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    The Sad TRUTH About Black Girls Dating in College (PWI): grown-ish lessons (Season 1, Episode 10)

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    Best Dating and Hookup Apps For College Students Besides passing classes, making best friends and raging face all college students want to do is hookup or find something more. Some people are still too proud to utilize these apps that are literally at their fingertips.

    Get real product reviews now!

    Well, now there are just as many apps designated not only to people wanting a hookup, but people who want something more too. So what apps should you be using, and why? Tinder is a dating and hookup app that has the ultimate goal of setting you up with local hotties. It allows you to view their picture and a little blurb. Swipe right for hot, and left for not. Tinder has basically replaced the middle man that used to exist a few years ago.

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    Formerly Bang With Friends. But, there is one difference that makes DOWN standout in a much better way. Instead of being matched with random local hotties you may or may not know like you are on Tinder, DOWN gets more personal than that.

    Best Black Dating Apps - Top Black Dating Apps FOR 2016 & Beyond

    Once you download the app, you sign in with your Facebook in order to be synced with your friends. Once you do that, you are presented with your hookup and dating options. Get down hookupget date you could potentially want something moreor simply none of the above. After that, you both get a notification, and the rest is up to you. Pure stands out because it basically finds you an instant hookup. Like Tinder and DOWN, Pure saves you from the embarrassment of rejection because you are only notified if both people choose each other.

    In other words, no more mindlessly digging through profiles you could care less about. This app is awesome for young people too busy with their careers or other things to spend time finding people to date. DateMySchool is set up so that your range of potential dates are current students or alumni of your very own university.

    How do they guarantee this?


    Friendsy is a new hookup and dating app that just launched in March and already has 45, users nationwide. Like DateMySchool, Friendsy requires that you sign up with a. And like DOWN, you establish whether you want a hookup, relationship, just a friend or you can reject them completely.

    You can also filter potential matches by gender, school, major and even year of school.

    College videos Tasty Blacks. Free Ebony Black Sex Tube Videos.

    Honestly, I wish this app existed my first two years of college. Coffee and Bagel prides itself on appealing to mainly women in a dating app world that mainly appeals to men. It then basically acts as a matchmaker, using your Facebook profile information, friends and preferences to give you an ideal match every day at noon.

    Basically, you do virtually none of the work but reap the benefits. My name is Amirah, and I am the owner and writer of this website. My hobbies include writing, reading, and checking out cool coffee shops! I love a good "hole-in-the-wall" place to eat, and will always try something new.

    If you tell me something tastes good, I'll try it! I love to ride my bike, and I usually try to find any excuse to go on a trail ride. It's my way of how I like to exercise because it's a challenge, but it's really fun! Plus, I love being outdoors, so it's a great way to stick with what I love. There are so many various apps out there, so it's good to stay informed on which ones are the best ones out there!

    Stay tuned for more reviews. Thanks for checking my blog out!

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