, the hottest months are February and March, just before the rains, and the lowest temperatures occur in January or—along the coast—in August. Page 1 of 6.

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