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    Henderson whose full first and middle name were never revealed is the youngest child in his family, portrayed as 10 to 11 years old in seasons 1 and 2, and 12 in season 3.

    As the show's title suggests, T. He skips six grades from fourth to tenth grade due to his intelligence, after his teachers at his previous school discovered that T. Outside of the occasional moments of awkwardness that are bound to occur when a child interacts with high schoolers, T.

    So much so, that he becomes the mascot for his school basketball team "Pugnacious Pete, the Powerful Piedmont Penguin"which leads to occasional bullying. He spends a fair amount of time at school with his older brother, Marcus, and his brother's best friend, Mo Tibbs.

    Although they have some tense moments, it is obvious that the two brothers — who share a bedroom throughout the series — care for each other deeply.

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    He is typically portrayed in the show as being dimwitted such as confusing a rasher with a haberdasher and sometimes gullible, to the point where in the episode "I Was a Teenage Sports Wife", T.

    Despite his heavy and muscular build, Mo is usually depicted as a friendly person the pilot episode, however, depicts him as being almost a rival to Marcus in a couple of scenes — particularly one in which he gets into a fight with Marcus over their classmate Mariah Venus DeMilo Thomaswhom they both are romantically interested in, resulting in T.

    Mo is discovered to be an excellent chef, due to the tutelage of Yvette who helped him learn how to cook after Mo signed up for a cooking class on the spur of the moment — simply because the class was cooking bacon at the timehe plays bass guitar in Marcus' band Mackadocious, and is also a semi- talented barber. Floyd is often annoyed with Mo's antics, such as his constantly eating from their fridge and even once having slept in T.

    Despite this, Floyd seems to genuinely care about Mo and, as seen in "Diary of a Mad Schoolgirl", shares with him a passion for barbecuing. Mo all but lives at the Henderson's house and hates eating at his own house having once chipped a tooth while eating oatmeal cooked by his mother, as he notes in the opening scene of "Get a Job".

    In the season three episode "That's My Momma", Mo accidentally overhears a conversation between his parents Delroy and Verla Mae that they had adopted him as a baby — this leads him to have a falling out with his parents and Marcus and T. A recurring catchphrase of his throughout the series is, "Hello der!

    Affiliate Program for Online Dating Sites and Matchmakers

    He is a fairly popular student at Piedmont High and reacts remarkably well to his younger brother sharing nearly every one of his classes, although tensions do arise from time to time this is especially true in the pilot episode, to the point where he tells T.

    He gets average — or below average — grades, simply because he does not apply himself. He is a forward on his school's basketball team and has several love interests throughout the run of the show, none of which are seen for more than one episode.

    He is also the lead vocalist for the band which he created, Mackadocious, in which his best friend Mo is the bassist and T. Yvette Henderson[ edit ] Played by Essence Atkinsthe character of Tasha Yvette Henderson — who is generally referred to by her middle name — is the older sister of Marcus and T.

    She is in the eleventh grade in season one and graduates high school at the end of season three. Yvette is intelligent, is usually level-headed, is a women's rights activist and has a passion for art, including drama, photography and dancing.

    She is also the editor of the school newspaper, The Penguin a position that is the partial basis of "Stop the Presses", in which T. Yvette sometimes finds it hard being the only girl in a family full of mostly men, as seen in the season two episode "Men Working Badly". Episodes in which her character dates a fellow Piedmont High student feature Yvette sometimes overthinking the relationship, such as when she dated a dimwitted swimmer whom she had mainly a physical attraction to in the episode "Big Picture" or when high school senior Yvette dated a sophomore in the episode "T.

    Although the character of Yvette is in her late teens, Essence Atkins born on February 7, and therefore being in her mids during the run of the series is actually only ten years younger than John Marshall Jones, who plays her character's father Floyd.

    He is a self-made businessman and owns a roofing company called Floyd Henderson Contracting. After the loss of his wife, he would eventually start dating once again: He is frequently a comic foil to most of the main characters, including T. He also gives good moral advice to all of his children and sometimes even to Mo. Recurring[ edit ] Nina Walsh — Played by Tinsley GrimesNina is one of Yvette's friends and is seen with her most of the time, however she is only seen during the third season Yvette had a revolving door of friends up through that point.

    She works at the store in the mall, where in the episode "Get A Job", she was forced to follow "black people" because her boss Ms. Hendra thought that African-Americans who were in the store would steal. She is deep and poetic and drools over cute guys. His usual hijinks include taking pictures of Marcus and Mo and selling them to a company for profit in season two's "My Two Dads"and scamming Marcus and Moe into selling health bars in a pyramid scheme which he involves every other student in school to sell them as well in season two's "Goodbye, Mr.

    Chimps"among other things Marcus refers to him as "a little shrimp". In the season two episode "The Dating Game", Deion had a crush more like an obsession on Yvette and asked her out to the school dance, which Yvette rejects repeatedly and prompts her to go with T. Mackey Nagle — Played by J. WalshMackey is a student who is in Marcus and Mo's grade.

    He is fairly popular and is definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He tries to fit in at school by buying new clothes and speaking slang, but most of the time makes a fool of himself and ends with a comment stating "It's because I'm white, isn't it? In the season three episode "Perchance to Dream", he has a dream about Yvette kissing him as she tells him about her dreams about Mo. He often wears flannel shirts. He actually ends up streaking during the graduation ceremony in the season three episode "The Graduate?

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    Basil Militich — Played by James K. Ward, he is the vice-principal of the school. He is cheap when it comes to school necessities, and sometimes is presented as incompetent. Coach Gerber — Played by Dann Florekhe is the gym teacher and basketball coach at the school. He once taught math and gets angry easily. He sleeps in his office since he can no longer afford a home of his own.

    He once mentioned that he has prostate problems. She is very good at basketball and joined the team T. She wears "ghetto fabulous" clothing and depicts an exaggerated stereotype of youth. It is obvious that they have crushes on each other, but it is never focused on. Brandi only appears in two episodes: Production[ edit ] Tahj Mowry and Omar Gooding are the only cast members not to appear in every episode which in the case of Mowry is quite unusual for the lead actor for a television series to not appear in all episodes.

    The series was taped at Sunset-Gower Studios in Hollywood. Main settings[ edit ] The Henderson house[ edit ] A majority of the show's scenes take place in the Henderson house or the school. Originally, most of the family scenes took place in the kitchen, with no living room area seen during the first season.

    The living room set when it was added in season two had a window and the front door at stage center, and the stairs and kitchen doorway at stage right. The kitchen set was scaled back as well with the back stairs that lead to the bedrooms removed. The layout changed again in season three with the kitchen remaining the same, but the living room layout changes including the front door now located at stage left.

    The four main sets seen in the show are the classroom, the hallway, the cafeteria and the auditorium. The hallway changes its layout twice during the series. Theme song and opening sequences[ edit ] The theme song for the first and second seasons was produced and written by Kristian Rex who also scored the music for the entire second season. The theme song for Smart Guys' third and final one was performed by Hami and featured cast member Omar Gooding.

    A short version of the season three theme, which is different from the regular theme song was used in episodes in which ran over the allotted time.

    How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing Using Dating Sites CPA - Make 100 or More A Day

    The opening sequence for the first two seasons was fully computer animated with the exception of the cast video headshots. The show's title logo was shown at the beginning and again at the end of the sequence when the main characters minus Mo are shown above it. The season three opening titles were made to resemble a music video the sequence was choreographed by Russell Clark.

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    The show still airs on the Disney Channel in the United Kingdom, but not on a recurring basis. Inthe UK Disney Channel pulled the show, which at the time was only aired during working days in the early afternoon. The series began airing on MTV2 on April 19, Awards and nominations[ edit ] Awards and nominations for Smart Guy Year.
    Biggie Smalls real name Christopher Wallacewho was a key figure in both her personal and artistic life, particularly after Wallace gained popularity and influence through his relationship with Bad Boy Recordsfounded by Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs.

    Hale Vocational High School for two and a half years. Many of her friends also went there and she would often skip school to hang out with them. Since her school work wasn't being completed, the decision was made for her to transfer to Brooklyn College Academy to finish her remaining year and half of school. The group's first and only album, Conspiracywas released to mediocre reviews and moderate sales on August 29, and debuted at number eight on the U.

    Billboard chart, selling 69, copies in its first week of release. Wallace wrote and ghostwrote most of the album's material. Hard Core and The Notorious K. After a year with Junior M. The song was part of the soundtrack to the Martin Lawrence movie Nothing to Losenominated for a Grammy Award, and certified platinum.

    Recordsactivist C. Delores Tucker criticized the label "for producing this filth," referring to perceived graphic sexual content in Lil' Kim's lyrics, and labeling them "gangsta porno rap". Diddy's "No Way Out" tour. From toLil' Kim continued her road to stardom under the management of B. The album marked a new image and revamped look for the rapper. The song was recorded for the Moulin Rouge! The song also went to number 1 in 50 countries around the world. This was a big accomplishment for female rap, as well as for Lil' Kim, who scored her first number 1 Hot hit[ citation needed ] and became the second solo female rapper in history to hit number one on the Billboard Hot charts.

    Welcome to the best place for sugar daddy dating online for free Find a match

    It was released in SwitzerlandAustria and Germany only. The song was successful, becoming Lil' Kim's third consecutive top 10 hit in Germany after her number 5 hit "Lady Marmalade". The single was released on WWE Anthology, a compilation of entrance theme music to various professional wrestling superstars. It debuted at number 5 on the Billboardsellingcopies in its first week, [34] giving Lil' Kim her second consecutive top 5 album.

    The album received generally positive reviews from critics, receiving a score of 65 on Metacritic. Cheekspeaked at number 16 on the Billboard Hot Follow up single, " Magic Stick ", featuring 50 Cent, peaked at number two on the Billboard Hotstaying there for three weeks.

    The song never had a commercial release or a music video, but was successful due to high radio airplay, peaking at number one on the Billboard Airplay chart. The album was certified platinum in the US, [26] selling over 1. Lil' Kim herself was a guest speaker at the school. Professor Thomas considered Lil' Kim's lyrics "the art with the most profound sexual politics I've ever seen anywhere. Lil' Kim provided voice-overs for her part in the storyline, where the player may fight an opponent to have Lil' Kim as their girlfriend.

    The show never made it to air. On March 17,Lil' Kim was convicted of three counts of conspiracy and one count of perjury for lying to a Federal grand jury about her and her friends' involvement in a shooting outside the Hot 97 studios in Manhattan.

    A, she testified not to have known they were at the scene. This directly contravened testimony before the grand jury. Jackson was sentenced, in U.

    District Courtto twelve years in federal prison as part of plea bargain in which he admitted to firing at least twenty rounds during the incident. The length of the sentence was said to have been influenced by his previous gun-related convictions.

    She was released on July 3,after serving approximately 12 months. The Naked Truth and Ms. It earned her a 5 mic rating from The Source, making her the only female rapper to ever receive a 5 mic rating. The album debuted at number 6 on the Billboard chart, sellingcopies in its first week of release, [49] giving Lil' Kim her third top 10 debut on the chart.

    She said that her prison sentence left her with no time to promote the project. The single also reached number.

    The second single, "Whoa" was released on February 17, It reached number 22 on Airplay. Countdown to Lockdownwhich was filmed before Lil' Kim headed to prison. The show became the highest rated premiere in BET history, averaging 1.

    The song was available for free from her official website. The Dance Remixes, her first compilation album was released on June 6, A limited pressing released only in the US, it received no promotion, due to Lil' Kim being in prison at the time of release, and failed to chart.

    Welcome to the best place for sugar daddy dating online for free Find a match

    Girlicious in and as a judge. In JanuaryLil' Kim announced that she had parted ways with Atlantic Records, choosing to release future projects independently. She stated she had no hard feelings towards Atlantic but felt more comfortable in her knowledge of the music business to do it alone. Lil' Kim appeared in the music video that was released on the same day. The song samples "Computer Love" by Zapp.

    Lil' Kim appeared on the eighth season of reality series Dancing with the Starswhich began airing on March 9, She was paired with professional dancer Derek Hough until the dance couple was eliminated on May 5, against Ty Murray and his partner Chelsie Hightowerputting her at fifth place from all thirteen contestants that season.

    Her elimination was met by many boos from the audience, as she was a consistent high-scorer and a fan favorite. It took her across the US, as well as Canada and Europe. Lil' Kim released her second mixtape, Black Fridayon February 14, The video for the title track was released on February 16, The mixtape received mostly negative reviews from critics. It was made available for purchase via PayPal. The song, which samples The Notorious B. Her vocals were then removed fully due to contractual issues with B.

    It marked the first time the pair had performed the song together. She also announced that she would release an EP, but it was later shelved for unknown reasons. Hardcore Mixtape and Lil' Kim Season In the summer ofLil' Kim began recording material for her fifth studio album, as a restriction banning her from releasing new material as a result of her settlement with Trackmasters was lifted.

    In Marchduring an interview with MTV's Sucker FreeLil' Kim revealed that contract issues with production duo Trackmasters were the reason behind her album delay, saying " Lil' Kim first mentioned the song during an interview with MTV's RapFix, saying "I have a song with another celebrity person that I know the world and my fans are gonna love It's vintage Kim mixed with the new Kim.

    Lil' Kim also commented on the direction of her music, saying she was in "Kanye West mode", adding " You do whatever you want to do To make up for not releasing the mixtape, Lil' Kim released the singles "Dead Gal Walking" and "Kimmy Blanco" to the public, along with the track list.

    On August 2,Lil' Kim announced via her Twitter page that she would be launching a concert tour to promote her forthcoming Hard Core Mixtape. But, I think we're going to do a double release. Fifth studio album In FebruaryLil' Kim announced via her Instagram account and a interview that she is working on a new album set to be released in She became the first and only rapper to endorse the brand to date.

    The rapper also modeled for the urban fashion line Baby Phat in August In MarchLil' Kim, along with several other artists, featured in a commercial for Apple 's Mac computers. It highlighted how users can burn custom CD's on their Mac. Init was announced that Lil' Kim would launch a designer watch collection, titled Royalty by Lil' Kim. Fight for NY which she was featured in. That same year Lil' Kim was featured as a character in the limited edition comic book "The Heist".

    The book was a collaboration between Marvel and Atlantic Records. Each artist was approached by contestants to donate a "personal experience" to be auctioned off for charity through music channel Fuse 's "Daily Download" program with proceeds going to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. All designs from the show were auctioned off online following the event with a portion of the proceeds going to AIDS United. The pair met at the Empire Roller Skating rink in Brooklyn.

    After a couple of months of seeing each other, Powell was arrested for robbery and was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison. Jones and Powell continued their relationship with Jones visiting frequently and also kept in touch by writing letters to each other. The couple also became engaged while he was incarcerated. During this time was when Jones met Christopher Wallace, and with wanting to focus on starting her rap career the engagement was eventually called off and the couple split.

    On July 23,Jones was arrested for possession of marijuana after police raided the Teaneck, New Jersey home of Wallace. The arrest came after police smelt marijuana inside the home when they went to ask for someone to move an illegally parked car.

    Jones denied she was smoking, claiming she was "upstairs all day sleeping". Jones decided not to keep the baby, telling The Source "I already knew the kind of relationship that Biggie and I had, and I knew that [having a child] was something that couldn't take place On March 17,Teaneck police issued an arrest warrant after Jones failed to turn up to court dates stemming from her arrest.

    It was during this time that Jones had been a victim of physical abuse. Jones also stated how she had to have multiple nose jobs due to being punched.
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