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    Shopping Abroad Shopping Hours in Mexico Shopping hours in Mexico vary by the type of store and the size of the town or city you are in. Generally speaking, Mexican stores offer shoppers extended opening hours and many stores are open on Sundays, too.

    Note about Parking at Shopping Centers in Mexico: Parking used to be free at supermarkets, but in bigger towns and cities parking is now charged for.

    Whole Foods Market: Past and Present

    Two hours of parking, with a stamped ticket, costs a nominal fee; without a stamp, charges escalate to significant amounts. Out of town shopping centers and those in smaller towns and cities continue to offer free parking for shoppers.

    Supermarkets and Hypermarkets are open extended hours seven days a week. Some stay open twenty-four hours a day, depending on the store and the location. Shopping centers with cinema complexes stay open later to let cinema-goers out after the late shows, but most of the stores at these malls close about 9 p. General opening hours are from 9 a. General stores include most of the smaller, independent stores; for example, furniture stores, flower shops, as well as local hardware stores, and other specialist traders see Local Stores.

    Most pharmacies are open extended hours in Mexico: The small, independently run local shops selling a range of groceries, comestibles, confectionery and basic home goods, tend to be open early and close late. Exact times vary by store and locality, but they are usually open by 7 a. Just for Your Convenience Markets: Local ambulant street market traders start trading at around 10 a. Some markets stay open late and even keep selling into the night, but they tend to be those selling durable goods and prepared foods—not fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat.

    Burger bars and other fast-food joints open early in the morning for breakfast and stay open late into the night. Some are open 24 hours, but most of them close at around 10 p. Food diners are popular in Mexico. They are open early in the morning for breakfast and stay open to around midnight.

    Some branches are open 24 hours—they have a sign outside advertising this, if they do. Supermarkets and Hypermarkets Mexico is well served by a number of supermarkets and hypermarkets. Most reasonable sized towns and all cities have at least one, and usually several, supermarkets to choose from. Here is a run-down of the main supermarkets in Mexico: Most of the Comercial Mexicana stores were sold to Soriana see belowwho are in the process of re-branding them to Soriana so the marque will gradually fade away.

    With these acquisitions, Soriana has become a major supermarket group in Mexico.

    Whole Foods Pricing Vs. Other Grocery Stores

    Chedraui is one of the smaller supermarket groups in Mexico. Until recently, their stores were confined to the southeast and south of Mexico. However, when the French supermarket group, Carrefour, decided to exit Mexico they sold their thirty-or-so stores to this group; the stores have been switched over to the Chedraui name. CostCo is a members-only warehouse store, selling an extensive range of food and non-food items, sometimes in bulk, at competitive prices. You buy a Membership Card and then you get entry to the store.

    CostCo offers everything from comestibles to TVs and Personal Computers; you can also buy stationery, office equipment, books, clothes, toys and games, home electrical appliances, photography equipment they also have a photo lab where you can print digital photosan opticians, and even sell goods like table lamps and fire-proof safes.

    Note for People with Food Allergies: If you or your child suffers some kind of food allergy, Mexican supermarkets now offer ranges of diary-free, gluten-free, wheat-free and egg-free foods to choose from, and some are quite widely available.

    For example, lactose-free milk, known in Mexico as leche deslactosada, is available in convenience stores, pharmacies, supermarkets—even coffee shops and diners now offer it as standard. You can also find soy milk and rice milk in the bigger supermarket chains. Other foods suitable for people with allergies are becoming more common at supermarkets; they are usually clustered together on an aisle or on a sales island in the store: The abundance and affordability of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other fresh foods in Mexico make it quite simple to enjoy a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet when you buy the fresh raw ingredients to create your meals.

    Fresh Food Markets in Mexico: Food markets may be seen everywhere in Mexico and, chances are, there is one near you at least one day a week. Ask locally to find out where your nearest market is. Fresh food markets in Mexico are presented in two formats: Local Grocers and Butchers: You can still find shops stocking foods like: There are many other types of local stores, you can see the complete list under Local Stores in Mexicoon this guide.

    Buying Alcohol and Tobacco in Mexico All of the supermarkets stock extensive ranges of beer, wine, liquor and tobacco, although there are other stores that sell these, too: Although some are looking dated, liquor stores selling nothing other than beer, wines, and spirits—continue to do a brisk trade in towns and cities across Mexico.

    Dotted on street corners throughout Mexico, you will find small kiosks street stalls selling a range of confectionery; behind the counter they also stock cigarettes. Cuban cigars are popular in Mexico and may be purchased freely. Most fine cigars are sold by specialist tobacco stores which may be sought in the downtown areas of big towns and cities. Sanborns stores nation-wide have a tobacco counter, offering an ample range of cigarettes and fine cigars, including Cuban cigars.

    Some local stores sell a limited range of beers and liquors and most also sell cigarettes. Some smaller stores are also beginning to stock a small selection of wine.

    Shop Smart Foods Web Coupons

    Both ambulant and fixed markets may have clothes and shoes for sale at some of the stalls. These markets are popular with younger Mexicans looking for certain fashion items and the value-savvy shoppers seeking out interesting clothes at attractive prices. Designer labels on clothes sold at market stalls may or may not be genuine. Department stores like Liverpool, Palacio de Hierro and Sears see Department Storesbelow have extensive clothing ranges in their stores, including designer brands imported from the USA and Europe.

    They also feature most of the US-branded American clothing outlets. Up-scale boutiques, particularly in Mexico City, offer the latest fashions, usually imported from the US and Europe. Areas in Mexico City like Alta Vista, Polanco, Condesa and Santa Fe are the places to visit to find the latest in clothes fashion trends and the highest prices. Hand Made Furniture in Mexico: Specialist markets and some towns and villages in Mexico offer you the opportunity to have your home furniture made to measure with locally produced woods and other local materials.

    Department stores in Mexico have their own furniture and furnishing departments; they are ideal when you want to buy something like a quality mattress and other modern furnishing comforts for your home. They will deliver items you see in-store to an address in Mexico, usually within a week, although some lines may have longer delivery time scales. Specialist Furniture and Home Wares Stores: Each sell a wide range of quality furnishings and home wares, including furniture for all rooms in the house, home entertainment, and electrical appliances for the kitchen and laundry.

    Notwithstanding this, a number of outlets, other than pharmacies, sell prescription drugs in Mexico, and pharmacies themselves sell a lot of other things besides medicines. Healthcare in Mexico Pharmacies: All cities have at least one pharmacy in the locale where you live.

    Before the days of supermarkets and convenience stores, pharmacies in Mexico were important stores which supplied a number of sought-after products other than medicines: They also sold ice-cream and confectionery, sodas, and some even stocked a range of simple toys and board games. Also read about pharmacies and medications on the Mexperience guide to Health and Healthcare in Mexico.

    All supermarkets have a pharmacy offering a range of traditional over-the-counter medicines like cold remedies and aspirin, as well as prescription-only drugs. The range of medicines, especially prescription medicines, on offer at a supermarket may not be as extensive as that offered in a traditional pharmacy outlet.

    All of Sanborns retail stores have a pharmacy counter. The range of specialist medicines may not be as extensive as a traditional pharmacy, but they do stock a wide range of complimentary items, including goods for personal hygiene and popular healthcare equipment and accessories, e. Buying Sportswear and Sports Equipment in Mexico When you are looking for sports clothes, sports shoes, and other sports equipment, Mexico offers a number of options depending on what you are looking for: Market stalls, both in ambulant markets and fixed covered markets, usually have a stall selling sports shoes and a range of fashionable sportswear.

    Department Stores have extensive sportswear and sports equipment sections, usually divided into three main areas: The most well-known specialist sports store in Mexico is Marti. Marti has branches in towns and cities across Mexico and the larger outlets are sports-fan emporiums, even offering specialist sports equipment like skis and mountain climbing equipment. Buying Newspapers and Magazines in Mexico Most newspapers and magazines in Mexico are sold at street corner news-stands.

    Some Supermarkets sell a limited range of magazines, usually lifestyle, computing and sports magazines. Sanborns stores stock a wide range of magazines in both Spanish and English, including the international versions of global magazines like Time, Newsweek, Business Week, Fortune and The Economist.

    The Surprising Reason We Eat Spicy Food

    You can also buy newspapers and magazines at bus stations principally Spanish language material and Airports Spanish and English material. They sell through stores and online. Bookshops going back to and now they also offer online sales. MixUp has branches in various towns and cities across Mexico, most often situated in shopping malls, offering customers an extensive range of music CDs and DVDs.

    Of late they have expanded into other items including console games, digital technology, and sound systems speakers, headphones, etc.

    Some stores also have a separate classical music section. Markets in Mexico go back to Aztec times.

    Best before dates: How supermarkets tamper with your food (CBC Marketplace)

    In the rainy season, expect to see umbrellas and rain-coats being peddled; in the winter you will see hand-warmers, wool-sweaters and sheep-skin rugs; during festivals e. You can buy electrical goods, a charger for your mobile phone, pens, confectionery, watches and other jewelry, CDs, DVDs, toys, games, puzzles, incense, henna tattoos, clothing accessories, perfume, make-up… Learn to Tip in Mexico Guide to Tipping and Bargaining in Mexico Ambulant Vendors: Walking the streets, jockeying between cars at the stop lights, riding the Metro in Mexico Citystopping at street tables next to coffee-houses, boarding buses… indeed, anywhere people may be, you will find ambulant vendors in Mexico.

    Common items are pens, confectionery and other small, easily portable items. Local Ambulant Food Markets: Ambulant food markets usually set up once or twice a week in the same spot—ask locally for details in your neighborhood.

    Shop Smart Foods Web Coupons

    Look for the distinctive pink-topped canvases.
    Be sure to buy and eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. When fresh foods aren't available, choose frozen or canned vegetables and fruits in water without added sugars, saturated and trans fat, or salt.

    Shop Smart Foods Web Coupons

    Buy more fruits and vegetables that are good sources of fiber, including beans, peas, oranges, bananas, strawberries and apples. Stock up on raw vegetables for snacks such as carrot and celery sticks, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and cauliflower. For desserts, buy fresh or canned fruits in water without added sugarsdried fruit without added sugarsand gelatin that contains fruit, instead of baked goods and sweets.

    Some cholesterol-lowering medications may interact with grapefruit, grapefruit juice, pomegranate and pomegranate juice. Please talk to your health care provider about any potential risks. Avoid milk that contains added flavorings such as vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. They usually have added sugars and calories.

    Introducing Amazon Go and the world’s most advanced shopping technology

    Choose fat-free, low-fat or reduced-fat cheeses. Use egg whites or egg substitutes instead of egg yolks. Substitute two egg whites for each egg yolk in recipes that call for eggs. These margarines usually come in tubs. Save those for special occasions and, even then, limit how much you eat. These foods have more saturated fat than whole milk.

    Buy and prepare more fish. You should eat one serving of grilled or baked fish at least twice a week. A serving is roughly the size of a checkbook. Good examples of fish to buy include salmon, trout and herring. Choose lemon juice and spices to eat with fish. Stay away from fried fish. When buying or eating poultry, choose the leaner light meat breasts rather than the fattier dark meat legs and thighs. Try the skinless version or remove the skin yourself.

    Select more meat substitutes such as dried beans, peas, lentils or tofu soybean curd and use them as entrees or in salads and soups. A one-cup serving of cooked beans, peas, lentils or tofu can replace a two-ounce serving of meat, poultry or fish.

    Pick up nuts and seeds, which are good sources of protein and polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats — but remember, they tend to be high in calories, so eat them in moderation. Choose breads and other foods that list whole grains as the first item in the ingredient list. Limit the amount of bakery products you purchase, including doughnuts, pies, cakes and cookies. Look instead for fat-free or low-fat and low-sodium varieties of crackers, snack chips, cookies and cakes.

    Read the Nutrition Facts label to determine the saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol content. Check for store-baked goods that are made with polyunsaturated or monounsaturated oils, skim or reduced-fat milk, and egg whites — or make your own. Instead of buying a raisin bran muffin, buy a loaf of raisin bread and enjoy a slice for breakfast or lunch.

    Buy and use fats and oils in limited amounts. When you must use oils for cooking, baking or in dressings or spreads, choose the ones lowest in saturated fats, trans fats and cholesterol — including canola oil, corn oil, olive oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil. Stay away from palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter.

    Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?

    Buy a nonstick pan or use nonstick vegetable spray when cooking. Choose reduced-fat, low-fat, light or fat-free salad dressings if you need to limit your calories to use with salads, for dips or as marinades.

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